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LINE launches AI transcription app “CLOVA Note” in 2022 !



On May 24, LINE Corporation (hereafter, LINE) launched the beta version of “CLOVA Note,” an AI voice recognition app that allows you to “see conversations with your own eyes,” from LINE’s AI technology brand “LINE CLOVA.” has started to provide.

“CLOVA Note” is an AI voice recognition app that converts recorded voices into text using voice recognition AI of LINE CLOVA’s AI technology “CLOVA Speech” .

It is free to use, and is characterized by being able to separate the speakers by listening to the voices of multiple participants.

In addition to being able to transcribe the voice recorded on the app, it also supports recognition by uploading recorded files, and it is possible to convert up to 300 minutes per month. Also, when providing voice data to LINE for AI learning, it is possible to convert up to 600 minutes per month.

When converting voices, we aim to improve recognition accuracy by roughly specifying the number of participants and the content of the conversation, such as “meeting” and “daily conversation.” In addition, it has a function to register frequently used words, a function to set bookmarks during voice recording, and a function to search the transcribed text.

LINE CLOVA’s AI technology “CLOVA Speech” is a state-of-the-art technology that uses “Self-Supervised Learning,” which has attracted attention in recent years and allows humans to learn without preparing a large amount of teacher data. End-to-End speech recognition is adopted, and the speaker separation function has won the 3rd place performance evaluation result in the world at the international competition “DIHARD3 (2021)”.

In the future, LINE plans to expand functions such as multilingual support and cooperation with web conferencing systems.

 We interviewed LINE about the world’s first large-scale general-purpose language model specialized for Japanese, “HyperCLOVA,” and published articles summarizing LINE.


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