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AI robots! Introducing various AI robots that can be rented!

AI robots

Robots equipped with AI robots, such as a robot vacuum cleaner that learns the layout of a room, a robot that heals when you are tired, a robot that guides you to an event venue, etc. You don’t.

However, did you know that there are many “rental services” that solve such problems?

I want a robot temporarily, I want to try a robot once! Some people say.

In this article, we introduce rental AI-equipped robots along with rental prices.

Table of contents

  • What is the difference between robots with AI and those without?
  • 3 AI-equipped robots that can be rented
    • ①Robot vacuum cleaner
    • ②Pet type robot
    • (3) Communication robot
  • AI-equipped cleaning robot rental
    • Roomba
    • Sterilization cleaning robot “Whiz i” – Soft Bunk Robotikcs
  • Personal AI robot that can be rented – ROMOTTO
    • RoBoHoN
    • Robi 2
    • aibo
    • Tapia
    • Musio
  • 4 rental AI robots for corporations – ROMOTTO
    • Pepper
    • NAO
    •  Sota
    • Unibo
  • Large companies are also introducing one after another! Serving robot “Servi Keenbot”
  • Weird AI robot rental
    • “Goalkeeper Iron Wall”
  • Summary

What is the difference between robots with AI and those without?

Recently, AI is installed not only in robots for companies, but also in many home robots.

Robots equipped with AI can do things that normal robots cannot.

With a robot vacuum cleaner, AI is installed to learn the composition of the room, where the furniture is arranged, and the user’s cleaning pattern, etc., and propose a cleaning schedule, and focus on areas where dust is likely to accumulate, such as sofas. It can be cleaned etc.

In addition, robots that can communicate with people, and robots that can read emotions from human facial expressions and voices, etc., have dramatically increased the things that robots can do with AI.

The difference between robots equipped with AI and robots without AI is clear.

Robot with AI It learns by itself and executes the operation of the optimal solution it derives.
Robot without AI Repeat pre-programmed actions.

3 AI-equipped robots that can be rented

AI-equipped robots can be rented or purchased on a monthly basis, and there are many from household robots to corporate and corporate robots.

This time, we will introduce three representative robots that can be rented.

  1. robot vacuum cleaner
  2. pet robot
  3. communication robot

①Robot vacuum cleaner

Robot vacuum cleaners are one of the most popular robots available for rent right now.

A typical example is the “Rumba”, but many of these robot vacuum cleaners are equipped with AI, so they can learn the dusty places and clean them intensively, It has become one of the very innovative items, such as proposing routes and schedules to users.

In addition, since it operates autonomously, it has the effect of reducing personnel and shortening working hours, and is often introduced not only in ordinary homes but also in companies and facilities.

②Pet type robot

Pet-type robots are now playing an active role as robots that heal people’s hearts and snuggle up to the point that they are loved as pets instead of animals.

This pet-type robot also has some AI introduced, and can read people’s emotions from their voices and facial expressions, and can act like real animals, such as being happy when touched.

It is becoming more common to play an active role as a healing agent in homes with small children and elderly family members, as well as in nursing homes. rice field.

(3) Communication robot

A communication robot is a robot that can literally communicate with people.

Instead of just communicating, it reads what people are saying and engages in natural dialogue, so it is widely used in commercial facilities, event venues, nursing homes, etc.

For those who want someone to talk to, it might be a good idea to have someone close to you with whom you can talk about simple things.

AI-equipped cleaning robot rental


The Rumba series, which boasts the world’s No. 1 share rate developed and sold by Irobot Co., Ltd., has a brand name of Rumba and is quite expensive.

Roomba is famous for being able to recognize and avoid furniture and obstacles even in messy rooms, learn daily cleaning patterns, and propose cleaning schedules, routes, and no-entry areas. (*Depends on the product.)

For those who say, “I don’t want to make a mistake with an expensive purchase!”, renting the model you’re interested in once and buying it if you like it is a good purchase method.

The Roomba series rental has a “trial one-month course” and an “anshin continuous course (subscription system)”, and the table below briefly summarizes each.

1 month trial course Number of days used: 1 monthPrice: 1,980 yen (all products)
Anshin Continuation Course Number of days used: 6 months or morePrice: From 980 yen (varies for each product)

(* From July 7, 2022 to September 30, 2022, the “Trial 1-month course” will be half price for all products.)

Irobot, which is famous for Roomba, also develops and sells the wiping robot “Braava”.


Sterilization cleaning robot “Whiz i” – Soft Bunk Robotikcs

The sterilization cleaning robot “Whiz i” is a cleaning robot equipped with AI developed and sold by Soft Bunk Robotikcs.

Whiz i learns where you want it to be cleaned first by pushing it by hand. From the second time onwards, it will clean the route it has learned, but it can also create and propose its own cleaning route, avoid sudden obstacles, and perform autonomous cleaning. increase.

In addition, it is possible to clean an area of ​​1,800 square meters with a single charge, and it is possible to send notifications to the person in charge when cleaning is completed or when an abnormality occurs. increase.

