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Would you like to acquire writing skills and AI knowledge at Japan’s largest AI media?

Many of the students reading this article must be thinking about this. If you can experience the above during college life, which is said to be the “ summer vacation of your life, ” you should be able to lead a more fulfilling student life .

However, it is not easy to realize those experiences only through university classes, clubs, and part-time jobs.

If you want to enjoy your student life while acquiring skills that will help you become a member of society, why not take a long-term internship at AINOW?

In the long-term internship at AINOW, in addition to acquiring writing skills that can be used for the rest of your life through media transmission, you can have an exciting experience that you cannot get in ordinary university life, “working at a listed company”.

This time, we will introduce in detail the work contents of AINOW interns, the skills they acquire, and the intern members.

Table of Contents

  • About the dip
    • what are you doing
    • how are you doing
  • What is AINOW
  • AINOW work content and acquired skills
    • SEO unit
    • branding unit
    • New business
  • Attraction of AINOW interns
    • Improve your skills as a writer
    • freedom to work
    • You can also consult about your career path
  • Application Requirements
    • Personnel sought
    • type of contract
    • Business hours
    • Traffic access
    • Salary/Benefits
  • Member biography
    • Voice of an intern student
    • Job offers and places of employment for past interns
  • Apply for AINOW internship

About the dip

First of all, I would like to introduce “ Dip Co. , Ltd.” , which operates AINOW .

what are you doing

Dip Co., Ltd., which operates AINOW, has a vision of “ Labor force solution company ” and provides human resources services such as “Baitle” and “Hatarako Net” and DX services such as “ Cobot ”.

As you know, Japan will face a labor shortage due to population decline and aging, and it is said that jobs will be replaced by AI and RPA.

Meanwhile, DIP provides not only human labor, but also AI/RPA machine labor, and is beginning to solve Japan’s labor problems as a “labor force general trading company”.

how are you doing

Dip may have a strong image of Baitoru, but actually there are several teams that are like in-house startups .

In addition to 1,500 sales people, the “ New Business Division Next Generation Business Management Division ” including AINOW creates new businesses through business experiments, AI development, investment, and media management.

More than 40 interns are enrolled in the Next Generation Business Management Department, and while working hard with excellent colleagues, they are working on disseminating information using the media.

You can read more about the interns’ testimonials and careers in the later sections.

What is AINOW

Next, I will introduce the AI/DX specialized media ” AINOW ” where I serve as deputy editor .

AINOW is a specialized media that disseminates the themes of AI ( artificial intelligence ) and DX (digital transformation).

Our mission is to ” correct the information gap in AI, harmonize industry, government and academia, and create a society in which AI permeates. “

In order to further promote the use of AI, it is necessary to correct the information gap and remove the barriers between industry, government, and academia. AINOW was born to share AI/DX knowledge through information dissemination and to accelerate AI utilization and DX promotion in Japan.

Easy-to-understand AI/DX “column articles” for beginners“Interview article” to disseminate corporate AI / DX initiatives“Contribution articles” that transmit corporate knowledge“Event report” that conveys AI / DX related events in an easy-to-understand manner“News articles” that deliver the “now” of AI and DX

AINOW, who writes various articles, is actually made up of two units.

In the next section, we will introduce the work content and the skills you will acquire in the two units.

work content and acquired skills

AINOW has two units: the “SEO Unit” which contributes to AINOW’s recognition and the “Branding Unit” which contributes to collaboration between industry, government and academia .

SEO unit

The SEO unit is a unit that mainly writes and edits SEO articles.

SEO is an abbreviation for ” Search Engine Optimization ” and is called SEO with the initials. SEO means ” search engine optimization ” in Japanese .

The SEO unit conducts SEO measures (that is, measures to rank first in search results) with the aim of increasing the number of accesses to our articles.

In the SEO unit, you will acquire the following skills.

writing skillsKnowledge of SEOediting skillsCopywriting skills that clickinformation gathering skillsAbility to think about planning and compositionpower to analyze

branding unit

The branding unit plans, directs, and writes four types of articles: “interview articles,” “contributed articles,” “event reports,” and “news articles.”

In interview articles, contributed articles, and event reports, we focus on AI/DX-related efforts by companies, governments, and educational institutions, and provide readers with the unique knowledge of organizations and key points for project success. You will have many opportunities to communicate with well-known organizations and celebrities in the AI ​​industry, so you will be familiar with industry trends and their perspectives.

For news articles, we select and write articles that are likely to strike a chord with AINOW readers from among the large number of news delivered daily. You can understand what industries AI is being used in and how it is connected to other industries.

In the branding unit, you will acquire the following skills.

Article/event planning skillsarticle direction skillstext summarization skillswriting skillsindustry insightNegotiation skills with working adults/clients, email skills, basic behavior such as etiquette

New business

New business is not unitized, but AINOW is under the jurisdiction of DIP’s new business department, so there is an opportunity to challenge new business.

The skills of planning, direction, writing, and copy accumulated in web media are highly compatible with new businesses, so you can contribute in various situations.

Attraction of AINOW interns

Introducing the appeal of internships at AINOW.

Improve your skills as a writer

By doing a long-term internship at AINOW, you can experience everything from article planning and direction to writing and publishing settings.

With this experience, you will be able to write articles on your own, and you may be able to work as a writer on the side even after becoming a member of society. Let’s be able to create planning and composition, not just writing.

freedom to work

At AINOW, you can work freely. We may spend fixed time such as meetings, but there are no restrictions on clothes, hairstyles, and hair colors.

There is no fixed work day, so you can come to work on the days you want to go to work and work remotely on days you don’t want to go to work.

You can also consult about your career path

AINOW sincerely faces the career paths of its members.

You will also have the opportunity to talk with DIP’s managers and new graduate recruiters, so you can solve your job-hunting problems.

Application Requirements

Personnel sought


Those who can write at least one article per weekAble to attend regular meetingsThose who want to acquire the following skillsSEOPlanning/DirectionWriting/editingAnalysis/strategy planningCommunication with members of society

Welcome matter

Those who have experience as an intern at another companyExperienced in managing web mediaWork experience as a writer/editorThose who have specialized knowledge of AI/DX

type of contract

Outsourcing contract

Business hours

Basically, there are no shifts or fixed work days, but you may be asked to work for only 1-2 hours at MTG etc.

Traffic access

The office is the headquarters of DIP Corporation. It is directly connected to Roppongi Itchome Station, so you can rest assured even on rainy days.



▼ SEO unit
1 article: 4,000 yen to 12,000 yen

▼ Branding Unit
Hourly wage: 1,150 yen ~

*In the case of SEO, a salary will be added for each article delivered.
*The unit price and hourly wage will increase depending on the writing level.


Flextime systemTelework system

Member biography

Voice of an intern student

AINOW is full of diversity in terms of university, age, and personality. If you want to know what kind of people there were, check out this article.


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