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What is advisor introduction?

In an era of labor shortages, it is not easy to hire human resources who have held important positions in major companies and have solid knowledge based on extensive experience using job websites.

We recommend introducing an advisor referral service to strengthen your sales strategy.

This time, we will introduce you to the points to choose from the merits while resolving the question “What is an advisor introduction?”

Table of contents

  • Advisor referral
  • Advantages of Introducing Advisors
    • Can solve various management issues
    • You can decide to introduce it while looking at the cost-effectiveness
  • Advisor introduction selection points
    • price
    • fit for your purpose
  • Introduction of Recommended Tools for Advisor Referrals
    • pro sharing
    • My Navi Advisor
    • Visasque
    • adviser bank
    • Pasona Advisor Network
  • summary

Advisor referral

“Advisor introduction” is a service that matches human resources who have served as executives at major companies and have extensive experience and a wide range of personal connections with companies seeking management advisors.

The introduction of this system is expected to have the effect of utilizing excellent human resources and enhancing the management capabilities of small and medium-sized enterprises.
It is especially recommended for those who are in a rut about fixed amount advisers or those whose company size is not large enough to hire them.

Advantages of Introducing Advisors

Can solve various management issues

Excellent human resources with extensive experience and wide personal connections are registered. Companies face a variety of management issues, but since we have a wealth of human resources, we can introduce professionals who meet the needs of the company.
By using the Advisor Referral Service, you can quickly find people who can deal with the issues that arise.

You can decide to introduce it while looking at the cost-effectiveness

If you hire an advisor, you will be paid a fixed fee. And even if it doesn’t work, you may not be able to stop it for a certain period of time.

If you use the Advisor Referral Service, the cost will be determined according to the service company’s regulations, but you can consult with the service management company and decide.

Advisor introduction selection points


It is recommended that you use a service that is priced according to the size of your company.

Choose a service system that is suitable for your company by weighing costs and whether there are human resources who can solve your company’s problems in the service you use.

fit for your purpose

Advisor introduction service has multiple functions in one service.

If you are looking for human resources as a long-term advisor, it is necessary to first consult with the service company to that effect and confirm whether or not you can secure human resources that suit your purpose.

Introduction of Recommended Tools for Advisor Referrals

pro sharing

“Pro Sharing” is a new human resource utilization model that shares the experience and knowledge of external professionals with multiple companies to solve management issues.

It is possible to transform management by receiving support from external professional human resources who are active in multiple companies at the same time.


consultation required

Case study

Asahi Group Holdings, Ltd., Epson Sales Co., Ltd., Dai Nippon Printing Co., Ltd.

My Navi Advisor

Mynavi Advisor Introduction is a service that introduces advisors according to the current issues and growth axis.

And by utilizing Mynavi’s network and registering many professionals from various fields, you can receive high-level support.

We provide the best matching service for the purpose of speeding up the company’s business expansion and organizational development.


Management advisory type
It depends on the following contents. Please contact us for details. Free = content of support × frequency of support × degree of
difficulty × track record of
advisors A full-time staff will listen to your company’s situation and set a fee that you are satisfied with. Free = competition x unit price x market x difficulty

Case study

It is widely used from IT venture companies to industrial plastic product manufacturers.


VISASQ is a “spot consulting service” that provides easy access to real and fresh primary information.

“Spot Consult” allows access to primary information that cannot be obtained from the Internet or literature research, and can significantly reduce the time and cost required for conventional research.


Please refer to the URL below.

Case study

Panasonic Corporation, AGC Corporation, Marunouchi Capital Co., Ltd.

adviser bank

Advisor Bank is a platform service that matches companies that want to request and consult with advisors and advisors who want to be active.

It is possible to quickly approach registered advisers without introduction fees and without being influenced by the ability of the agent.


Please refer to our website

Case study

Tokai Tokyo Securities Co., Ltd., Leopalace21 Corporation

Pasona Advisor Network

The Pasona Advisory Network is a service that enables speedy resolution of your company’s management issues by experienced executives and managers of listed companies who have extensive know-how and personal connections, as well as our registered advisors who have a high level of expertise in specific areas.

Compared to other services, excellent advisory human resources can be utilized at low cost and low risk.


For details, please contact the Pasona Advisor Network.

Case study

Seven Bank, Ltd., Shiro Co., Ltd., Nijibox Co., Ltd

Professional Talent Bank

The professional human resource bank is a service that allows professionals in all industries and fields to utilize their “experience, know-how” and “advanced expertise” for a period that suits your company.

If you wish, we can also discuss the scope of work, such as including actual operation.


It is free until the first consultation. Advisor dispatch starts from 98,000 yen per month with actual work support from once a month. The monthly fee will change depending on what kind of work you request.

Case study

A certain inspection equipment trading company, a certain used car sales company


Strengthen your sales organization by leveraging our Advisor Referral Service.
Advisory services are one of the most effective ways to solve corporate issues, and are an important factor for corporate growth.

Depending on the service, there are differences in fees, so choose an advisory referral service that suits your purpose and budget.



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