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What can the MA tool SATORI do? Four benefits and case studies!

Do you know “SATORI”, which is famous among marketing automation tools? “SATORI” is a marketing automation tool (MA) that can approach anonymous users.

This time, we will introduce the features of “SATORI” and companies that are suitable for introducing SATORI.

Table of Contents

  • What is SATORI
  • 4 benefits of introducing SATORI
    • (1) You can also approach anonymous users
    • (2) Analyze user interests
    • (3) E-mail delivery and pop-up notifications are available
    • ④ Report function available
  • Two disadvantages of introducing SATORI
    • ①It costs
    • (2) External collaboration is difficult
  • 3 things SATORI can do
    • ① Understand site visitors
    • (2) Capable of extracting customers who are highly motivated to buy
    • ③ Targeting advertisements can be distributed
  • Fee for installing SATORI
  • 2 SATORI introduction examples
    • Logiquest Inc.
    • Pia Corporation
  • Companies for which SATORI is suitable
    • Companies that can afford to introduce new tools
    • A company with abundant marketing talent
    • Companies that focus on websites
  • 3 selections of MA tools other than SATORI
    • BowNow|Regular seminars
    • SalesAutoPilot | Unlimited Leads
    • ListFinder|Easy to introduce even for beginners
  • Comparing SATORI with other tools
  • 3 benefits of introducing MA tools
    • (1) Improving business efficiency by automating some processes
    • (2) Easy data management
    • (3) Report function makes it easy to check results
  • First, let’s introduce SATORI with a free trial
  • Summary

What is SATORI


SATORI is a marketing automation tool currently used by over 1,000 companies . Recognition in Japan is very high and it is used in various industries.

SATORI can acquire leads (customers), communicate with leads, and manage leads collectively . For example, you can place pop-ups and contact forms on your website, or send emails.

In addition, it also has a function to report the results of these marketing measures . It can be said that it is a very suitable tool for improving your own marketing measures.

4 Benefits of introducing SATORI

What are the benefits of introducing SATORI? Here are four benefits.

  1. Can reach anonymous users
  2. Analyze user interests
  3. Email delivery and pop-up notifications available
  4. Reporting function available

(1) You can also approach anonymous users

SATORI can also approach anonymous leads unlike other tools.

Anonymous leads are users who have visited a company’s website but have not entered personal information into forms. Simply put, a user whose company or individual name is not disclosed .

If you approach such anonymous leads with pop-up displays, etc., it will lead to acquisition of real-name leads.

(2) Analyze user interests

SATORI can analyze and group user behavior histories and attributes. This feature is called the segment management feature.

From the pages that users often browse, you can analyze the products that each user is strongly interested in. Then, you can deliver emails and advertisements tailored to each person’s interests.

(3) E-mail delivery and pop-up notifications are available

With SATORI, you can approach customers with customized emails and pop-up notifications for each segment divided by behavior history and attributes. If you approach with content that matches your interests, your click-through rate will increase. After that, you will be more likely to be considered for your product.

Being able to appeal not only by e-mail distribution but also by pop-ups and banners on the website is very effective in turning anonymous leads into real names .

④ Report function available

SATORI can report the results of marketing measures. You can check changes in the number of leads and how many targets you set in advance have been achieved on the dashboard. In addition, you can understand the results of each measure and segment.

By using the report function, you can find improvement points for each measure . Let’s implement better marketing measures based on the report.

Two disadvantages of introducing SATORI

Here are some points to keep in mind when introducing SATORI. This time, we will introduce two points as disadvantages of introduction.

①It costs

SATORI is a feature-rich and easy-to-use tool, but the monthly fee is relatively expensive. The initial cost is 300,000 yen, and the monthly cost is 148,000 yen.

I think there are some people who are reluctant to suddenly introduce a high cost. Because of this cost, it is recommended for companies that have personnel with a wealth of sales tech and marketing knowledge .

Let’s use it after considering whether the tool can be used for the cost and whether the sales can be improved accordingly. To learn more about SATORI, we also recommend attending a free seminar before installation.

(2) External collaboration is difficult

When linking SATORI with an external service, data is registered one by one using the API in several stages. Not all the work can be done automatically, so it takes a little effort.

