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[From free] Click here to request a lecture on the theme of AI and DX

AI / DX for more than five years with the aim of correcting the information gap in AI, harmonizing industry, government and academia, and creating a society in which AI permeates. As part of this, we are actively giving presentations on AI and DX.

In addition to conveying the basic knowledge of AI and DX for companies, we will also give lectures on various themes, including trends and case studies.

Table of Contents 

  • Examples of lecture themes
  • Speakers

Examples of lecture themes

What is AI / DX, explained from the basics5 Steps to Drive AI/DX5 steps to become an AI (DX) human resourceCorporate strategy in the DX eraAI trends in 2022, etc.


Joined in 2017, interviewed more than 100 experts and companies, and made numerous media appearances and presentations. Over 1000 AI-related articles have been produced. The vision is to create a society where humans and AI coexist. He is also responsible for strategy development and PR at the Nihon University College of Humanities and Sciences Osawa Laboratory / Next Generation Society Research Center, which conducts research on the theme of AI.

Presentation record

  • Regular: Machine Learning 15minutes!
  • August 2017  Artificial Intelligence Seminar
  • October 2017 Introduced smart speakers on NTV’s ” ZIP! “
  • April 2018 New employee training instructor for a major telecommunications company
  • November 2018  Yahoo! LODGE [Yahoo × Statistics to Understand All Humankind] How Easy Can Humanity Be? AI and future business  (slide attached)
  • November 2018  Hikalabo “AI/RPA Talked by Persons -The Reality of the Latest Technologies from the Field-“
  • April 2019 Training instructor for new graduates at a major telecommunications company
  • November 2019 Lecturer for training for managers at major companies
  • August 2019 JETRO (Japan External Trade Organization) “China-Beijing Innovation Investment in Japan Seminar” (Beijing)
  • October 2019 AI & Business Automation Expo: Booth Lectures (4 times in total)
  • October 2019 Lecture for high school students in Hiroshima Prefecture
  • December 2019 Event to look back on AI in 2019 [A summary of the circumstances surrounding AI in 2019, as discussed by AINOW editor-in-chief and AI dollar candidates]
  • January 2020 Nikkei Newspaper Sponsored by: Data Science Fes 2019 Closing Forum
  • January 2020 Posted comments as “Celebrity Comments” on the official website of the movie “AI Collapse”
  • January 2020 “Intern Meetup”
  • March 2020 TBS Radio “Action”
  • October 2020 Moderator of Startup Showcase “AI/SUM & TRAN/SUM with CEATEC 2020” sponsored by Nikkei Shimbun
  • April 2021 AI/Artificial Intelligence EXPO Seminar
  • December 2021
    The 2nd Symposium on Industrial Applications of Artificial Intelligence (SIAI 2021)

What is an AI algorithm?


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