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DX criteria|Commentary from overview to evaluation criteria and how to use results!

Aren’t you curious about how much your company’s DX has been promoted, and how you can promote it in the future?

DX criteria is an evaluation system that allows companies to grasp the current status of how much DX is being promoted, and is useful for determining action guidelines for future DX promotion.

DX criteria can be used for the following items.

Simple assessment of your company’s DX progressDetailed assessment by team and system by responsible managerCommunication with external partners

This time, we will introduce a DX promotion method that makes use of the results of the DX criteria based on an overview of the DX criteria and examples.

Table of Contents 

  • What is the DX criteria, which is the DX evaluation standard? ・Advantages of using the DX criteria simple diagnosis
    • Criteria in DX criteria means “judgment”
    • Overview of DX criteria
    • DX criteria has 5 themes
    • DX Criteria simple diagnosis
    • DX criteria is sponsored by Japan CTO Association
    • DX criteria diagnostic method 3 steps
    • DX criteria|Mechanism of evaluation
  • Examples of introducing DX criteria
    • Trigger for introduction
    • How to use DX criteria
    • Implementation result
  • DX promotion method utilizing the results of DX criteria
    • visualization sheet
    • Use of product management criteria is also a must
  • Promote DX using DX criteria

What is the DX criteria, which is the DX evaluation standard? ・Advantages of using the DX criteria simple diagnosis

DX Criteria is also recognized as a DX standard , and is an evaluation system that allows you to diagnose the current state of your company’s DX free of charge for the digitization of companies and software utilization . It is supervised and edited by the Japan CTO Association. It has the advantage of being able to determine how far the company’s DX promotion is progressing and finding the issues and strengths of DX promotion

Criteria in DX criteria means “judgment”

Criteria in DX criteria is read as criteria, and criteria means judgment.

Overview of DX criteria

DX criteria is an evaluation system with 5 themes, 8 categories, 8 items, and a total of 320 check structures .

DX criteria has 5 themes

The DX criteria are divided into 5 themes.

  1. team
  2. system
  3. data driven
  4. design thinking
  5. Corporate

I will explain each.

  • team

Team composition and permissions

It is important for the system development team to be a small, well-delegated team to test hypotheses quickly . It is also very important to have a culture that faces an uncertain world empirically and hypothesis-testing.

It is easy to talk about problems and issues with each other, and we create a strong development team that builds human relationships with confidence that we can solve them, and observation and reflection based on facts.

  • system

Investing in automation and architectural design (the design of computer systems) to support developer activities is essential to keep software simple and easy to meet various business demands .

However, unlike visible functionality, the investment in quality that lies within software is often difficult to understand for those who are not managers or engineers. An important point of view is whether or not improvements are being made while “visualizing” invisible investments .

  • data driven

As it is called the “century of data”, the utilization of data is indispensable for corporate competitive strategies . However, there are many cases where data acquisition is not possible in the first place, or data literacy is low and management does not go well.

In addition, applications that use the knowledge of machine learning and data science also require a mechanism for big data processing to support them.

  • design thinking

Design thinking is an approach to creating bold innovations . Temporarily escape from the way of thinking according to the convenience of the company’s business, empathize with users and value, and construct conceptual hypotheses. At this time, we will gradually confirm the accuracy of the hypothesis through prototyping and usability testing.

In this process, product managers and UI/UX designers who lead new business creation are important professional human resources along with software engineers and data scientists.

  • Corporate

For the digitization of companies, it is essential to create an environment in which it is easy for digital human resources to play an active role and to bring about co-creation and innovation with existing business human resources.

Therefore, it is important to have an open organization, a highly productive work environment for developers, and a system and system that promotes career and self-fulfillment. In order to promote these, the management team’s efforts to understand digital technology and commitment to involve human resources are the driving forces above all else.

DX Criteria simple diagnosis

As a simplified version of DX Criteria, there is DX Criteria Simple Diagnosis . This is also free, and the simple diagnosis can estimate the deviation value of each theme just by answering 30 items in 10 minutes.

DX criteria is sponsored by Japan CTO Association

The Japan CTO Association was established in September 2019 with the goal of making Japan a country with the highest level of technology in the world.

The main activities are “creation of standards for DX companies”, “surveys and reports”, “community management” and “policy proposals”.

