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[Haven’t you used it yet? ! ] 7 apps essential for telework, let’s solve telework issues!

Currently, due to work style reforms and the spread of new coronavirus infections, an increasing number of companies have adopted or are considering introducing a telework system.

In November 2020, the telework implementation rate for companies with more than 10,000 employees exceeded 45%.
(Quote: Persol Research Institute )

The introduction of telework can help employees balance their private lives and work and secure diverse human resources.

However, unlike going to the office, remote work can be said to have challenges such as the difficulty of managing attendance and labor and team communication.

When you come to work, it becomes difficult to hear what you could easily hear, it becomes difficult to grasp the progress of team members, and the decrease in team communication causes various adverse effects on work.

This time, we will introduce 7 recommended apps that are essential for telework to solve these problems.


  • 7 essential apps for telework
    • Zoom, a web conferencing tool
    • Smooth communication! Business chat “JANDI”
    • Attendance management is solved with this! “Job Can”
    • Trello for task management
    • “SmartHR” that can streamline personnel and labor affairs
    • “AmiVoice ScribeAssist” for creating minutes even at online meetings
  • summary

7 essential apps for telework

Web conferencing tool ” Zoom

Video conferencing and messaging made easy on any device. Even with the free plan, you can use encryption, set operation permissions by role, passcode protection, waiting room, etc. to ensure a secure meeting space.
For communication between teams, the free basic plan is sufficient.


  • HD video and high quality audio
  • Make meetings more fun with filters, reactions, polls, music and video sharing
  • Meetings can be recorded locally or in the cloud
  • Chat function


  • Basic plan: Free
  • Pro: Great for small teams, ¥2,000 /month/license
  • Business: SME ¥2,700 /month/license
  • ZOOM UNITED Business: ¥4,710 /month/license

Smooth communication! Business chat “JANDI”

It is a cloud communication tool that realizes improvement of employee engagement that makes it feel as if colleagues who are active in various places such as each office, on the go, and at home are working together in the same place.
Eliminate the need for emails, easily communicate, share files, and see feedback.


  • You can try the enterprise plan free for up to 60 days
  • Requirements you want to discuss can be executed immediately in “Chat” & “Topic”
  • On-screen pop-up notifications and mentions help reduce oversights


  • Free plan: Free
  • Premium plan: ¥400/month per user
  • Enterprise plan: ¥800/month per user

Attendance management is solved with this! “Job Can”

It is a cloud-based system that is easy to use because it is equipped with the functions necessary for attendance management work and has simple operability.


  • You can make detailed settings and operations for each type of work, such as variable work, flextime, and discretionary work, as well as for each department and employment type.
  • Only necessary functions can be freely combined and used


  • Free plan: Limited functionality
  • Paid plan: 200 yen/month per user for 1 function, 300 yen/month for 2 functions, 400 yen/month for 3 functions, 500 yen/month for 4 functions
  • Paid plans also have a 30-day free trial

Trello for task management

You can manage your project’s tasks by pasting them as ‘cards’ onto a board and moving them to the next board when completed. You can see the progress of not only yourself, but also members and the entire team, so you don’t have to spend time sorting out the situation.


  • Basic is free
  • Simple operability
  • ◎ Private use
  • Can be linked with other applications


  • Free: $0
  • Business Class: $9.99/user/month
  • Enterprise: Depends on number of users

“SmartHR” that can streamline personnel and labor affairs

In addition to making various labor procedures and documents paperless and efficient, you can centrally manage employee information and effectively utilize accumulated data.

In addition, by reducing the troublesome communication between employees and the person in charge, productivity of all workers can be expected to improve.


  • 15 days free trial available
  • Employees enter information directly, so stamps and paper are unnecessary
  • Centralized management of always up-to-date employee information
  • Labor procedures such as year-end tax adjustments and the issuance of online pay slips are also possible.
  • Ability to aggregate, visualize, and analyze personnel information


  • Inquiry required (depending on the number of registered employees)

“AmiVoice ScribeAssist” for creating minutes even at online meetings

A stand-alone application that supports online conferences and allows multiple terminals to be used.


  • It can be used in a wide range of face-to-face and non-face-to-face situations such as web conferences, business negotiations, and press conferences.
  • AI speaker identification function
  • Word registration function
  • There is no risk of information leakage because it is a stand-alone type that can perform voice recognition offline (not connected to the Internet).


  • Inquiry required


The disadvantages of telework can be solved by introducing these apps.
First, try the free trial or free app and realize comfortable telework



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