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Hitachi, Ltd. launches service for avoiding “crowding” with AI and simulation technology

On January 26, 2022, Hitachi, Ltd. announced that it had developed a “people flow prediction information provision service” that predicts and simulates the flow of passengers for public transportation operators and provides analysis results of congestion information. Did. Sales start from January 27, 2022.

The “People Flow Prediction Information Service” utilizes Hitachi’s proprietary AI and simulation technology to output and provide information such as the number of users of stations and trains, as well as travel times of users.

Currently, it is important to avoid “crowding” while traveling as a countermeasure against the new coronavirus infection.

Behind the provision of these services is the growing need to understand congestion conditions in order to realize comfortable travel without creating “crowded”.

However, the conventional method of estimating the number of passengers based on visual measurements and sensor data acquired from some vehicles had problems in terms of accuracy and the cost of data analysis.

The “People Flow Prediction Information Service” uses AI and simulation technology to accurately estimate the usage status of each route and train without identifying individuals.

In the future, the “People Flow Prediction Information Service” will be one of the solutions to be deployed in Hitachi’s Lumada. It will be combined with external system data such as member information and purchase data obtained from point management systems, etc., to improve services for residents along railway lines. We are planning to expand the analysis menu, such as supporting the creation of new services such as urban development based on demand.


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