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[If you don’t know, it’s a loss! ] 8 cloud services that can be used for telework

Due to the impact of the spread of infectious diseases and as part of work style reforms, the number of companies that have introduced telework has increased significantly.

However, there are also issues such as fewer opportunities for communication and information sharing between employees due to telework.

Cloud services such as communication services, management services, and cloud access services can solve these problems.

This time, we will introduce recommended cloud services that can be used for telework.

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Table of contents

  • Why you need cloud services for telework
  • Types of cloud services for telework
    • Remote Access Service/Tools
    • Communication tool
    • Labor management system
  • Recommended cloud remote access service
    • Remote On
    • Zoho Assist
    • Splashtop for CACHATTO Cloud Pack
  • Recommended cloud communication tools
    • Chatwork
    • Go Qme
    • V-CUBE meeting
  • Recommended cloud labor management system
    • personnel labor freee
    • office station
  • summary

Why you need cloud services for telework

The advantage of introducing a cloud service when introducing telework is that you do not need to introduce equipment.

A cloud service is a service that provides users with software and data, which they used to use on their own computers, via a network.

What the user prepares is a computer and web browser that can use the service on the Internet connection environment, personal computer, mobile phone, etc. on the network.

Cloud services are useful for telework because you can work anywhere.

Types of cloud services for telework

Remote Access Service/Tools

A remote access service is a service that connects an in-house network or personal computer with remote devices via a network.

You can use your own computer to work at home or on business trips.

Communication tool

Internal communication tools are tools for communicating and exchanging information between employees online.

In-house communication tools can share information more easily and quickly than conventional communication tools such as telephone and email.

Labor management system

A labor management system is a service that streamlines a wide range of labor-related operations, such as attendance management, payroll calculation, social insurance and welfare document preparation and submission to related organizations.

By introducing a labor management system, documents are managed on the system, so you can quickly search for the documents you want to see.

Recommended cloud remote access service

Remote On


  • Screen transfer method cloud remote access service
  • Prevents information leaks by prohibiting downloading or copying of files from the connected internal PC or internal file server to the connected PC.
  • Easy registration by installing the host (connection destination) and viewer (connection source) applications on each PC and registering a common license key and password.


  • Initial cost: ¥2,000 (excluding tax) per company
  • Usage fee: ¥7,200 per year (excluding tax) / 1 license

Zoho Assist


  • Free web-based remote support tool
  • System engineers have 24/7 access to remote computers for faster time-to-troubleshooting and superior service delivery


  • Remote Access
    Standard: ¥1,000 per technician/month (billed annually)
    Professional: ¥1,500 per technician/month (billed annually)
    Enterprise: ¥2,520 per technician/month (billed annually)
  • Unattended Access
    Standard: ¥1,000
    25 unattended computers/month (billed annually)
    Professional: ¥1,500
    25 unattended computers/month (billed annually)

Splashtop for CACHATTO Cloud Pack


  • Telework can be started “conveniently” and “safely” simply by reading a two-dimensional code with a smartphone.
  • Realize stress-free and efficient work in daily use with high-speed screen transfer
  • 30 days free trial available


  • Annual usage fee (including 10 users): ¥270,000 (excluding tax)
  • Additional user annual usage fee (per 10 users): ¥150,000 (excluding tax)

Recommended cloud communication tools



  • Business chat that has been introduced to more than 290,000 companies and makes communication necessary for work such as e-mail, telephone, meetings and visits more efficient.
  • Information can be shared smoothly not only for internal use but also for work involving external members
  • Provide safe information management at a security level that can be introduced by large companies and government agencies


  • Free: ¥0 per user
  • Personal: ¥400 per user
  • Business: ¥500 per user
  • Enterprise: ¥800 per user

Go Qme


  • Meetings and negotiations can be started immediately without login or user registration
  • Connect from up to 5 locations at the same time
  • There is a free plan that can be used for free


  • Free:¥0
  • Pro: ¥9,800

V-CUBE meeting


  • A cloud-based web conferencing service that has achieved the No. 1 share in the cloud market for web conferencing and video conferencing
  • Realizing comfortable web conferencing with HD compatible video, clear audio that is automatically adjusted, easy to connect, and many ingenuity to prevent interruptions
  • You can comfortably hold web conferences from your smartphone, tablet, or mobile device with the iOS/Android dedicated app.


  • Inquiry required

Recommended cloud labor management system

personnel labor freee


  • Based on employee information, cloud personnel and labor software that can perform attendance management, payroll calculation, year-end adjustment, joining and leaving procedures, etc.
  • Achieving safe operation with the latest security technology and a high-level system operation system
  • Free trial available


  • Minimum plan: From ¥1,980 (excluding tax)/month
  • Basic Plan: From ¥3,980 (excluding tax)/month
  • Professional Plan: From ¥8,080 (excluding tax)/month
  • Enterprise Plan: Inquire

office station


  • A platform for communication between employees and companies, and between companies and governments, for paperless and automated work that requires information collection from employees and administrative procedures
  • You can use all functions as an all-in-one, or you can use only the necessary functions as a la carte.
  • Labor management cloud sales No.1


  • Inquiry required


This time, we introduced a cloud service that is convenient for telework.

Please introduce it and realize a telework environment that is easier to work.



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