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[Tv 2022] A song composed by AI has been selected as the ending theme for a popular TV program!


A song composed by Amadeus Topline, a music composition support application operated by Amadeus Code Inc., was used as the ending theme for Fuji TV’s Junk Sports.


This song titled “Word” is the debut single of 18-year-old “ERROR” who debuted in July 2022 from the singer audition Power Of Song. Amadeus Topline” is made by matching the melody generated by AI.

Until now, music creators have spent a lot of time in the composition process, but by using “Amadeus Topline”, the process of thinking about melodies can be greatly shortened.


Table of Contents 

  • About Amadeus Topline
  • About Amadeus Code AI
  • About Amadeus Code, Inc.

About Amadeus Topline

“Amadeus Topline” is a melody creation app that allows both beginners and professionals to compose in minutes. AI-composed melodies can be exported as audio files or MIDI files1 to the DAW2 of your choice, allowing you to create even more creative music. You can make music.

“Amadeus Topline” is realized by the powerful algorithm of core composition support technology “Amadeus Code AI“.

1 Music performance information converted into data that can be played back on electronic musical instruments or PCs
2 Name of software that enables music production such as composition and arrangement on PC

Supported platforms: iOS

About Amadeus Code AI

Amadeus Code AI is a composition AI developed and operated by Amadeus Code Co., Ltd. It is an algorithm that can create a melody from scratch. AI automatically suggests melodies by inputting characteristics such as range, age, and note length. Since it can be used with a single button, even creators with little knowledge of music can easily compose their own songs. In addition, the copyright of the composed music belongs to the user 100%.

The number of melody variations created from the initial learning of 30,000 materials currently exceeds 7 million, and more than 99.5% are materials created by AI itself. Combining these materials to generate a new melody that matches the characteristics, the melody pattern has originality that is not bound by trends.

About Amadeus Code, Inc.

In 2019, he created a patented technology, Automatic Composition AI, which revolutionized music production.

Currently operating two music generation platforms, “Amadeus Code” and “Evoke Music”, these innovative music generation platforms provide music creators and video creators with a surprise experience, The possibilities are endless. Amadeus Code employees are dedicated to creating the world’s most creator-friendly products, and to accelerating the realization of a more human future where everyone shines through music.


What is an AI algorithm?


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