ーRental planー

Plan type Contract period Monthly rental fee/1 unit
1 year rental 1 year 104,800 yen
3 year rental 3 years 39,800 yen
5 year rental 5 years 29,800 yen

Personal AI robot that can be rented – ROMOTTO

“ROMOTTO” is a rental service for robot clothes and robot bodies produced by ROBO UNI, a robot apparel brand, and provides rental information for robots from various manufacturers.

  1. RoBoHoN
  2. Robi 2
  3. aibo
  4. Tapia
  5. Musio


RoBoHoN is a bipedal communication robot jointly developed by robot creator Tomotaka Takahashi and Sharp.

RoBoHoN has released an “AI education pack” for elementary schools as AI education, and you can use AI image recognition, voice recognition , dialogue generation, etc. installed in RoBoHoN together with plugging learning.

Of course, you can also send phone calls and emails, including simple conversations, without programming.

Also, if you ask RoBoHoN, it will sing and dance, and one of the charms is that it will show you cute gestures and gestures like humans.

-Rental price-
7 nights and 8 days plan: ¥7,900 ~ ¥14,800


Robi 2

Robi 2 (Robi 2) is assembled to commemorate the completion of “Weekly Robi 2”, which was launched by Deagostini Japan Co., Ltd. on Tuesday, June 6, 2017, on Tuesday, April 2, 2019. We are selling finished product Robi 2. Robi 2 is said to be the best-selling bipedal communication robot in the world.In addition to dancing and singing along to songs, Robi 2 can also play games such as raising the flag and kicking a ball. You can have fun communicating with people of all ages.

– Rental price –
14 nights and 15 days plan: ¥ 19,800

Robi 2


aibo is a series of pet robots released by Sony Corporation since 1999. It is a pet robot that is very popular for its puppy-like dynamism and cuteness.

Aibo’s emotions and desires change from time to time, and it continues to grow day by day to establish its own personality. It also shows behavior like a real puppy, such as changing its behavior depending on the person.

– Rental price –
7 nights 8 days plan: ¥ 15,000



Tapia is a partner robot (monitoring robot) sold by MJI Co., Ltd., which develops AI and develops, manufactures, and sells communication robots.

Through Tapia, you can keep an eye on your family members far away, such as being able to keep track of your elderly family members who live far away by contacting them from the “Tapia App” and talking to them while looking at their faces on a videophone.

In addition, it can be a reliable presence, such as letting you know the weather forecast before you go out, playing your favorite music or saying kind words when you get home.

▼Features of Tapia

  • Mimamori : If there is no response from Tapia for a certain period of time, a notification will be sent to the family’s smartphone.
  • Conversation : Equipped with an emotional expression and favorability system that learns the user’s conversation content and conversation speed.
  • Life support : Telephone (videophone), photography, weather forecast, news reading, etc. are possible.

– Rental price –
7 nights 8 days plan: ¥ 3,900

(We also sell Tapia pocket, Tapia’s new platform.)



Musio is a communication robot that specializes in learning English.

In addition to normal conversation, it is equipped with a conversation engine that enables natural English conversation, allowing you to speak English like a native according to the situation. In addition, it has a grammar correction mode that corrects the user’s grammar and a dictionary mode that translates words.It is a communication robot that children who want to improve their English conversation should try.

– Rental price –
7 nights 8 days plan: ¥ 7,980

4 rental AI robots for corporations – ROMOTTO

  1. Pepper
  2. NAO
  3. Sota
  4. Unibo


(Quote: ROBO UNI )

Pepper is a humanoid robot with a height of 121cm born on June 5, 2014, developed and sold by SoftBank Robotics Corp. It is famous for being nicknamed “Pepper-kun”.

Pepper can interact with people through the chest terminal and voice, face recognition. Equipped with a variety of sensing functions, such as the ability to recognize emotions, it can communicate with passers-by in a friendly manner and provide directions. I’m here.

In addition, it has been introduced in offices, commercial facilities, educational and nursing care facilities, and is active in various places.

* Pepper is currently only sold as “Pepper for Biz” for business use, and general sales have ended.

(A long time ago, production of Pepper was discontinued, but sales and maintenance are still continuing.)

▼Regarding reports about Pepper

There have been reports that the production of “Pepper” has been suspended, but this is a temporary adjustment, and we will continue to sell and provide services for humanoid robots such as Pepper and NAO. I will come.

We will also continue to provide support and maintenance to existing customers using these products.

Thank you for your concern. We are currently selling robots other than Pepper, and we will continue to improve our quality and service to meet the diverse needs of our customers.

-Rental price-
Body: ¥27,500 (36 months)
Pepper for Biz basic plan: ¥27,500 + body price = ¥55,000 (36 months)


(Quote: ROMOTTO )

NAO is the world’s most popular humanoid robot developed and sold by SoftBank Robotics Corp.

NAO is equipped with many sensing devices such as cameras, microphones, sonar, and touch sensors. I can do it.

In addition, NAO has the following roles.

