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What is a telephone answering service?

Due to the influence of the new coronavirus, more and more companies are working from home and there are fewer people in the office. For such companies, we recommend the introduction of a telephone answering service in order to maintain contact with customers.

However, you may be thinking, “I want to use a telephone answering service, but I don’t know which company to ask.”

In this article, we will answer the question, “What is a telephone answering service?”

Table of contents

  • What is telephone answering service?
  • Selection points for telephone answering service
    • price
    • Time period when substitution is required
  • Business contents of the telephone answering service
    • Call center type telephone answering service
    • Flexible phone support
  • Introduction of recommended tools for telephone answering
    • eSecretary®
    • fondesk
    • business assistant
    • Intercode
    • Attucks telephone secretary
  • summary

What is telephone answering service?

“Telephone answering service” is also called “secretary agent” or “telephone secretary” service, and mainly means a service in which a company operator responds to calls and reports the contents.

By responding politely and quickly to customer calls, we can avoid opportunity loss due to the absence of the person in charge and improve the efficiency of clerical work.

Selection points for telephone answering service


We recommend that you use a service that is priced according to the size of your company.

Weigh the cost and choose a service system that is suitable for your company, whether the service you use has human resources who can solve your company’s problems.

Time period when substitution is required

Broadly speaking, there are two types of hours that you can request a telephone answering service to work for you: during business hours on weekdays and at night on holidays and holidays.

Since the amount is different for weekdays and weekends and holidays, it is best to decide which hours your company would like to use the telephone answering service.

Business contents of the telephone answering service

Call center type telephone answering service

The call center of a telephone agency is a business that reports the contents to the requester as a point of contact for customer correspondence.

Features include 24-hour backup and an increase in the number of correspondences.

Flexible phone support

In telephone answering, we do not simply answer and answer calls, but also share information and respond to calls according to the situation.

When there is a message from a customer, it will be shared immediately by email or phone. Business efficiency is also expected to improve.

Introduction of recommended tools for telephone answering


The telephone answering service “e-secretary®” provides the telephone response quality trusted by many major companies for an easy-to-use monthly fee.

It can be used from 10,000 yen per month. It is characterized by being able to customize with various optional services such as 24-hour reception and multilingual service.


Standard course: From 10,000 yen per
month Message course: From 15,000 yen per
month Spot course: From 10,000 yen to 13,000 yen
per month Executive course: From 40,000 yen per month

Case study

Lawyer, TCS Co., Ltd.


The telephone answering service “fondesk” is different from other telephone answering services that informs you of the contents of the telephone call by chat or e-mail .

You can choose the notification method from Chatwork, Slack, Microsoft Teams, LINE, Google Chat, and email. The feature is that the operator can start responding immediately after applying online and completing the procedure in about 10 minutes.


Basic charge: 10,000 yen per month +
pay-as-you-go rate 1 to 100 calls per call
: 0 yen, after 101 calls: 200 yen

Case study

Kiramex Co., Ltd., Cocktail Make Co., Ltd.
(IT service)

business assistant

“Business Assist” is a telephone answering service whose strength is the high-quality telephone answering service that can only be provided by professionals who have passed the secretarial examination.

It is especially recommended if you are looking for a high-quality telephone answering service even if it costs a little more.


<Basic plan>
Light: 20,000 yen per
month Standard: 30,000 yen per month
High grade: 60,000 yen per month

There are also <Professional Plan> and <Professional Plan>.
Please see our website.

Case study

OA equipment sales company Dennou Co., Ltd., lawyer, tax accountant


This is an “Intercode” service that handles telephone calls on behalf of corporations such as companies and sole proprietors.

There are various plans from cheap plans to solid plans, and the feature is that you can change the plan in the middle.

Rate plan

Cheap telephone answering plan: 2,900 yen per month
Telephone answering trial plan: 4,800 yen per month (only for 3 months)
General/telephone reception: 6,800 yen/9,800 yen/16,800 yen

Case study

Kanagawa architectural design company, Fukuoka dance lesson

Attucks telephone secretary

“Attack’s telephone secretary” service provides total support not only for telephone reception, but also for DM follow-up, market research, outgoing work such as making appointments, input agency, and fulfillment such as shipping work.

With a track record of being chosen by 5,000 managers. Rather than monotonous response to absence, it is characterized by warm and detailed response according to customer’s request.

Rate plan

Light: 3,000 yen
A course: 5,000 yen
B course: 10,000 yen
C course: 15,000 yen
Weekends and holidays course: 12,000 yen
Short course: 3,000 yen

Case study



Leverage telephone answering services to enhance loss avoidance and streamline administrative operations.

If you have any concerns before using the service, it is a good idea to call the agency once and check the operator’s response.

Since fees vary depending on the service, we recommend that you choose an advisory referral service that suits your purpose and budget.



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