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CDLE_youth holds a hackathon on the theme of purchase prediction AI | Co-sponsored by the retail AI study group and atma

[Students only] Large-scale competition & hackathon

CDLE_youth, a student group run by volunteers of the community of successful applicants of the qualification test conducted by the Japan Deep Learning Association “CDLE”, will hold an offline hackathon “atma student cup & offline hackathon” limited to students. In addition to co-sponsoring with the Retail AI Research Group and atma, we plan to receive support from sponsors such as TRIAL, Japan Deep Learning Association, Microsoft, and Unilever.

Applications will be accepted until February 6th for the study session and February 13th for this event.

CDLE_youth is an organization that mainly operates a community of approximately 270 students who have participated in CDLE, a community in which only those who have passed the G test/E qualification sponsored by JDLA are invited. We support students learning data science and work with the goal of spreading AI to society.

The theme of the hackathon is purchase prediction AI model development, and data such as consumer purchase data (ID_POS data) collected by the smart shopping cart used by TRIAL can be utilized.

With the slogan of “Using retail AI technology to transform the distribution industry,” Trial has installed a huge number of cameras in its own stores, introduced shopping carts, and also provides technology to third parties.

In addition , the target audience for the hackathon is students aged 18 and over , and study sessions and advisory services are available, making it possible for even inexperienced students to participate .

Event date and time Advance study session application: 1/24 (Mon) ~ 2/6 (Sun)Application for this event: 1/31 (Mon) ~ 2/13 (Sun)Pre-study session: 2/6 (Sun) 14:00~15:301st stage: 2/14 (Mon) ~ 2/18 (Fri) (tentative)2nd stage: 3/14 (Mon) ~ 3/16 (Wed) (tentative)
Event overview Pre-study session
A data scientist will give a lecture on the roadmap and tips that students who want to learn data science should know, and the appeal of competitions. A study group where you can learn domain knowledge about the retail AI industry.1st stage
Analyze purchase data from consumer purchase data (ID-POS data, etc.) collected from smart shopping carts and create a purchase prediction model on an online platform .2nd stage
Approximately 30 students who survived from the 1st stage will conduct implementation experiences and presentations of new AI models based on the data analyzed in the 1st stage, and will be judged by sponsoring companies.
event venue Preliminary study session: Online
1st stage: Online 2nd stage: Miyawaka Toranoyu, a hot spring inn
in Miyawaka City, Fukuoka Prefecture (may change to online depending on the situation)
Entry fee Basic free
> Even if you advance to the 2nd stage, there is a subsidy such as travel expenses.
Target audience Students over the age of 18. Humanities students and students who are new to the competition can also participate.
Application method Click here to register for the pre-study sessionApplications for participation in this event can be made from the connpass page that will be posted on the event website after January 31st .
important point If there are any changes to the event content, we will notify applicants via e-mail, etc. on the connpass website.Questions, etc. are accepted in the questionnaire form or DM on Twitter of CDLE_youth  .

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