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[2022 Sift launched] AI-based fraud detection solution “Sift”


Scudetto Co., Ltd., which develops an online fraud countermeasure business, has signed a sales agreement with Sift Science, Inc., which develops and provides online fraud detection solutions, and has launched the AI-based fraud detection solution “Sift Digital Trust & Safety Suite (Sift).” ” has started to be provided.

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  • What is “Sift Digital Trust & Safety Suite”?
  • Sift product lineup

What is “Sift Digital Trust & Safety Suite”?

Sift uses AI to instantly identify fraud and abuse on e-commerce sites and online, such as fraudulent use of credit cards and account hijacking, to reduce fraud damage such as chargebacks and improve the efficiency of operations related to fraud countermeasures. , to increase revenue.

Sift monitors user behavior within the site and uses an AI model to make real-time risk judgments, so it can detect complex fraud without missing a beat.

In addition, since the service started in 2011, it has been used by more than 34,000 sites and apps worldwide, such as McDonald’s, Twitter, and Indeed, and has collected more than 70 billion user behaviors every month. These user behaviors are learned in real time and reflected in the AI ​​model, enabling more accurate detection.

In addition, we operate a variety of machine learning models in combination, such as a global common model based on a large-scale global network and models customized for each region, industry, and customer. anti-fraud measures can be implemented.

In addition, we have prepared three types of products to comprehensively take measures against various types of fraud and abuse, and users can select and introduce the most suitable product according to their company’s issues. is.

Various types of fraud and abuse that Sift can combat

  • create fake account
  • account takeover
  • card fraud
  • Limited quantity bulk purchase
  • Post fake content
  • mass account creation
  • Get a lot of coupons
  • Trial product bulk purchase
  • Post spam content

Sift product lineup

Source: Scudetto HP

Account Defense

Account Defense prevents fake accounts, mass creation of accounts, and account takeovers.

Payment protection

Payment Protection prevents fraudulent use of credit card payments and fraudulent bulk purchases.

Content Integrity

Content Integrity prevents the posting of fake or spam content.


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