Ambassador Speech synthesis and speech recognition make it possible to convey a variety of knowledge through dialogue with users. By linking with cloud services, you can refer to data and make preset presentations.
IT trainer An easy-to-use programming environment is provided, so it can be used as a teaching material for programming education. The results of programming are reproduced as actual actions, which contributes to training logical thinking and arousing the interest of learners.
coach/trainer NAO can play a role like a coach or trainer, such as communication for specific disease awareness in each medical department, dance for health promotion, and communication training (rehabilitation) support for autistic children. .
entertainer At hospitals and clinics, a gentle look and a friendly voice can reduce children’s anxiety during treatment. Nursing homes provide entertainment with songs and dances.
assistant Doctors and teachers will be able to concentrate on the work they should be doing and the discovery of new problems by acting on behalf of hospitals and clinics for pre-examinations and interviews, and by acting on behalf of children at rehabilitation facilities.
reception At stores and event venues, we support reception and customer service by interlocking with artificial intelligence, multilingual recognition, voice recognition , and image recognition. I am also good at dealing with foreigners and chatting.


ーRental priceー
5-day plan: ¥100,000
10-day plan: ¥150,000
15-day plan: ¥200,000
1-month plan: ¥300,000



Sota is a tabletop-sized communication robot that enables natural dialogue using words, gestures, and gestures.

Any robot service can be provided by connecting to IoT devices and cloud service “RoboConnect”.

It has various functions such as dialogue, face recognition, monitoring, photography, scheduling, and presentation.

It is also possible to rent “Presentation Sota” that combines Sota and PowerPoint. By writing a manuscript in the notebook part of the presentation file, it will speak the specified manuscript part, and animation progress and motion control etc. is also possible.

-Rental price-
2 weeks plan: ¥33,000



Unibo is a learning partner robot developed and sold by Unibot Corporation.

Equipped with a high-precision voice recognition engine and emotion recognition function, it can understand voice instructions, recognize individual faces and names, and memorize tastes and preferences to support decision-making that suits the user. I can do it.

In addition, since the face is a liquid crystal touch display, it is a great advantage that you can communicate with touch operations that do not rely on voice recognition.

Unibo is a popular robot for corporations and the general public, and is often used for events, PoC, demonstration experiments, company information, etc.

ーRental priceー
2 weeks plan: ¥33,000
1 month plan: ¥55,000


Large companies are also introducing one after another! Serving robot “Servi Keenbot”

“Servi” is a rental delivery and transportation robot that SoftBank Robotics Co., Ltd. has been selling since February 16, 2021.

Servi is equipped with a high-quality speech synthesis engine “AITalk” that can generate speech files from text on the browser of the cloud speech synthesis “AICloud” series provided by AI Co., Ltd. “Thank you for waiting”, You can say something like “thank you” at the time of serving.

In addition, Servi is equipped with SLAM technology, so it can be installed after completing the store layout and mapping in about 3 hours, and you can move to the destination by the shortest route. In addition, it is equipped with high-performance sensors such as a 3D camera and lidar sensor, so it can run even on a road width of 60 cm, and can dodge people without problems.

It has been introduced in some stores of major companies such as Shichirin Yakiniku An’an, Ootoya, Shabu-shabu Onyasai, Saizeriya, Kappa Sushi, and Denny’s, and is expected to expand in the future.

Servi is known for its stylishness, and it demonstrates its power in stores that require a small turnaround. We have realized more efficient food delivery through close cooperation between the hall and the kitchen, from replenishment and transportation.

Servi Keenbot is also sold in the “Iris Edition Series” with options developed independently by our sales partner Iris Ohyama.

Servi monthly plan

3 year plan ¥119,800 (excluding tax)
5 year plan ¥99,800 (excluding tax)

Keenbot monthly plan

3 year plan ¥99,800 (excluding tax)
5 year plan ¥89,800 (excluding tax)

Weird AI robot rental

“Goalkeeper Iron Wall”

(Quote: Robosta )

The robot goalkeeper “Tekkabe-kun” is a robot-type penalty shootout machine with AI sold and rented by Air Digital Co., Ltd.

“Goalkeeper Teppeki-kun” became famous for stopping a famous soccer player’s shot on a TV program.

Currently, it is active as a robot that entertains people as entertainment, such as being permanently installed as a featured machine content of the grand opening digital sports club “Sports 60 & Smart” in the large commercial facility “Ario Washinomiya” in Kuki City, Saitama Prefecture. I’m here.

Characteristics of “Goalkeeper Teppaku-kun”

Feature ① Automatic level adjustment mode ~ Learns and understands how the player shoots, automatically judges whether the ball should be missed or stopped, learns the trajectory as data
Feature ② Ball speed measurement (within operation panel)
Feature ③ Replay display when shooting (in operation panel)
Feature ④ It is possible to set the defense rate to 99%.
Feature⑤ Equipped with an accident prevention function to prevent contact with people who approach the goalkeeper
Feature ⑥ Equipped with a “MissMODE function” that can allow 1-2 goals depending on the situation (this MODE can be used to encourage users)



What did you think.

Robots equipped with AI can be rented for a wide range of purposes, from general households to companies and corporations, and you can choose according to your purpose.



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