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How to make the most of the empty space? Introducing how to use it in the business scene!

In Japan, due to the declining population and the trend of the times, there are many cases where one room in real estate owned by oneself becomes a rental store or vacant space without being used.

As a way to make effective use of such space, businesses that utilize vacant space are attracting attention these days.

In this article, we will introduce how to utilize empty space and use cases.


  • Main use cases of empty space
    • Rental meeting room
    • party room
    • Shared office (coworking space)
    • Rental warehouse (trunk room)
  • summary

Main use cases of empty space

Space sharing is the main form of efficient use of empty space.

The following four types of representative examples of utilization of vacant space in owned properties.

  • Rental meeting room
  • party room
  • Shared office (coworking space)
  • Rental warehouse

I will explain in detail below.

Rental meeting room

Empty space utilization Case 1The most orthodox way to use empty space in the business scene is to rent a conference room.

Rental meeting rooms are a convenient service for companies that lack meeting rooms due to limited office space and an excessive number of employees, or companies that rely on remote work.

However, there are many other ways to use it besides using it as a conference room.

For example, you can hold a seminar in a medium- or large-sized rental conference room that can accommodate more than 50 people. Even a small conference room with a small capacity can be used as an interview venue.

When starting a rental meeting room service, prepare the facilities for meetings in advance. Let’s set up desks, chairs, whiteboards, markers, projectors, Wi-Fi, etc. according to the usage of the meeting room.

party room

Empty space utilization example (2)

The “party room” is often used by consumers for private purposes.

Home parties, photo studios, and exhibitions are typical uses. If you have a kitchen, you can not only have a party while enjoying cooking with your friends, but you can also use it as a cooking class.

Shared office (coworking space)

Empty space utilization example (3)

Shared offices, also known as coworking offices, are a service that has rapidly spread in recent years.
“We WORK” and “Business Airport” are typical examples of shared office (co-working space) services that are famous in Japan.

A shared office (co-working space) is not a single floor of a building that is reserved to set up a dedicated company space and use it as a base. It is a service to share and use.

This is a very useful service for business owners who are not large enough to have a private office, and for business owners who do not need a private office because remote work is the basics, but want to secure a workspace.

It has been attracting attention in recent years because of the abundance of opportunities for the creation of a business community.

When operating, be conscious of creating a convenient and comfortable space like a rental conference room.

Rental warehouse (trunk room)

Empty space utilization example ④

The empty space is also used as a rental warehouse (trunk room).

A large warehouse doesn’t have to be bare land, and some space can be rented out as a rental warehouse.

Also, even if you don’t have a large warehouse-scale building, you can rent out a room in the building you own as a rental space. It is also easier for customers to use because it is more reasonable than renting a large warehouse.

If you have items that do not fit in your closet or items that you want to keep temporarily, you can secure a new source of income by operating a service that you can easily use. Since there is no need to prepare equipment, it can be introduced more easily than other methods of utilizing free space.


In this article, we will discuss how to utilize the empty space.

Rent out your vacant space and make the most of your surplus real estate. A small investment can yield a lot of returns. However, there are many places that make good use of the empty space.

Before you start your business, do a thorough research on your competitors and the market.



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