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Utilization of video and AI realizes efficient practice | “Sports cram school digital notebook”


The “Smart Swimming Lesson System,” a system for swimming schools provided by Sony Network Communications Inc. that utilizes video and AI to support coaching and dramatically improve the effectiveness of practice, is owned by Konami Sports Co., Ltd. Adopted for “Undojuku swimming school”.
On April 1, 2022, it will be introduced at the Konami Sports Club head office under the name of “Undojuku Digital Note” and then expanded nationwide. By the end of March 2023, we plan to gradually introduce it to about 100 schools.
In the future, we also plan to collaborate with local governments and schools to use the system in school swimming lessons.

Table of Contents 

  • What is the “smart swimming lesson system”?
  • What you can do with “Undojuku Digital Note”
    • Guidance using videos (noticing/immediate practice)
    • Distribution of model videos (preparation/confirmation)
    • Delivery of lesson videos and promotion test result videos (recording/commemorative)
  • Comments from stakeholders

What is the “smart swimming lesson system”?

The “Smart Swimming Lesson System” is a system that supports effective lessons using cameras and AI.
It is possible to objectively evaluate one’s own swimming by filming the state of swimming with multiple installed cameras and looking back at the images.
In the video, a unique AI algorithm detects people swimming, automatically edits them to the optimal angle, and then distributes them to individual pages. With this system, it is now possible to send the status of lessons and the results of promotion tests to parents via smartphones.

Image of the “Smart Swimming Lesson System”

camera in the pool

What you can do with “Undojuku Digital Note”

Guidance using videos (noticing/immediate practice)

You can give specific advice while checking the model video, increasing the variation of guidance. In addition, children’s understanding of swimming can be improved by looking back on their own swimming on the poolside tablet device.

Distribution of model videos (preparation/confirmation)

You can prepare and check the lesson content by watching the model video on your device. By clarifying goals, a good cycle of progress can be realized, leading to active learning in which children actively think and act on their own.

Delivery of lesson videos and promotion test result videos (recording/commemorative)

Even if you can’t see the lessons directly, you can check your child’s growth on your device. In addition, during the promotion test, videos are taken with an underwater camera, and you can check movements that you cannot normally check.

Comments from stakeholders

・Konami Sports Co., Ltd. Executive Officer, Product Digital Division Manager Jun Okada
・Sony Network Communications Inc. Corporate Service Division
Sports Entertainment Department Manager Renji Tamura

ーーPlease tell us about the process of introduction

Mr. Okada: In recent years, as everything is being digitized, it is essential to digitize and go online even at the athletic cram school swimming school. The “smart swimming lesson system” was packed with all the elements necessary for a swimming school, such as attendance management and promotion test management. In addition, we decided to introduce it because we thought it would lead to an improvement in the quality of coaching throughout the Konami Sports Club as a result of the rich content such as videos.

ーーWere there any difficulties during development?

Mr. Tamura:When detecting people swimming from video, it was difficult to detect them because of the reflections and fluctuations on the surface of the water.

I can’t mention the algorithm, but I prepared the dataset myself and steadily proceeded with the development until it became a reality.

ーーPlease tell us about the features of “Undojuku Digital Note”

Mr. Okada: The biggest feature is that you can see your own swimming objectively with the video. Even if you think you are doing it correctly, there are times when it is not so.

In addition, due to the influence of the new coronavirus, it is not possible to see the swimming school, so individual video distribution will allow you to see your child wherever you are, leading to the promotion of communication between parents and children.


What is an AI algorithm?


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