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Approaching the unique AI technology and service development that Neural Pocket boasts!

Neural Pocket

“Neural Pocket” is a Japanese AI venture company that performs image/video analysis and terminal processing using independently developed AI.

The company is developing services with a focus on three business areas: AI media services, digital solution services, and lifestyle services.

In addition, with the listing on the Tokyo Stock Exchange Mothers market on August 20, 2020, the public’s attention has further increased.

This time, we will introduce Neural Pocket’s business areas and services that are expanding year by year, as well as explain the company’s recent trends and future prospects.

Table of contents 

  •  What is Neural Pocket
    •  company overview
    •  Mission (value)
    •  History
    •  Performance trends
    •  Stock price 
  • Five representative services of Neural Pocket
    •  ① Digiflow
    •  ② Digipark
    •  ③SIGN DIGI
    •  ➃ Remote desk
    •  ➄AIMD
  •  “Edge AI” focused on by Neural Pocket
  •  Latest trends in Neural Pocket
  •  Neural pocket growth potential (future potential)
  •  Neural Pocket Recruitment Information
    •  Recruitment type
  • Summary

 What is Neural Pocket

Neural Pocket is a company that develops its own AI library and social implementation technology necessary for a society where AI and smart cities are progressing.

The company is developing its business centered on image/video analysis and terminal processing technology using proprietary AI algorithms.

Specifically, we are developing five representative services such as people flow analysis and AI signage advertising , and we are expanding the range of services every year.

Later, we will introduce each of these five priority service areas in detail.

 company overview

company name Neural Pocket Co., Ltd.
Established January 22, 2018
location Tokyo Midtown Hibiya Hibiya Mitsui Tower 32F, 1-1-2 Yurakucho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
representative Representative Director and President Michii Shigematsu
number of employees 45 (December 31, 2021)
amount of sales 1,010 million yen (fiscal year ending December 2021)
capital 64 million yen (fiscal year ending December 2021)

 Mission (value)

“Make the world more convenient, make people happier”


Neural Pocket mainly develops its own AI and implements it in society, aiming for a more convenient and happy world.

For example, “congestion analysis” that utilizes motion analysis technology is used as a technology that leads to the elimination of “crowding” in the world of corona misfortune.

In addition, we are a company that supports people’s lives with a wide range of services such as watching over the elderly and traffic analysis, and developing businesses for the happiness of the world.


January 22, 2018 Established Fashion Pocket Co., Ltd. in Kojimachi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo. Founded by Michii Shigematsu, who used to work for McKinsey & Company, and assumed the position of CEO.
March 2018 Moved the head office to Kasumigaseki, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo.
June 2018 Became a regular member of the Japan Deep Learning Association.
August 2018 Started providing AI MD®, a fashion trend analysis-related service for apparel companies.
November 2018 Moved the head office to Yurakucho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo.
March 2019 Company name changed to Neural Pocket Co., Ltd.
May 2019 Started development of “AI signage” with advertisements.
November 2019 Started providing business efficiency and flow line visualization solutions in logistics facilities.
December 2019 Released smart-kun, an AI-equipped smartphone and drive recorder.
April 2020 Established the Singapore branch as the first overseas branch.
August 2020 Started development of “Digiflow”, a solution for people flow and crime prevention, and “Digipark”, a service for checking parking lot availability.
Listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange Mothers market.
October 2020 Began offering Remote Desk, a telecommuting support solution.
October 2021 Establishment of Neural Engineering Co., Ltd., the first subsidiary of Neural Network.
November 2021 Accomplished the first M&A for Neural Networks, and made Focus Channel, the leading condominium signage company, a wholly owned subsidiary.
February 2022 Accomplished a second M&A and made NETTEN, an LED signage sales company, a wholly owned subsidiary.

 Performance trends

  • Images of performance trends

Neural Pocket’s sales for the fiscal year ended December 2021 increased by 32% year-on-year to 1,010 million yen.

Overall, sales increased and profits decreased, but the factors behind this are investment in human resources for future medium-term growth and investment in smart city-related development costs, so the results are by no means pessimistic. .

 Stock price 

  • Image of stock prices in the last half year

The stock price of Neural Pocket over the past six months has fallen from around January and even fell below 1,000 yen around February.

However, at the end of February 2022, NETTEN became a wholly owned subsidiary through M&A, and the stock price surged to around 1,700 yen at one point.

Currently, it is moving around 1100 yen to 1400 yen.

Five representative services of Neural Pocket

Neural Pocket’s representative services are the following five.

  1. Digiflow
  2. Digipark
  4. remote desk
  5. A.I.M.D.

I will explain each.

 ① Digiflow

“Digiflow” is a service that uses edge AI-equipped cameras to perform movement analysis to grasp the flow of people in the city and detect intrusion into buildings.

In addition, this service has also been introduced in smart city initiatives, and it is possible to detect intrusion detection in restricted areas, possession of weapons, and poor physical condition such as crouching and fainting.