Optional services for external linkage are also available, but a separate fee will be charged. Please contact us for pricing.

For details on external linkage, please refer to the following URL.

3 Things SATORI can do

Here are three things that SATORI can do.

  1. Know your site visitors
  2. Capable of extracting customers with high purchasing intent
  3. Deliver targeted ads

① Understand site visitors

SATORI can identify companies from site visitors’ IP addresses. You can also collectively manage personal information obtained through forms. If you know what companies are interested in your company, you can predict what kind of demand there will be for your company.

You can generate more leads by customizing the content on your website and in the emails you send to meet your needs.

(2) Capable of extracting customers who are highly motivated to buy

Among prospects, you can extract customers who are particularly interested in your products. This feature is called a scoring feature. If you extract users with high purchasing motivation from the browsing history of the site, you can efficiently conduct sales activities. Collaboration between the marketing and sales departments will also be smoother.

If the appointment acquisition rate increases, the burden on the employees in the sales department will be reduced . Let’s actively use the scoring function and aim to improve the efficiency of your work.

③ Targeting advertisements can be distributed

You can classify leads based on their behavior history and attributes, and launch targeted advertisements for specific segments. By linking with Google, Yahoo, and Facebook, it is possible to deliver effective advertisements to each individual.

In addition to advertising, you can also customize the content on your website for each segment. Customized ads and content presentation will improve click-through rates .

Fee for installing SATORI

SATORI has an initial cost of 300,000 yen and a monthly cost of 148,000 yen. Although it is a relatively expensive price setting among MA tools, the functions are also substantial accordingly. If you are considering a screen demo or estimate, please contact us first.

Also, if you are reluctant to suddenly introduce a tool, we recommend that you try it with a free MA tool.

2 SATORI introduction examples

Here are some examples of companies that have introduced SATORI. The following two examples are introduced here.

  1. Logiquest Inc.
  2. Pia Corporation

Logiquest Inc.

Logiquest Co., Ltd. is a logistics company that provides delivery services by various delivery carriers. Currently, we aim to provide fine-tuned services through the fusion of technology and analog.

Logiquest Co., Ltd. has launched a sales DX headquarters mainly for the purpose of collectively managing prospective customers and responding to online needs from customers. Since the introduction of SATORI, the number of inquiries through the website has increased, and it seems that the appointment acquisition rate and contract closing rate have increased .

In addition, by making calls to prospective customers who have a high degree of interest in the company, work efficiency has also improved . Currently, we are exploring ways to utilize SATORI for recruitment and development of delivery partners.

Pia Corporation

Pia Co., Ltd., an operating company of “Ticket Pia”, previously introduced an SFA tool to improve the efficiency of sales activities and share information, but it did not go well.

However, in 2020, the spread of coronavirus infections has put face-to-face sales activities at risk. From that sense of crisis, it seems that the speed of the plan to “introduce an easy-to-use MA tool” has increased.

The function that we are particularly using in SATORI is the “Webhook function”, which will notify Slack if a lead is obtained for downloading materials. And it is said that the person in charge is assigned in a way that employees who see Slack react in a thread.

Thorough lead management and sharing eliminates leaks. If you introduce SATORI, you will be able to realize thorough information sharing, which is important in sales activities.

Companies for which SATORI is suitable

I will explain what kind of companies SATORI is suitable for.

  1. Companies that can afford to introduce new tools
  2. A company with abundant marketing talent
  3. Companies that focus on websites

Companies such as those listed above can be said to be suitable for introducing SATORI. I will explain each of the three features.

Companies that can afford to introduce new tools

SATORI has an initial cost of 300,000 yen and a monthly fee of 148,000 yen, which is relatively expensive. Therefore, it can be said that the company as a whole understands the introduction of MA tools and is suitable for companies that can invest the cost .

If you have people who have a lot of knowledge about sales tech such as MA tools, you will be able to use SATORI more. Deploying new tools also comes with risks. It would be good to gain the understanding of both the management side and the field side.

A company with abundant marketing talent

SATORI is very feature-rich and makes it easy to manage and share information. Data analysis itself can be done automatically, but the marketing strategy must be thought out by the person in charge.

Therefore, it would be good to have marketing personnel who can formulate strategies using data . SATORI holds regular seminars and has a support system in place, so using these support is one way.

