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DX promotion status by industry | Success stories, benefits, and companies that will grow in the future!

Table of Contents

  • DX promotion status by industry
  • DX case studies by industry
    • (1) Television industry | TBS
    • ②Cosmetics Industry | L’Oreal
    • ③Fashion Industry|FAST RETAILING
    • ④Civil servant|Tokyo Metropolitan Government
    • ⑤Manufacturing industry | FUJIFILM
  • DX success story
    • ① Mercari
    • ②NET FLIX
  • DX that thinks by department
  • Industries where DX has not progressed
    • Industry unsuitable for DX
  • What industries are promoting DX?
    • Reasons why the industry that promotes DX is attracting attention
  • How to change jobs to the DX industry
    • required skills
    • Industries where DX is progressing | IT industry
  • Let’s grasp the DX promotion status by industry

DX promotion status by industry

Many industries are working to promote DX, and the status of DX promotion differs for each industry. There are companies that are suitable for DX and companies that are not.

Companies that are advancing DX will be seen at first sight by their competitors. Work on DX systematically and make a difference with your competitors.

From now on, we will introduce industries that promote DX by company.

DX case studies by industry

The following five cases are introduced here.

  1. Television industry | TBS
  2. Cosmetics industry | L’Oreal
  3. Fashion industry | FAST RETAILING
  4. Civil servant | Tokyo Metropolitan Government
  5. Manufacturing Industry | FUJIFILM

(1) Television industry | TBS

TBS has a DX business that maximizes profits by converting existing content businesses into IT.

Broadcasting has a “frame”, and there are restrictions on the time zone that can be viewed and the broadcast length. On the other hand, distribution can be enjoyed when all the restrictions of “time”, “place” and “device” are removed.

Streaming services have infinite possibilities in such aspects, and we have created a field where you can take on new challenges with just one idea.

Specifically, immediately after the drama is broadcast, it is distributed on TVer, which is a related distribution service of TBS . In addition, on Paravi , you can see the director’s cut version, which is not available on terrestrial broadcasting, and other content that will give you a deeper understanding of the drama.

②Cosmetics Industry | L’Oreal

The boundary between online and offline in UX (User Experience, customer experience) is disappearing. Japan L’Oréal was one of the first to pay attention to the evolution of such customers, and is now able to offer a fulfilling brand experience even online .

At L’Oreal, we have introduced a virtual try-on system that allows you to try out the color of the product and an eBA (e-beauty advisor, a beauty advisor who provides counseling services online). Things that could not be experienced without going to the museum can now be experienced digitally.

③Fashion Industry|FAST RETAILING

Fast Retailing is making large-scale investments in the latest technology, transforming the way sales staff work through the power of IT.

At Fast Retailing, the way we shop is changing little by little.

First, we reduced labor costs by increasing self-checkout. Next, when you ask the staff to check the inventory, you can quickly search on the device at hand and make it possible to contact the customer accurately.

④Civil servant|Tokyo Metropolitan Government

The fight against the new coronavirus infectious disease clearly reflects the structural challenges facing Japan’s society, such as the delay in digital transformation.

The Tokyo Metropolitan Government will use the promotion of DX as a lever to strongly promote the “structural reform of metropolitan government” that goes back to the roots of systems and mechanisms, and improve the quality of service (QOS) of the metropolitan government. By doing so, we will improve the quality of life (QOL) of Tokyo residents and realize a society where everyone can enjoy safety, peace of mind, and happiness .

In addition, from fiscal 2025, we will aim to build a foundation for “digital government and the Tokyo Metropolitan Government”, and will boldly transform the current way of working, the staff themselves, and the organization of the Tokyo Metropolitan Government . In the 2040s, we aim to complete the “vision” of Tokyo.

⑤Manufacturing industry | FUJIFILM

FUJIFILM supports the promotion of DX by digitizing operations and business processes that handle internal paper using technologies such as OCR and RPA introduction support . If you use ready-made tools that are specialized for your work, you can greatly reduce the burden of developing RPA on your own.

In addition, rather than automating each task using RPA, it will be possible to improve the essential business process itself. FUJIFILM Business Innovation Co., Ltd., a leading company in MFPs and document management solutions, puts this approach into practice.

DX success story

The DX success stories introduced here are ” Mercari ” and ” NETFLIX “.

① Mercari

Even before the rise of Mercari, online auction services existed on the Internet and were used by many people as a new form of flea market.

