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What is AI Quest? Explains what to actually work on and the benefits of taking the course!

Table of Contents 

  • What is AI Quest
    • French programming university “42” that became a model
    • Goals of AI Quest
    • Application requirements
    • Course time
    • report
  • What you actually do with AI Quest
    • business challenges
    • AI task
    • final presentation
  • Benefits of learning with AI Quest
    • ① Ability to conduct problem-solving learning
    • (2) Share knowledge and information with other participants
    • (3) Proof of skill
  • Summary

What is AI Quest

With the rapid development of AI technology, the need for AI utilization in companies is increasing, and human resources who can solve corporate problems using AI and data are especially required.

In order to develop a new training program for such human resources, “AI Quest” has been implemented by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry since fiscal 2019 based on the AI ​​Strategy 2019 decided by the government in June 2019.

French programming university “42” that became a model

The model that AI Quest referred to is France’s ’42’, a free engineer training school.

42 was founded by French businessman Xavier Niel. Anyone between the ages of 18 and 30 can enroll as a student, regardless of degree requirements.

Many of the students studying here do not have specialized education at university or have no programming experience.

However, the entrance exam is held over four weeks, and the rate is said to be dozens of times. Therefore, the actual admission is quite difficult.

Goals of AI Quest

AI Quest emphasizes “hands-on learning” centered on case studies based on actual corporate issues.

The purpose is for participants to try out ideas and learn from each other, and to learn how to solve corporate problems using AI as their own experience.

By taking this program, you can not only learn AI as a technology and knowledge, but also learn wisdom that is difficult to acquire unless you are involved in actual projects.

Application requirements

Based on the personal information submitted at the time of application, the technical level of AI, motivation for applying, etc., the AI ​​Quest office will comprehensively judge and permit admission.

In addition, regarding the “technical level related to AI”, we will target “people who can analyze data and build models using programming such as Python /R”. About 600 people are recruited.

Course time

During the course period, it is necessary to spend about 6 hours a week including assignment time. In addition, depending on the degree of efforts, it may be necessary to add extra time.


AI Quest reports are published every year after implementation. If you want to know more about what was actually going on, take a look at the following document.

What you actually do with AI Quest

Next, I will introduce what you actually work on with AI Quest. Students work individually or in teams to complete 2-3 assignments.

In this program, you can gain experience in finalizing output through observations, data analysis, and discussions inside and outside the team, and also experience solving business problems using AI through presentations and discussions.

It also allows you to interact and connect with other students.


business challenges

In AI Quest, you will learn various things in a hands-on format.

First, after understanding the demands from the field and the industry-specific hurdles for the problems of the actual company, we will define the requirements for AI development and design a project to facilitate the introduction of AI.

AI task

Then, based on the set development projects and project designs, we build AI models, and build verification designs and mechanisms with a view to implementation in actual operations.

This period is a competition format to compete for accuracy, and the top performers will be awarded the “AI Issue Excellence Award”.

final presentation

Finally, we will give a presentation on the verification results so far, assuming a decision-making place in an actual company, for actual implementation.

The created presentation materials will be scored by multiple participants based on the scoring criteria prepared by the management, and the top performers will be awarded the “Presentation Task Excellence Award”.

Benefits of learning with AI Quest

There are three advantages to learning with AI Quest.

  1. Can do problem-solving learning
  2. Share knowledge and information with other participants
  3. prove your skills

I will explain each.

① Ability to conduct problem-solving learning

The first advantage is that you can learn in a practical, problem-solving style.

As we have already introduced by actually working on it, through presentations and discussions, you can gain experience in solving business problems using AI, which you can use as it is in the field.

(2) Share knowledge and information with other participants

A second benefit is the ability to share knowledge and information with other participants.

Through interaction among participants, you can make up for your lack of knowledge that you would not notice if you were self-studying.

(3) Proof of skill

The third benefit is that it proves your skills.

After completing the program, you will receive a certificate of completion. In addition, the top performers in assignments and presentations in the program will be listed on this certificate.

Therefore, participating in this program and having a certificate of completion is also a proof of your skills.


In this article, we introduced AI Quest. How was that.

I think that you have a comprehensive understanding of the outline of AI Questm, what you are actually working on, and the benefits of participating.


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