In September 2021, in collaboration with Mitsui Fudosan , this Digiflow was introduced to Kashiwa-no-ha Smart City , and is still in operation as of June 2022.

 ② Digipark

“DigiPark” is a safety monitoring guidance service that utilizes image and moving object identification technology to determine parking lot occupancy, number plate analysis of running vehicles, and signage.

Real-time full-empty information display optimizes guidance to empty areas, improves work efficiency, reduces traffic jams and waiting queues, and improves parking lot user satisfaction.

In addition, by digitizing and analyzing parking lot usage and vehicle information, it is also possible to use it for parking lot design and operation and marketing of stores and facilities.


“SIGN DIGI” is a service that provides AI signage advertisements to commercial facilities, office buildings, and smart cities.

By fusing AI analysis and signage advertising, we are visualizing people flow/viewing information and advertising effectiveness in real space.

Specifically, the original edge AI installed in the signage advertisement identifies the gender, age, viewing time, etc. of the viewer and proposes more effective advertisements.

 ➃ Remote desk

As a remote work security solution, “Remotesk” is a service that protects the privacy of employees while ensuring operational security in a remote environment.

As work styles such as working from home become established due to the corona crisis, the risk of information security in remote work is increasing.

Therefore, this service called “Remotedesk” detects camera images such as voyeurism of personal information and company information, and spoofing of people without access rights by AI operation analysis, and ensures governance.


“AI MD” is a service that analyzes huge amounts of data from SNS and shopping sites with AI and provides fashion trend predictions.

In addition to being used for new product planning that adds AI analysis technology to product planning that has so far relied on human sensibilities, this service also presents a wealth of fashion coordination.

As of June 2022, products planned using this service have been sold at more than 3,000 stores nationwide, and many companies have achieved results in which the sales rate at the fixed price has improved by 10% or more.

 “Edge AI” focused on by Neural Pocket

Edge AI means AI installed at the edge. By the way, the edge is a terminal (edge ​​device) represented by cars and IoT devices.

In contrast to the conventional cloud AI that sends and receives information to the server and causes the server to perform deep learning processing , this edge AI can perform processing using deep learning, etc. on the edge (terminal) side. It was epoch-making in that it became

In other words, it is attracting attention as a means of solving problems such as the high cost of building conventional large-scale servers and delays on communication networks due to the transmission and reception of large amounts of data.

As of 2018, instead of edge AI, cloud AI, which was also used in the AI ​​platform deployed by GAFA, etc., accounted for 90% of the share, and edge AI accounted for only 10%.

However, by 2025, the tide is expected to reverse, with Edge AI projected to have a 75% share.

Neural Pocket is leading the development of edge AI, which is such an expanding market, in Japan.

In particular, the company has succeeded in reducing the size and weight of edge AI, and has ultra-lightweight AI that is 1/10 the level of general edge AI, while having the same or better performance than cloud AI.

For this reason, cameras can be equipped with 10 times more AI than general edge AI, so they are overwhelmingly popular in that they can detect more items.

 Latest trends in Neural Pocket

In February 2022, Neural Pocket acquired NETTEN , a fabless LED signage company, in its second M&A.

Therefore, by combining NETTEN’s LED signage technology with the AI ​​signage service technology that has been developed so far, the installation of outdoor signage advertisements is expected to expand.

In addition, Neural Pocket will be able to expand its business to a wider customer base by covering small and medium-sized enterprises owned by NETTEN, in addition to the customer network of large companies and government offices that Neural Pocket has traditionally had.

 Neural pocket growth potential (future potential)

In conclusion, it can be said that Neural Pocket has a lot of potential in the future.

Among them, in Japanese society, where smart city initiatives are currently progressing, Neural Pocket is aiming for an “AI smart city revolution” that utilizes its own AI technology .

This is a vision aimed at digitizing the real space and solving social issues by bringing cameras equipped with the company’s edge AI into the city.

For example, in depopulated cities, towns and villages, we are promoting regional revitalization by utilizing neural pocket people flow analysis technology, and in an aging society, we are using moving body analysis to detect people who are in poor physical condition. We provide services to create a more livable city.

In addition to smart cities, the five key services introduced earlier and products using proprietary edge AI are also expected to continue to grow due to their uniqueness.

 Neural Pocket Recruitment Information

Neural Pocket is hiring technical personnel.

 Recruitment type

Neural Pocket recruits for the following five positions.

  1. Full stack engineer (manager position)
  2. Front end engineer
  3. Backend engineer
  4. Mobile application engineer
  5. Embedded engineer


This time, we introduced “Neural Pocket” , a Japanese AI venture company .

As explained, the company has achieved rapid growth in a short period of time since its establishment by maintaining its own AI technology and developing services that meet the needs of society.

In addition, we will keep an eye on future trends, such as actively conducting M&A to expand our business and deciding on a policy to expand overseas development starting from the Singapore branch.


What is an AI algorithm?


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