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What is the “food loss app”?

Do you know the current amount of “ food loss ” that has to be discarded even though it should be edible ?

According to the Food Industry Bureau of the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries, about 6.12 million tons of food is discarded annually in Japan, of which about 3.28 million tons are said to come from restaurants and food manufacturers .

Due to the influence of the new coronavirus, self-restraint is forced, and in the food service industry, it seems that “food loss”, which cannot be bought and has to be disposed of, is increasing.

Therefore, this time, we will introduce the “food loss app” , which is one of the ways to reduce food waste even during the corona crisis .

Table of contents

  • How to deal with food loss during the corona crisis
    • Take-out
    • delivery
  • What is Food Loss App?
  • Advantages of food loss app
    • Expansion of sales channels
    • Acquisition of new customers
    • building branding
  • Food loss app introduction
    • TABETE
    • No Food Loss
    • tabekifu
  • summary

How to deal with food loss during the corona crisis

In order to increase the profit of the shop, it is important to reduce the cost rate by reducing food loss, preventing overuse of ingredients and cooking mistakes.

Some of the ways to deal with food waste include:

  • Take-out
  • delivery
  • food loss app


Since it is possible to avoid honey in the store, it is a method of providing services that are in high demand during the corona crisis.

Although it is a food loss measure that can be started immediately, if you use a takeout app that allows you to pre-order and pay before coming to the store, you can provide services without spending time on accounting and keeping customers waiting.


As with takeout, you can avoid the nectar in the store, and just posting it on the delivery service will lead to increased recognition, so it is a service that will lead to increased sales during the corona crisis, which is difficult to move.

For delivery, there are many things to prepare when starting an individual, such as having to secure delivery personnel, so it is recommended to use a delivery service.

What is Food Loss App ?

It is a service that matches consumers with products that cause food loss, and there is no registration fee or monthly fee, so you can easily start using it.

In the flow from product posting to provision, the restaurant side posts products that are likely to cause food loss on the service site, and app users who like the product purchase it within the app.

The method of provision varies depending on the application, such as receiving at the store or mailing it to the purchaser’s home through the EC site.

Advantages of food loss app

Expansion of sales channels

Not only does it eliminate the burden of material costs and disposal costs, it also leads to sales expansion as a new sales channel .

Acquisition of new customers

By posting in the app and matching with users, you can expand new recognition and acquire new customers .

In fact, there is data that 35% of people who used TABETE, one of the food loss apps, used the store during normal business hours.

building branding

As a restaurant that contributes to society, it will lead to the improvement of social value .

In addition, depending on the service, the system respects the brand of the store, so you can operate without losing brand value .

food loss appIntroduction


A service that promotes mutual help against food loss in the form of “delicious and profitable rescue” of surplus bread and food to nearby people. It has been introduced at “over 1,400 stores nationwide” such as DEAN & DELUCA, Yamazaki Bread, and Aeon Bakery, and there are many stores that are earning additional income of “50,000 yen per month” or more.


  • Food loss can be turned into profit
  • Leads to acquisition of new customers
  • Reduce disposal costs
  • Become part of SDGs and CSR activities


Initial cost, introduction cost, running cost are all 0 yen

No Food Loss

In the food loss reduction application, it has the No. 1 sales record when calculated from the number of meals sold at retail stores. Also, just by registering with NoFoodLoss, you will be able to deliver warm school lunches to children in developing countries and participate in solving the global food problem of food loss and hunger.


  • Simple management screen
  • Available from individual stores to major chain stores
  • Low cost and speed deployment


Initial cost, introduction cost, running cost are all 0 yen

*20% of the sales amount will be paid as a commission only when the product is sold.


It is a service that also focuses on store promotion activities when posting products, and it is structured so that you can create a store page for free and spread it naturally on SNS. In addition, tabekifu’s unique system visualizes the social contribution score, and it is designed to promote the use of the app, so active use can be expected.


  • can contribute to society
  • can promote
  • effective for landing
  • Visualization of social contribution scores leads to repeat visits


Initial cost, introduction cost, running cost are all 0 yen

*Paid plans available


[For restaurants] How to reduce food waste even during the corona crisis What is the “food loss app” ? was.

Let’s actively use services that lead to the expansion of sales channels and develop a management strategy to survive the corona crisis.



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