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[AI 2022]! NEC Networks & System Integration launches “OWLai” as a video AI service brand!


Table of contents 

  • About NEC Networks & System Integration
  • Background of launching OWLai
  • OWLai service lineup

About NEC Networks & System Integration

NEC Networks,AI & System Integration Corporation was founded in 1953 as a telecommunications construction company. DX solutions, network solutions, and social/environmental solution businesses, combining cutting-edge/venture technologies, to build optimal forms for users, and comprehensively provide various services such as operation/monitoring, maintenance, and outsourcing. I’m here.

Background of launching OWLai

Widespread use of cameras and advances in their performance have made it possible to collect more video data than ever before, and the higher image quality has made it possible to utilize video data in a variety of situations, such as crime prevention, disaster countermeasures, and marketing. Although the need is increasing, there is a limit to the amount of video data that can be used today, where manual checks and processing are the mainstream.

In light of this environment, NEC Networks & System Integration Corporation launched the visual AI service brand “OWLai” based on the concept of “going beyond mere recording of images to create value in the future.”

OWLai service lineup

These services collect video information from work sites and public facilities with camera devices, analyze and classify the information using AI, and notify the analysis results using the most suitable tool. increase.

The feature of OWLai is that you can choose from a wide range of lineups according to the usage scene, and you can use each service in combination.

Also, since OWLai is a cloud-based service, it can be easily introduced by combining it with existing cameras. It is also attractive to be able to immediately check the analysis results on the web application.

NEC Networks & System Integration Corporation will use the launch of this brand as an opportunity to promote the full-scale development of the video AI service business, aiming for sales of 10 billion yen in fiscal 2024.


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