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Mr. Matsuo from the University of Tokyo and Mr. Maruyama from PFN, etc. – Japan’s AI development action plan symposium held

The New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization (NEDO), a national research and development agency, held the ” NEDO Action Plan Symposium on Overall Research and Development in the Field of Artificial Intelligence (AI) Technology – Direction of AI Social Implementation that Japan Should Aim for – ” will be held online from 9:30 am on Tuesday, June 15, 2021.

This symposium will introduce the results of the “Survey for the formulation of a broad R&D action plan and business extraction in the field of artificial intelligence (AI) technology”, as well as the expert members of the action plan formulation committee and Japan’s aim We will discuss the direction of social implementation of AI that should be.

Table of Contents

  • project overview
  • Overview of the event
  • Lecture schedule (tentative)

project overview

In April 2016, NEDO announced the development of next-generation artificial intelligence technology, and visualized it on a time axis along with predictions of the development of next- generation artificial intelligence technology. ” Technological Society Implementation Vision ” has been announced.

In order to further scrutinize this and respond to modern trends, we will investigate and evaluate materials from government agencies, opinions of experts, overseas cases, etc., and artificial intelligence technology and artificial intelligence that will contribute to solving social issues in Japan. We are currently formulating a new ” Overall Action Plan for Research and Development in the Field of Artificial Intelligence (AI) Technology ,” which indicates the overall development direction for technologies closely related to AI and new technologies including artificial intelligence. .

*The action plan will be announced in early June.

[Recommended contents for such people]
・Researchers, entrepreneurs, engineers who are interested in the development of artificial intelligence
(AI) technology ・Those who are interested in the future development of AI technology

Overview of the event

■Date and time: June 15 (Tue) 9:30-12:00
■Participation fee: Free
■Holding method: Online (Zoom webinar)
*Participation limit: 500 people planned

■ Speakers (tentative)

Action Plan Formulation Committee Chairman

  • Mr. Hideyuki Nakajima (President, Sapporo City University)

Action Plan Formulation Committee Members (following in alphabetical order)

  • Masahiko Inami (Professor, Research Center for Advanced Science and Technology, The University of Tokyo)
  • Mr. Yoshitaka Ushiku (Director and Chief Research Officer, Ridge-i Co., Ltd. / Principal Investigator, OMRON SINIC X Co., Ltd.)
  • Mr. Tofuku Kawakami (Management Co-Creation Platform Co., Ltd. Co-owner and Managing Director)
  • Yutaka Matsuo (Professor, The University of Tokyo)
  • Hiroshi Maruyama (Executive Fellow, Kao Corporation / Project Professor, Research Center for Artifacts, The University of Tokyo / PFN Fellow, Preferred Networks, Inc.)
  • Mr. Masahiro Murakawa (National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology, Information and Ergonomics Area, Artificial Intelligence Research Center, Deputy Director)

■Management contractor: Kadokawa ASCII Research Institute

Lecture schedule (tentative)

09:30: Symposium start
09:35: Greetings from the organizer09:45: Part 1 Talk session “How far has social implementation of AI progressed?”

11:00: Part 2 Talk Session “Can Japan Take the Initiative in Deep Reinforcement Learning?”

12:00: End

*Contents are subject to change without notice.



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