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 “AI Travel” and Strengthening its Organization!

AI Travel Co., Ltd., which provides business trip efficiency SaaS “AI Travel”, updates its own services and strengthens its organization through loans from multiple venture capitals, mainly funds operated by Nippon Venture Capital Co., Ltd. and banks. We have raised a total of 300 million yen for

Service business trip efficiency SaaS “AI Travel” provided by AI Travel provides different values ​​such as “business trip arrangement agency”, “business trip management system” and “customization” in one stop.

Behind this funding is the global spread of the new coronavirus infection. We have switched from the usual office meetings and business negotiations to remote work and online business negotiations.

On the other hand, many companies continue to travel for work that cannot be done without face-to-face. In addition, many companies are promoting work efficiency such as going paperless.

In the future, we plan to realize functional updates of the SaaS “AI Travel” that improves the efficiency of business trips and strengthen the organizational structure to spread the service.

Table of Contents

  • Purpose of fundraising
  • Comments from investors

Purpose of fundraising

Function update of business trip efficiency SaaS “AI Travel”
Function update to meet the demands of SDGs/ESG management
Promotion of business DX targeting public-private partnerships and enterprise companies
Strengthen hiring of development/sales/alliance organizations to accelerate business growth

Comments from investors

Mr. Hiroyuki Kuwazono, Managing Executive Officer, Nippon Venture Capital Co., Ltd.

Mr. Hiroyuki Kuwazono, Director and Managing Executive Officer, Nippon Venture Capital Co., Ltd.: Our service has undergone a major evolution to an enterprise service after a pivot, but this is the result of the extraordinary passion of the management team and supporters from the founding period. I think.

In the short term, there will be various challenges, including the end of the coronavirus, but from now on, we are looking forward to joining our team and escorting us. In the future, I hope that it will be sublimated into a large-scale service that makes all enterprise operations more efficient.

Ms. Nako Kawashima, Okasan Capital Partners Co., Ltd.

Ms. Nako Kawashima, Okasan Capital Partners Co., Ltd.: As a business traveler, I was fascinated by the service that provides end-to-end support for business trip procedures such as business trip application, reservation, and payment, and this time I decided to invest in AI Travel. .

Even today, when all data linkages are accelerating, business trip procedures have been left inconvenient. As a pioneer in business trip management services, we hope that AI Travel’s services will be widely deployed and that more people will be freed from the complexity of business trip procedures.

Mr. Akifumi Kubo, CEO of Aozora Corporate Investment Co., Ltd.

Akifumi Kubo, CEO of Aozora Corporate Investment Co., Ltd.: Due to the spread of the coronavirus, corporate business trips are changing to become more efficient and effective than ever before.

AI Travel is not only a service that streamlines the business travel flow, but also has various functions that support the realization of effective business travel, and has the potential to lead the transformation of business travel in the future.

As Aozora Corporate Investment and Aozora Bank Group, we will continue to support our growth in a multifaceted manner.

AI Travel Co., Ltd. will continue to improve the efficiency of business trips and promote back office DX.


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