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JDLA Establishes 100 Million Yen Fund to Support Technical College Students!

The Japan Deep Learning Association (JDLA) established the “DCON Startup Support 100 Million Yen Fund” to support the entrepreneurship of technical college students who participated in DCON, a contest in which technical college students compete to evaluate the value of their business ideas .

DCON is a contest to compete for the evaluation value of the business created by combining the power of deep learning with the hardware expertise of technical college students. “Started in April 2019” and will be held for the second time at “DCON2021” held on April 17, 2021.

In the past, technical college students’ excellent business proposals have been highly evaluated, and there have been cases where technical college students have actually started businesses . Furthermore, in the 100 million yen fund, he accompanies the management of technical college students as a parental shareholder. We will provide practical learning of startup management from various aspects such as finance as well as business, and will also play a role in creating corporate value. Management consultation will be held about once a month, and necessary backup will be provided according to the company’s growth.

Funding is 2 million yen per company , of which 1 million yen will be donated to cover the capital and establishment costs of the company establishment. The remaining 1 million yen will be used as common stock, and 1 million yen, which is 2% of the invested enterprise value of 50 million yen, will be invested. In addition, the profits obtained through this fund will be returned to further support for technical college students .



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