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You can talk with AI-equipped robots! ? – Introducing by usage scene!

Did you know that AI-equipped robots can have smooth conversations?

Many people may be considering purchasing a robot as a playmate for their children or as a caregiver for the elderly. This article introduces AI-equipped robots by usage scenario.

Please read to the end for a detailed explanation.

Table of contents

  • Three functions of the conversation robot and what it can do
    • AI-equipped
    • Voice recognition function
    • With sensor
  • How to choose a conversation robot equipped with AI
    • Use scene
    • Robot type
  • AI-equipped conversation robot for children
    • COZMO
    • Musio X
    • Motto Nakayoshi Robi Jr.
  • Conversation robot equipped with AI for nursing care
    • Dream Cat Premium
    • PALRO
  • Healing AI-equipped conversation robot
    • Romi
    • LOVOT
    • Chapit
    • RoBoHoN
  • In conclusion

Three functions of the conversation robot and what it can do

Conversational robots can do many things. For example, having natural conversations, learning and growing.

Conventional conversational robots could only talk about things that humans decided in advance, but recent conversational robots have the ability to create conversation sentences by themselves, and they can have unpredictable conversations like talking to humans. Now possible. The following three functions have made this possible.

  1. AI-equipped
  2. Voice recognition function
  3. with sensor

I will explain each.


The first feature is that it has AI.

Equipped with AI, it will not only be able to speak conversational sentences set to speak by humans, but will also be able to think about responses based on the sentences spoken to it and have natural conversations. And through deep learning, the character of the robot changes depending on the environment and how it interacts with people.

One of the benefits of the AI-equipped function is that the more you learn the conversation by yourself, the more you will be able to speak more naturally.

Voice recognition function

The second feature is voice recognition.

Conversation robots respond to human words. This would be impossible without understanding the language people speak. Voice recognition makes this possible.

However, speech recognition is still in its infancy. Therefore, some conversational robots have somewhat unnatural conversations.

If you want to enjoy smooth and natural conversation, you should look for a robot with a full voice recognition function.

With sensor

The third function is sensors.

With sensors attached, the robot will be able to communicate with humans by observing actions such as gestures. It can also react to certain words and react to touched parts. Especially when it comes to pet-type robots, they are very cute because they move like the real thing.

If communication using sensors becomes possible, it will be possible to communicate more smoothly than with words alone.

How to choose a conversation robot equipped with AI

There are various types of conversational robots equipped with AI. Some people may be wondering which conversational robot to choose. Therefore, here we will introduce how to choose a conversation robot.

  1. Use scene
  2. Robot type

I will explain each.

Use scene

First and foremost is the usage scenario.

Conversational robots can be used in a variety of situations. For example, playmates for children, nursing care for the elderly, healing in life, etc.

If it is a child’s playmate, choose a toy in the shape of a stuffed animal.

Robot type

And the other is the type of robot.

There are many types of conversational robots. There are also types that walk on two legs and stuffed animals, so you should use them according to your purpose.

AI-equipped conversation robot for children

First, I will introduce three conversational robots for children’s playmates.

  1. COZMO
  2. Musio X
  3. Motto Nakayoshi Robi Jr.

I will explain each.




COZMO is a toy for children developed by Takara Tomy. You will grow each time you clear various missions using the dedicated app. As they play together and grow, they will be able to do a variety of things, such as rolling and lifting power cubes.

Also, since AI is implemented, it judges the situation on the spot and expresses emotions. There are more than 1000 ways of expression such as gestures, voices, and movements, so you can experience a world like science fiction.

The main unit price is 29,678 yen.

Musio X


Musio understands the meaning of words and speaks in your own words, allowing you to have natural English conversations. In addition, since the character is formed through conversation, it will be close to not only children but also adults.

Through machine learning, it can answer any question as it learns through conversation, even if it has not been pre-trained.

You can also choose the level of English conversation, so if you feel it is difficult, you can enjoy conversation in Easy mode.

The main unit price is 75,460 yen.

Motto Nakayoshi Robi Jr.

Robi Jr. has a friendliness UP function, and by having a lot of conversations, he will give you quizzes and read by your nickname.

In addition, there are plenty of functions that children can enjoy, such as fortune-telling, singing, sleeping and dancing.

The main unit price is 16,500 yen.

Conversation robot equipped with AI for nursing care

Next, we will introduce a conversational robot for nursing care.

  1. Dream Cat Premium
  2. PALRO

I will explain each.

Dream Cat Premium

Yume Pet Yume Neko Premium_1

Yume Neko Premium is a robot for people who want to own a cat but can’t. Sensors are installed in various parts such as the head and stomach, and it responds when you stroke it.

Since the product was released in 2016, the suggested retail price has not been set.



PALRO is active in various places such as welfare facilities for the elderly. In addition to communication, it has a wide variety of functions such as singing, dancing, gymnastics, and games.

It is a robot made with the purpose of “helping people to live a richer life”. Conversational content is memorized by AI, and the average response time for conversations is very fast at an average of 0.4 seconds. It’s easy to talk to, so it’s recommended for elderly people who need someone to talk to.

The base price is 348,000 yen.

Healing AI-equipped conversation robot

Next, we will introduce four soothing AI-equipped conversational robots.

  1. Romi
  2. LOVOT
  3. Chapit
  4. RoBoHoN


View source image


Romi is an AI-equipped conversation robot originally developed by Mixi. We have learned tens of millions of Japanese data, and you can have a free conversation.

In addition to being soothing, we also provide functions for the elderly, such as a function that tells you when to take medicine and when to throw away garbage, a function that is useful for brain training and health maintenance.

The main unit price is 44,800 yen, and the monthly membership fee is 980 yen.


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LOVOT has a sensor that detects vision, sound, illuminance, and temperature, and returns various reactions. In addition, soft materials are used, and warm air circulates inside the body, giving it a warm, living-like warmth.

The main unit price is 369,600 yen, and 10,998 yen per month is required.


View source image

Chapit has communication function, home appliance control function, recreation function, and time support function, and it will be close to your life.

Chapit has a high-performance voice recognition function, and it is possible to recognize even if you are 2 to 3 meters away in a noisy living environment. Smooth conversation is possible, so there is no stress.

The main unit price is 148,500 yen.


View source image

I remember the faces of my family. In addition, the repertoire of songs and dances will increase as you live, and you will be able to do more things. By using the dedicated app, you will be able to use LINE, answering machine, and storytelling.

The minimum price of the main body is 132,000 yen, and the maximum price is 155,430 yen.

In conclusion

In this article, we introduced the functions of conversational robots and recommended conversational robots equipped with AI for each situation.

If you want someone to talk to, if you want to know what conversational robots can do, if you are thinking of buying one and want to know its reputation, please refer to this article.



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