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SaaS development with natural language processing AI!


Table of Contents 

  • About Stockmark Co., Ltd.
    • Company overview
    • Value
    • History
  • Services of Stockmark Co., Ltd.
    • A news
    • A strategy
    • coveo|DX specialized media
  • Characteristics of Stockmark Co., Ltd.
    • “Language AI” is our strength
    • Selected as one of the 100 amazing ventures
    • An ambitious initiative targeting a huge market
  • The latest trends of Stock Mark Co., Ltd.
  • Recruitment information of Stockmark Co., Ltd.
    • Recruitment type
    • Application overview
  • Summary

About Stockmark Co., Ltd.

About Stockmark Co., Ltd.

  1. company overview (AI)
  2. value
  3. History

I will explain the above three.

Company overview

company name Stockmark Inc.
Established November 15, 2016
location 〒107-00621-12-3 Minami Aoyama, Minato Ward, Tokyo


representative Representative Director and CEO Toru HayashiDirector and CTO Kousuke Arima
number of employees 69 people
capital 599.98 million yen


Innovate fellow

  • Welcome and learn from the intellect of supernatural powers.
  • Produces strong output from deep synchronization.
  • We believe in co-creation without fear of conflict.
  • To innovate
  • Create the next model without drowning in existing methods.
  • Enjoy change without fear of self-denial.
  • Imagine the customer’s ideal and calculate backwards.

Innovate technology

  • Exploring unexplored technology and leading the way.
  • Transcend the framework of technology and connect to customer value.
  • We create the future with technology, without technology as a means.

Innovate the context

  • Speak in your own words and generate empathy.
  • Think deeply and communicate simply.
  • Use persuasive words to move people around.

Be captive to evolution

  • Pursuing curiosity and unraveling customer value.
  • Enjoy and share change.
  • Think boldly, act boldly.

Be an evolutionary co-conspirator

  • We understand our customers and become one with them.
  • Lead half a step ahead and continue to inspire.
  • Trusted beyond credibility.

Next to evolution

  • Stay close to innovation and share the evolution.
  • We measure our success by the success of our customers, not by our own profits.
  • Not just being prepared, but continuing to embody.

At Stockmark, each and every one of us cares about the individual and the organization for the success of our customers. We have set seven values ​​in order to realize our mission of “reinventing the mechanism of value creation and moving humanity forward.”


November 2017 Established
April 2017 A newsOfficial release
December 2017 Selected for Aoyama Acceleration Program
November 2018 Developed TBS voice recognition API comparison system “Mojihika-kun”
Released “Asales” that analyzes why sales were successful or not with AI / Streamlines sales sites and speeds up the decision-making process for sales planning
December 2018 300 million yen loan from Japan Post Finance Corporation
April 2019 Debt financing of 300 million yen in series A of text analysis stock mark
August 2019 AI-based mass business news clipping API started operation on MUFG corporate portalThe World’s First AI to Instantly Understand Differences of Opinion Between Media Reports Commenced Operation of LOGOS, an Editorial News Analysis System for Mitsui & Co. Global Strategic Studies Institute
September 2019 AI Venture Stockmark Qualtrics Customer Experience (CX) Solution Adopted
January 2020 Released “Asales Slide Finder” using cutting-edge natural language processing technology
February 2020 Text analysis AI top venture Stockmark raises funds from WiL
March 2020 AI analyzes LINE talks with customers to realize more satisfying proposals
July 2020 Released DX specialized owned media “coevo”
August 2021 Toyo Keizai: Selected as one of the “Amazing Venture 100” – Includes an interview with CEO Hayashi
May 2022 Stockmark launches a function to automatically compile a “future chronology” with AI
June 2022 Stockmark starts offering “sharing function” to grasp the business environment in the team
August 2022 Mr. Tatsuya Ishigaki of the National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST) became a technical advisor to Stockmark and started research on document summarization.

Services of Stockmark Co., Ltd.

About the service of Stockmark,

  1. A news
  2. A strategy
  3. coveo|DX specialized media

I will explain each.

A news

A news is a service that recommends news that may be of interest to you. . By delivering necessary information to each individual, we will raise the information sensitivity of the organization.

Sharing information, discussing, and digging deeper among members based on business news can be a catalyst for business innovation. From an organizational point of view, as information is shared, it becomes clear who is strong in the information, so knowledgeable people can be found quickly within the organization.

One company had introduced A news as part of its digital human resource development.

By using this service, we expect to share digital-related information, promote communication, and improve digital literacy.

A strategy

By using AI strategy, you can collect domestic and international business news, and collect all trends in the amount of information that cannot be captured by human power.

It should help with new ideas because it analyzes the information necessary for strategy formulation and business development on various axes. With AI strategy, analysis such as volume analysis, cross analysis, and time series analysis is also possible, which is difficult to do with human power.

In fact, companies with few members who are good at market research and marketing have introduced AI strategy in the hope that it will efficiently collect information and bring new discoveries with AI. .

coveo|DX specialized media

Stockmark operates media specializing in DX.

In this media, based on the knowledge of DX promotion support for more than 1,500 companies that Stockmark has been doing so far, we are disseminating a lot of information that solves the problems of companies promoting DX.

For example, articles that approach the various concerns of DX promotion staff have been published, such as articles that introduce ideas and examples of DX promotion by industry, and articles that explain DX strategies in detail.

Characteristics of Stockmark Co., Ltd.

About the characteristics of Stockmark Co., Ltd.

