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15 AI products to watch | Introducing familiar products to interesting products!

AI products

Table of contents

  • 4 technologies used in AI products
    • ①Voice recognition
    • ② Image recognition
    • (3) Natural language processing
    • ④ Predictive analysis
  • The market size of AI products is expanding! ?
  • 15 products with AI
    • Familiar AI-equipped products
    • Interesting AI-equipped products
    • AI-equipped products to watch in the future
  • Summary

4 technologies used in AI products

Here, we introduce four technologies used in AI products.

  1. voice recognition
  2. image recognition
  3. natural language processing
  4. Predictive analytics

I will explain each.

①Voice recognition

Voice recognition is a technology that utilizes AI technology to analyze voice, convert it to text, and operate equipment.

Recently, there have been an increasing number of cases where speakers and smartphones are equipped with voice recognition functions.

② Image recognition

Image recognition is a technology that processes images and identifies what is in them.

Recently, there have been an increasing number of cases where image authentication functions are installed in photo processing applications and smartphone face authentication.

(3) Natural language processing

Natural language processing is a technology that extracts the content by processing human-spoken language with a machine.

Recently, there are an increasing number of cases where automatic translation services are equipped with natural language processing functions.

④ Predictive analysis

Predictive analysis is a technology that can predict events that will occur in the future and propose measures to be taken.

Recently, there are an increasing number of cases where predictive analysis is used to predict the number of new coronavirus infections and stock prices.

The market size of AI products is expanding! ?

The domestic market for AI products is expanding rapidly.

ITR Co., Ltd. forecasts that the total sales of the eight major AI markets in 2025 will reach 120 billion yen.

Considering the sales amount of 51.33 billion yen in 2020, it can be said that it is growing rapidly.

15 products with AI

From here, we will look at products that utilize AI by genre.

The three genres listed here are:

  1. Familiar AI-equipped products
  2. Interesting AI-equipped products
  3. AI-equipped products to watch in the future

We will introduce 5 products for each genre.

Familiar AI-equipped products

The AI ​​products introduced here are “AI Assistant”, “Cleaning Robot”, “Business Card Management”, “Smartphone Camera”, and “English Conversation/Translation”.

AI assistant

Google’s AI assistant is an example of voice recognition being incorporated into a service to improve UX (user experience).

Google, a familiar search engine, searches the web quickly with AI when you call “OK Google”.

In addition to hands-free search, it is possible to operate applications that work with Google Assistant by using products with built-in Google Assistant, such as smart speakers “Google Home” and smartphones “Google Pixel” provided by Google.

Sweeping robot

Quote: Official site

The robot vacuum cleaner Roomba sold by iRobot Japan LLC is one of the famous and familiar examples of AI utilization.

What Roomba can do is to automatically learn the layout of the house, automatically return to the charging area, automate garbage collection, avoid furniture in conjunction with sensors, and focus on cleaning areas where garbage is concentrated. There is a function to

Business card management

Character recognition is a typical example of image recognition.

Sansan Co., Ltd. uses AI to read and manage scanned business cards.

A service called “Sansan” realizes information management for a large number of clients by automatically detecting business cards with various designs.

In the past, individual employees were responsible for managing business cards, but with Sansan, all customer information within the company can be managed collectively.

By introducing Sansan, NEC Solution Innovators, which is famous for software development and system integration, has made it possible to convert exchanged business cards into data on the same day and quickly send a thank-you email for visiting the company.

In addition, this has not only led to improved operational efficiency, but also contributed to improved open rates and click rates.

Smartphone camera

Google’s AI is used not only for voice recognition but also for cameras.

In the portrait mode installed in some smartphones, AI analyzes the image, instantly distinguishes the subject from the background, and blurs only the background.

AI is also used in the 360-degree camera of Google’s smartphone “Google Pixel”.

Follow the instructions displayed on the screen to shoot 360-degree views of the landscape, and combine them using AI to create a photo that looks like it was taken with a 360-degree camera.

English conversation/translation

Quote: Official site

AI is used in DeepL, an online foreign language automatic translation tool that was born in 2017.

It is a topic that the quality of machine translation by DeepL’s AI system is surprisingly natural.

Despite being supported in Japanese in March 2020, it is widely used in Japan. In particular, it has a reputation for precision automatic translation in academic and specialized fields.

Interesting AI-equipped products

Next, I would like to introduce some unusual and interesting products among AI-equipped products.