Companies that focus on websites

With SATORI, you can use pop-up displays and push notifications. These features can make your website even richer.

You can also embed forms and banners anywhere on your website. Generate new leads by promoting inquiries with forms and banners.

It is recommended for companies that are putting effort into their website and companies that want to enhance it in the future .

3 Selections of MA tools other than SATORI

I will introduce three MA tools other than SATORI.

  1. BowNow|Regular seminars
  2. SalesAutoPilot | Unlimited Leads
  3. ListFinder|Easy to introduce even for beginners

BowNow|Regular seminars

BowNow Screenshots

BowNow is a free tool to get started. The biggest feature is that you can use the free plan indefinitely and there is no initial cost.

A free account can be issued from the following site. You can upgrade to a paid plan, so you can easily respond when you want to expand the functions.

BowNow regularly conducts seminars on tools and marketing. Companies introducing MA tools for the first time and companies with few IT and marketing personnel in their company can start using it with confidence.

SalesAutoPilot | Unlimited Leads

SalesAutoPilot images

SalesAutoPilot is a tool with an unlimited free plan.

You can have unlimited leads and send up to 400 emails per month. Even if it is free, you will be able to make full use of it. If you want to increase the number of emails delivered or enhance e-commerce, you need to upgrade to a paid plan.

However, SalesAutoPilot does not support Japanese and will be used in English. Therefore, it is recommended for companies that can handle English to some extent.

ListFinder|Easy to introduce even for beginners

ListFinder is a domestic tool for BtoB companies.

The main feature is that you can organize prospective customer information and select customers who are highly motivated to buy. It is simple and easy to use, so you can rest assured even if you are introducing the tool for the first time.

In addition, business card information managed by SanSan and customer data accumulated in Salesforce can be linked. It is especially recommended for companies that have introduced these tools.

Comparing SATORI with other tools

Let’s compare the features of SATORI and tools other than SATORI.

SATORI Bow Now SalesAutoPilot ListFinder
Number of companies that have introduced Over 1,000 companies Over 6,900 companies not clear Over 1,600 companies
External linkage Sales Cloud, kintone not supported × Salesforce, San San
support system
price Initial cost 300,000 yenMonthly fee 148,000 yen Free to ¥300,000Paid option available Free to $95 Initial cost 100,000 yenMonthly fee from 39,800 yen
Main function Anonymous read supportScoring

Report function

access analysisform creation

mail delivery

mail deliveryStrengthen e-commerce business card dataaccess analysis


free trial Inquiry required

3 Benefits of introducing MA tools

What are the benefits of introducing MA tools? We will discuss three advantages below.

  1. Improve work efficiency by automating some processes
  2. Data management made easy
  3. Report function makes it easy to check results

(1) Improving business efficiency by automating some processes

By using MA tools, you can automatically analyze customer data. For example, you can extract customers who have a particularly high purchase intention among leads.

And if you actively engage in sales activities with those customers, the appointment rate will increase. You can reduce the burden of sales activities by using tools well.

(2) Easy data management

By entering customer data, you can share information with all employees who can use MA tools. Being able to quickly share information among other departments is useful in a variety of situations. In particular, there will be better collaboration between marketing and sales departments .

If you choose a tool that has security measures in place, you don’t have to worry about your personal information being leaked to the outside. Take advantage of digital technology.

(3) Report function makes it easy to check results

Many MA tools have a “report function”. The report function is a function that can automatically analyze the results of marketing measures .

You can quickly check it on the screen of the tool. By using this report function, you can grasp the problems of your company’s measures. Once you know what needs to be improved, the quality of your marketing measures will gradually improve.

First, let’s introduce SATORI with a free trial

Before full-scale introduction, let’s check the function firmly at free seminars and free trials. We recommend that you decide whether it suits your purpose and whether you can master the tool before introducing it.

Also, when introducing a new tool, share it with all employees. We recommend that you try tools other than SATORI and consider them while comparing them. Please check the fee structure from the URL below.


This time, I focused on SATORI among MA tools and introduced them.

Although SATORI is relatively costly, it is a very easy-to-use tool with a lot of functions. If you are interested, please feel free to contact us.


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