  1. “Language AI” is our strength
  2. Selected as one of the 100 amazing ventures
  3. An ambitious initiative targeting a huge market

I will explain each.

“Language AI” is our strength

Stockmark Co., Ltd. has strengths in “word AI”. We use natural language processing and deep learning in our products.

By analyzing tens of millions of documents with our own AI, we bring new business opportunities. We also optimized the most advanced model for AI. We provide high-speed AI by using a lightweight AI model.

Selected as one of the 100 amazing ventures

Stockmark Inc. has been selected as one of the 100 Amazing Ventures of 2021.

Amazing ventures are selected by the editorial department of Toyo Keizai based on their unique technologies and services that have been evaluated for their future potential.

The amount of funds raised by domestic venture companies is at an all-time high, and investment in venture companies is becoming more enthusiastic. Being selected as one of the 100 amazing ventures shows that it has the potential to become the next unicorn.

An ambitious initiative targeting a huge market

In the BtoB area, Stockmark Co., Ltd. provides text analysis such as “A news” as a SaaS business so that all white-collar workers can use it, so the market is huge.

In particular, there are still unknown parts in the AI ​​x Saas market, and we are making a big effort to create a new market.

The latest trends of Stock Mark Co., Ltd.

In Stockmark’s market analysis service “A strategy”, we have added a “sharing function” that can be shared by the team.

When analyzing the market, this function was implemented in order to understand the content overlap between members and what they are analyzing.

Due to the corona crisis, remote work has progressed, opportunities for information sharing have decreased, and misunderstandings with other departments are more likely to occur, so the implementation of this function will facilitate collaboration within the team.

Recruitment information of Stockmark Co., Ltd.

About stock mark recruitment information,

  1. Recruitment type
  2. test period
  3. Salary
  4. Welfare
  5. holiday
  6. Recruitment flow

I will explain each.

Recruitment type

  • business job
    • [Biz] General Manager of Sales & Marketing
    • [Biz] Account Executive Specialist
    • [Biz] Account Executive Manager
    • [Biz] Account Executive Leader Candidate
    • [Biz] Inside Sales Manager
    • [Biz] Inside Sales Leader Candidate
    • [Biz] Industry Business Manager
    • [Biz] Customer Success / Manager
    • [Biz] Customer Success / Member
    • [Biz] Customer Success / Leader Candidate
    • [Biz] Business Analyst
    • [Biz] Marketing
    • [Biz] Business development
  • Corporate position
    • [Corp] HR / Leader Candidate
    • [Corp] HR / Personnel Planning Consultant
    • [Corp] HR / recruitment consultant
    • [Corp] HR / Recruitment PR Consultant 
    • [Corp] Accounting/IPO preparation office (manager candidate)
    • [Corp] Finance / Manager
  • chief executive
    • [CxO] CFO
    • [CxO] CMO (Chief Marketing Officer)
    • [CxO] COO
    • [CxO] CPO (Chief Product Officer)
  • Development position
    • [Dev] MLOps Engineer
    • [Dev] UX Researcher
    • [Dev] VPoE
    • [Dev] Machine Learning Senior Researcher
    • [Dev] Machine Learning Researcher
    • [Dev] Researcher ( Natural Language Processing )
    • [Dev/Anews] Data Scientist
    • [Dev/Anews] Tech Lead
    • [Dev/Anews] Backend Engineer
    • [Dev/Anews] Front-end engineer
    • [Dev/Astrategy] Backend Engineer
    • [Dev/Astrategy] Front-end engineer
    • [Dev/Astrategy] Machine Learning Engineer

Application overview

Test period

Yes (6 months) *No condition change during the trial period


Varies by job type and position.

  • [Corp] HR / recruitment consultant: 6 million to 10 million
  • [Biz] General Manager of Sales & Marketing: 9 million to 15 million yen
  • [CxO] CFO: 12 million yen to 20 million yen
  • [Dev] Researcher ( natural language processing ): 6 million to 12 million yen


  • way of working
    • Biz type of occupation: Flex system
    • Dev-type occupation: Discretionary labor system
    • (Standard working hours 160 hours a month, core time 10:00 -14:00)
    • Full remote possible (varies by job type)
    • Holidays: Saturdays, Sundays, public holidays, year-end and New Year holidays
    • (Annual holiday 123 days)
    • Paid vacation: Granted at the time of joining the company
    • (Granted according to the month of joining the company, number of days fluctuates)
  • support
    • Commuter traffic expenses
    • Various social insurance
    • Joined Kanto IT Software Health Insurance Association
    • (You can receive services such as using various recreation facilities and discounts at restaurants)
    • Health checkup, influenza vaccination
    • maternity leave system
    • Desired PC & monitor supply
    • Customer facing expenses (up to 20,000 yen per month)
    • Research day system (once a month, for your own technical improvement and learning purpose)
  • service
    • A standing space, massage chairs, and light exercise machines are installed.
    • Drinks provided (water server, coffee, soft drinks, alcohol [only at night])
    • Regular in-house get-togethers


  • 123 days off per year
  • 2 days off per week (Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays)
  • New Year holiday

Recruitment flow

  1. Application
  2. Document screening
  3. 2-3 interviews
  4. Unofficial offer
  5. offer interview
  6. joining the company


The hiring flow may differ for direct applications and through agents. You can find detailed job information below.


This time, I explained Stockmark Co., Ltd., which provides AI x Saas services. It has been selected as one of the 100 amazing venture companies, so I am curious about how it will grow in the future because it is a promising company.


What is an AI algorithm?


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