The AI ​​products introduced here are “Face Diagnosis App”, “Ogiri”, ” Chatbot “, “Dietary Management”, and “Restore Black and White Photos”.

Face diagnosis app | Sokkurisan

The AI ​​face diagnosis app “Sokkuri-san” provided by App Factory Co., Ltd. is one of the interesting AI utilization cases.

Unique services such as the “Facial Similarity Diagnosis” and the “Facial Similarity Diagnosis” that allows you to diagnose the degree of similarity between the faces of any person are popular, and have exceeded 10 million downloads in total.

Ogiri|LINE Ogiri Artificial Intelligence

AI, which has strengths in natural language processing, is also good at Ogiri. LINE’s Ogiri artificial intelligence official account has surpassed 900,000 registered users.

Not only can you send the subject in text and instruct it to be “blurred”, but it is also possible to have a two-way exchange in which AI inserts “gaya” in your answer.

In addition to text Ogiri, you can also enjoy Ogiri using photos and stamps.

Chatbot | Airfriend

Like Ogiri, Airfriend is a service that uses the official LINE account.

As you repeat the conversation, you can teach the tone of voice to the AI, and it is possible to develop an AI that you like.

In addition to personal preference AI training, multiple users can also train common AI.

Diet management|NaniQuo

NaniQuo is an app that AI supports your eating habits.

There are popular restaurant chains such as “Seven-Eleven” and “McDonald’s” and convenience stores to choose from, and if you select your favorite store, AI will suggest three meals suitable for diet life.

There are 31 billion ideas that AI can propose, so you won’t get tired of the menu.

Restore black and white photos|Automatic Image Colorization

Automatic Image Colorization  is a service that “colors black-and-white photos” provided by Waseda University’s laboratory.

No need to install any app, Automatic Image Colorization

You can use it by simply accessing and uploading an image.

Why not enjoy coloring the nostalgic black-and-white photos in the album, portraits of old people, and photos of old events?

AI-equipped products to watch in the future

The AI ​​products introduced here are “artificial robots”, “therapeutic drug development”, “driverless”, “financial investment”, and “travel reservations”.

Humanoid Robot | Hanson Robotic

Quote: Official site

Hong Kong-based Hanson Robotics manufactures AI-powered humanoid robots for the commercial and consumer markets.

Developed by Hanson, Sophia is a social humanoid robot.

AI enables Sophia to communicate in natural language and convey emotions in an expressive, human-like way.

In the future, humanoid robots like Sophia will be used as media talent in movies and TV shows, as well as for university research and medical training.

Drug Development | Atomwise

Quote: Official site

San Francisco-based Atomwise leverages AI and deep learning to advance drug discovery.

Protein binding can be predicted using techniques based on convolutional neural networks.

The company’s AI improves hit rates by a factor of 10,000 and screens 10-20 million compounds per day while characterizing patients for clinical trials.

The ability to analyze billions of compounds and identify new areas for drug discovery has enabled scientists to work more efficiently.

Atomwise is being used to tackle some of the most pressing medical problems of our time, such as Ebola and multiple sclerosis.

Driverless car | Motional

Source: Motional

Based in Santa Monica, California, Motional aims to use AI technology to make driverless vehicles safer, more reliable and more accessible.

The company was born out of a joint venture between automaker Hyundai and auto supplier Aptiv.

In partnership with the transportation network company Lyft’s ride-hailing network, we plan to launch a completely unmanned robotaxi service in major U.S. cities in 2023.

Financial Investment | Betterment

Quote: Official site

New York-based Betterment is developing an automated financial investment robo-advisor.

The service uses AI to learn about investors and build personalized profiles based on their financial plans.

It is now possible to automate tasks such as tax loss avoidance and portfolio management that previously required human know-how.

Travel Reservation|Hopper

cover art

Based in Boston and Montreal, Hopper uses AI to predict when you can book the cheapest flights, hotels, rental cars and vacation homes.

Using historical flight and hotel data, Hopper can also suggest to users whether the booking is hitting its lowest price, or whether it’s better to hold out for a lower price.

Hopper has become the most downloaded travel booking app in the United States in the first half of 2021, according to a report released by data analytics firm Sensor Tower .


This time, we introduced 15 products that utilize AI by genre.

I hope you have learned that AI is being used in a variety of fields, such as unique products and products that are expected to be realized in the future, in addition to familiar products.

In addition, as AI technology evolves and barriers to entry into the market for AI products are lowered, the market scale is expanding rapidly.



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