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AI Technology Society and the Role of Media!

In this era, we interviewed Shota Uki, a third-year university student who is active as the deputy editor-in-chief of AINOW, Japan’s largest AI-focused media, about the role of the AI ​​technology society and the media.

Table of Contents

  • Create an environment that makes it easy for writers to write
  • Disseminating AI information as a frontrunner
  • Towards a society where AI and humans coexist
  • A world where people can enjoy entertainment without doing anything
  • In conclusion

Create an environment that makes it easy for writers to write

ーーWhat kind of work do you usually do?


Currently, I am doing various things, but I mainly do three things.

The first is “writer’s work progress management”.

We check to see if the writer has delivered the article correctly, and if not, analyze “why the number of deliveries is small” and come up with a solution.

The second is “Edit Article”. I basically edit SEO articles and drafts.

The third is recruiting activities. I interview people who have applied from Wantedly, and create announcement images for intern friends and acquaintances to introduce them on SNS.

Basically, I do the above three things, but I also write articles if necessary, and I also do various other detailed work such as checking the submission and creating banners.SEO: Search engine optimization, a measure to improve the results of a website by increasing the number of people who visit the site from search engines.ーーRight now, you said that you have three main jobs.


I think the most difficult thing is managing the work progress of the first writer.

Most of AINOW’s writers are university students, so they focus on their studies, and there are also students who work part-time or participate in clubs.

While understanding the situation of each individual, I am working every day thinking about what to do to get them to write articles positively.

ーーWhile there are various kinds of jobs in the world, what made you decide to work for AI-specialized media?


To be honest, I didn’t want to join AINOW at first.

Originally, I applied for a media called ” Startup Times ” that publishes news about startups and interviews managers.

At that time, the person who interviewed me happened to be Mr. Ozawa, the editor-in-chief of AINOW.

During the interview, he explained about AINOW, and that is how I joined AINOW.

Disseminating AI information as a frontrunner

ーーYou are working as the deputy editor-in-chief of AINOW. What is the reason why DIP Inc. launched AINOW, an AI specialized media company?


I would like to borrow the words of Mr. Ozawa, the chief editor of AINOW.

Dip Co., Ltd. operates job information websites such as Hatarakonet and Baitoru, but currently Japan’s working-age population is declining, and there are concerns about a structural labor shortage. It is an issue.

Under these circumstances, in addition to supporting recruitment through conventional job advertisements, DIP has the awareness of ” supporting the declining Japanese labor force ” by utilizing cutting-edge technologies such as AI, RPA, and DX. there is.

AINOW was established as a frontrunner to disseminate useful information that leads to the utilization of AI and the promotion of DX.

RPA : Abbreviation for Robotic Process Automation. A software robot that automates office work using a personal computer.

Towards a society where AI and humans coexist

ーーWhat do you think the relationship between AI and society should be like in the future?


In today’s society, I think that there are many things that are perceived in the form of “AI vs. humans,” such as “AI will take away jobs” and “AI will destroy humanity.”

Certainly, there are jobs that are likely to disappear, such as taxi drivers, but at the same time , I think new jobs will be created.

For example, due to the increasing demand for IT human resources, I think that the number of AI engineers and data scientists will increase in the future.

In addition, the need for human resources who not only “create” but also “use” AI will increase, such as how to use AI in business and in what areas of a company should AI be used to improve business efficiency. I guess.

Against this backdrop, I believe that the future will not be a “society in which AI and humans are in conflict,” but a “society in which AI and humans coexist .”

Also, in the Singularity article I wrote before, there is a headline, ” What should we do in a world where AI is developing?” I wrote.

In other words, humans adapt (to change) . Human beings have an excellent ability to adapt, so I believe that even if the singularity occurs and the world changes drastically, we will be able to adapt well.

In fact, 10 years ago, smartphones were almost non-existent, but now 80% of the population owns a smartphone, and even the elderly can use it as a matter of course.

Also, due to the influence of the new coronavirus, universities have moved to online classes and telecommuting has increased, but I think many people have gotten used to living remotely at a relatively early stage.

In this way, even if the singularity occurs, I believe that humans will eventually adapt and interact well with AI.

Singularity : The critical point where AI surpasses human intelligence

ーーYou said that it is not a relationship between AI and humans, but are there any recent examples of coexistence between AI and humans?


yes. A good example is the use of AI in the medical industry.

Currently, there are AI utilization cases that recognize cancer in patients through image recognition and support doctors’ decisions.

AI recognizes whether a patient has cancer or not with high accuracy, but humans still make the final decision.

It is up to humans to decide how to proceed.

I believe that there will be more cases in the future where (humans and AI) support each other’s strengths in this way.


A world where people can enjoy entertainment without doing anything

ーーHow do you think the field of AI in Japan will develop in the future?


There are two thoughts that “It would be interesting if this happened.”

The first is that the use of AI will greatly expand the range of virtual reality.

I once had the task of taking minutes for a meeting to formulate an action plan for the Patent Office.

The content of the conference was “What should we do to ensure that the power of AI utilization does not lose out to other countries such as the United States, which is leading AI research?” and “How Japan can develop AI research in the future. Do you want me to let you go?”

During that discussion, I was struck by the idea that if it were possible to preserve the clear voice and behavior of people in the form of data, the range of virtual spaces would expand.

If that becomes a reality, I think you’ll be able to experience the feeling of actually meeting people you can’t meet, such as deceased people and celebrities.

It would be interesting if such a future were to come, and if AI advances to the point where the singularity actually occurs, such things may become possible.

The second is that ” people will be able to enjoy entertainment without doing anything “.

Currently, there are cases where movies directed by AI are released, and image generation technology that can generate the face and whole body of a fictional human being is being developed.

If these two cases intersect, I think that a movie will be made with an AI script, director, and actors, and humans will just enjoy it.

In addition to movies, AI may also appear in commercials.

For example, if an entertainer causes a scandal, the brand image of the company may be lowered. increase.

I’m excited to think that AI will play an active role in entertainment in the future, such as movies and commercials.

Chatbot : Automated conversation program using artificial intelligence–Is there anything you would like to say to the readers?


Thank you all for reading AINOW articles.

The other day, when we took a survey of AINOW readers, we received various opinions and messages of support, and the editorial department was grateful to read them.

I will continue to do my best in writing and editing for the sake of the readers who always read AINOW.

AINOW is currently looking for writers, so if you are a university or graduate student interested in AI, please contact us using this form .


In conclusion

We interviewed Shota Uki, deputy editor-in-chief of AINOW.

He talked about various topics such as the relationship between AI-specialized media and society, the utilization of AI in Japan, and the future development of AI.

In order to create a society where AI and humans coexist, it may be important for us to approach AI and technology. I believe that the significance of AI-specialized media in disseminating information to society is to stand between AI and humans and promote understanding between them.




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