However, Mercari has created a new genre that is a little different from auctions. You can use the smartphone payment service on Mercari, so you can easily list and make a successful bid.

Currently, Mercari has grown to more than 20 million monthly users .


NETFLIX, which no one knows about, offers a video distribution service . NETFLIX, which started with the concept of breaking existing business, was established by four DX conversions.

In the first DX conversion, we changed from visit-type video rental to mail-type DVD rental, and after that, NETFLIX looked to the future and built its own platform.

We have established a new business model called a video distribution service and continue to undergo major changes.

DX that thinks by department

A company has departments. We have development, sales, public relations, general affairs, human resources, and accounting departments . I will introduce what kind of DX is being done in these departments.

  • Development department

DX has reduced the amount of paper used and has changed from the past so that operations can be performed efficiently.

  • Sales department

Taking advantage of the adverse effects of the new coronavirus, the introduction of remote work and online meetings is increasing.

  • Public Relations Department

Since the spread of the new coronavirus, online communities have become important. However, the public relations department has a lot of analog work, and it is said that it is difficult to convert to DX.

  • General affairs department

Like the public relations department, there is a lot of analog work, making it difficult to convert to DX.

  • Finance department

Due to work style reforms and the new coronavirus, changes have occurred in the management environment, and management styles have changed. We will promote DX to automate new technologies and strengthen decision-making power.

We are promoting DX with a focus on maintaining the optimal system environment at all times.

Industries where DX has not progressed

DX is progressing in the technology system, IT industry, manufacturing industry, advertising and marketing industry . There are countless other industries that are promoting DX, such as the medical and automotive industries .

On the other hand, there are industries that can support DX and industries that cannot . Industries where DX has not progressed much at the moment may be industries that are not suitable for promoting DX.

The industry that can promote DX is limited.

Industry unsuitable for DX

Industries that are not suitable for DX are said to be industries such as healthcare, restaurants, retail, and temporary staffing . Mainly manual labor is unsuitable for promoting DX in the industry because it cannot be solved by promoting DX.

The construction industry is an example. Promoting DX in the construction industry has the advantage of being able to work efficiently .

However, the number one problem, manual labor, is unavoidable. Also, in the construction industry, skilled know-how is important.

In this way, it is impossible to convert all labor to DX . Therefore, there are industries that can incorporate DX in terms of work content and industries that are not suitable for DX, and industries that are not suitable for DX tend to be slow to promote DX.

What industries are promoting DX?

The industry where DX is being promoted is the Internet industry . An Internet company is a company that sells products only on the Internet.

Reasons why the industry that promotes DX is attracting attention

The reason why the industry working on DX promotion is attracting attention is the wall of 2025 . The wall of 2025 is the stagnation of the Japanese economy and the delay in international competition that is expected if the existing system, which was the foundation of Japanese companies, becomes complicated, outdated, and black box. is a phenomenon that occurs.

If Japan does not proceed with digitalization, it is expected to lose out to international competition and lose up to 12 trillion yen annually. However, the report also states that if DX can be realized, it will be possible to boost real GDP to over 130 trillion yen in 2025-2030.

In this way, companies are under pressure to promote DX. Also, as DX is attracting attention, if it achieves results, it will also attract attention as an industry that promotes DX.

How to change jobs to the DX industry

We will introduce what kind of skills you should acquire and what kind of industry you should go to in order to change jobs to an industry where DX is promoted.

required skills

In order to promote DX, various skills such as basic IT knowledge, understanding of the importance of data, and UI / UX orientation are required. In particular, if you acquire the following skills, you will be able to play an active role in the DX industry.

Basic IT knowledgeHow to handle and use dataUI/UX orientedProject Management

Industries where DX is progressing | IT industry

The industry where DX is being promoted is the IT industry . If you are interested in DX and want to promote it, the IT industry is good.

However, it should be noted that DX is not just IT, it is the use of technology such as IT to switch business models and provide valuable services .

IT industry ranking

The company quarterly report online editorial department has compiled DX-related stocks that can be expected to update the highest profit in a ranking format. Extract stocks with “DX” in the article column of the 2nd volume (spring issue) of “Company Quarterly” 2021, and update the forecast net income for the current term against the record high profit (difference between the highest profit and the forecast amount) are listed in descending order of .

Let’s grasp the DX promotion status by industry

This time, we introduced industries where DX is being promoted and industries where it is not being promoted. In order to survive in the industry, it is an era where DX promotion is essential.

First of all, let’s find out how much companies in the same industry are working on DX promotion and develop a strategy.


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