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Optimization AI to Launch Fuel Operation Optimization Solution!

ALGO ARTIS Co., Ltd., which provides AI consulting and solutions, completed verification and improvement development work for fuel operation optimization solutions for coal-fired power plants at Kansai Electric Power Co., Inc. from 2018, and from January 17, 2022 announced that it has started operation.

Fuel operation at coal-fired power plants has so far relied on experienced and skilled engineers for scheduling, and there is a limit to manual schedule optimization. Therefore, ALGO ARTIS has developed an optimization solution that minimizes operating costs by incorporating the experience and know-how of experienced engineers and the complex operation rules of the site into AI ( algorithm ). 

This optimization solution has made it possible for non-expert engineers to create longer-term operation plans in less than 1/10th of the conventional time. Furthermore, we succeeded in creating a practical operation plan that reduced operating costs by tens of millions of yen per year.

ALGO ARTIS is a company that develops “usable” AI ( algorithms ) in the field under the corporate mission of “optimizing social infrastructure” . We are developing our business with the aim of continuously providing value by introducing superior optimization AI into the field by making full use of the power of consulting, design, and systems.


What is an AI algorithm?


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