We aim to realize a more prosperous Japanese society by accumulating the knowledge of experienced CTOs of leading companies and returning it to society, and by building a productive environment for business innovation and excellent developers through digital technology.

DX criteria diagnostic method 3 steps

Diagnosis method of DX criteria ① Diagnosis by assessment sheet

Copy and use all of the sheets from here. Check the applicable check items on the assessment sheet .

Diagnosis method of DX criteria ② Results analysis with visualization sheet

In the visualization sheet , you can see the following items:

scoreDeviation valueRatingClassification graph

Diagnosis method of DX criteria ③ Compare with past evaluation with past assessment conversion sheet

You can compare the results of past assessment sheets with the past assessment conversion sheet .

Excel version

The Excel version of the DX criteria is here .

DX criteria|Mechanism of evaluation

Within each category of the DX criteria, there are a total of 8 questions on a scale of 8, with 1 for “Yes” and 0 for “No”. However, only the anti-pattern reverses the evaluation.

“Yes, but…” and “No, but…” are converted to 0.5 points, with 1 point for Yes, 1 point for But, and 0 points for No.

Is there a fee for the DX criteria?

DX Criteria can be diagnosed for free.

Examples of introducing DX criteria

Introducing the case of Fujitsu’s Cyber-Physical Convergence Infrastructure Project introducing the DX Criteria.

Trigger for introduction

I’ve been thinking about what to do to realize DX in my department. By chance, I learned about DX Criteria when it was introduced at a study session that I was interested in, and after looking at the assessment items, I strongly felt that it was necessary and tried it.

How to use DX criteria

We had discussions with all the team members for about two hours once a week. Answer “No” (Yes if it is an anti-pattern) for items that you do not understand well or that cannot be answered by the participants alone. This was done to clarify whether

The two teams proceeded differently.

The first is a team that develops in-house tools, which was launched in the second half of FY2019. It consists of the SRE team and those who wish to participate in the project, mainly for automation of business flow. Our main customers are ourselves (researchers). Partly due to the fact that this team is free to participate, active discussions are being held on a daily basis.

The other team is a team that develops a recommendation engine for the tourism app “Tabishirube” that we have launched in 2018. Several researchers are in charge of algorithms, data infrastructure, cloud deployment, client applications, etc. Our main customers are business departments, tourist associations, and consumer users. In this team, each individual is in charge of things, and it felt like they didn’t say much about things outside of their responsibility. We took the form of conducting, discussing and answering at the timing of gathering.

In addition to the person in charge, I asked the manager in charge of each team to participate in the discussion as much as possible.

Implementation result

It took more time than I expected because I went with all the team members. When conducting it individually in advance, there was a difference of opinion and it took time to discuss.

On the other hand, it was a good opportunity for everyone to reconsider what they were doing in their daily work by making guesses or thinking that they would understand without saying it.

There is a note in the DX Criteria that it should be used to grasp the current situation without focusing only on the score. After the assessment was completed, we discussed 3 items that should be improved for each person.

We decided to take improvement measures by dividing them into those that can be started immediately and those that will take time. In addition, since the retrospective habit was 0 points, we set aside time to periodically reflect on whether the improvement measures we had picked up were being implemented. I will omit the details, but we discussed what tools to use and how to implement them until we were able to implement them.

DX promotion method utilizing the results of DX criteria

Merely diagnosing with the DX criteria does not lead to promotion of DX. Here, we will introduce how to make use of the diagnostic results of the DX criteria.

visualization sheet

There is a sheet that can visualize the results of the DX criteria assessment sheet, so let’s take a look after the diagnosis.

The following items for each theme are displayed.

scoreDeviation valueRatingClassification graph

Use of product management criteria is also a must

In addition to the DX criteria, the product management criteria are also a must-see for promoting DX .

What is Product Management Criteria?

Criteria for systematizing product management. The elements required for companies to lead their products to success are described in a multifaceted and concrete manner . The target is the team surrounding the product, not the individual product manager, and the scope is the entire product management.

You can view and use it for free from the special site, and there is also a checklist that can be used with notion.

How to use Product Management Criteria

It consists of 2 themes and 5 categories, 5 each, for a total of 25 checklists . As a product team, check if the following items are satisfied in the same way as the DX criteria.

Promote DX using DX criteria

In this article, we introduced DX Criteria. DX promotion cannot be achieved unless the results of DX Criteria are utilized. Let’s promote DX by referring to the following articles.


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