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Introducing 5 IT tools essential for telework! Notes on introduction

In recent years, due to the promotion of “work style reform”, an increasing number of companies are introducing telework.

However, telework requires various measures such as reviewing attendance management and labor management methods and improving the communication environment.

Therefore, this time, we will introduce the IT tools that are essential for telework and explain the points to note when introducing the tools. If you are worried about introducing telework, please refer to it.


  • What is telework?
    • What is telework?
  • Advantages and disadvantages of telework
    • merit
    • Demerit
  • 5 essential tools for telework!
    • In-house SNS
    • Web conferencing tool
    • Attendance management tool
    • Labor management tool
    • remote access tools
  • Points to note when introducing telework tools
    • Is it easy to operate?
    • Does it match your company?
    • Can it work with existing services?
  • Telework tool introduction case
    • Labor management tool “Personnel labor freee” -Farmship Co., Ltd. (specialized consulting)-
    • In-house SNS “Tocaro” – AIRDO Co., Ltd. –
    • Web conferencing tool “LiveOn” – Iris Ohyama Co., Ltd. (manufacturer) –
  • summary

What is telework?

What is telework?

Telework is a flexible way of working that is not bound by time or place.

Telework broadly refers to the following three.

  • working from home working
    from home
  • Mobile office
    Working outside the company’s office, such as on the move or at a client’s office
  • Satellite office
    Working in an office located away from the head office. Temporary use (e.g. rental office, spot office)

Advantages and disadvantages of telework


  • Leading to securing excellent human resources and continuation of employment
  • Reduce transportation and office maintenance costs
  • Reduce commute and travel time
  • Work efficiency can be improved
  • Work can continue even in the event of a natural disaster or the spread of an infectious disease


  • Difficult to manage attendance and labor
  • difficult to communicate
  • Increased security risks

5 essential tools for telework!

In-house SNS

In-house SNS is a SNS for business.
By introducing an in-house SNS, information sharing and communication between employees can be facilitated.

Compared to conventional e-mails and telephone calls, the advantages are that the process up to transmission is easier and that you can post more easily. In addition, since the posted information can be accumulated and searched, it does not take time to check the information.

Let’s introduce an in-house SNS and activate communication during telework.

Web conferencing tool

A web conferencing tool is a tool that allows face-to-face communication with a remote party using a PC or smartphone. Therefore, you can communicate regardless of time and place.

Web conferencing tools have functions that allow you to record and share materials (screens), so you will be able to perform better than face-to-face.

However, since the stability of communication is important, it is recommended not only to use it in a place with a good communication environment, but also to choose a web conferencing tool with high quality video and audio.

Attendance management tool

Attendance management tool is a tool that automatically calculates salary etc. based on record of attendance and absence time.

By introducing an attendance management tool for telework, it becomes easier to visualize the working conditions and productivity of invisible employees.

Labor management tool

in labor management

  • Working hours management
  • Enrollment management for social insurance and welfare programs
  • Labor Relations Management
  • Payroll management
  • Health and safety management

Labor management tools can automate these tasks.

In addition, since the labor management tool can centrally manage employee data, it is possible to prevent long working hours and overtime even in telework where it is difficult to grasp the labor situation of employees.

remote access tools

A remote access tool is a tool that allows you to access internal servers and systems from remote devices such as PCs and tablets.

Many remote access tools have security measures in place, so telework, which has a high risk of information leakage, can be done with peace of mind.

Points to note when introducing telework tools

Is it easy to operate?

One of the purposes of introducing tools is to improve operational efficiency.
Also, since many employees use it, it is important that it is easy to operate with any tool.

If the operation method or screen is complicated, or if the communication speed is slow, there is no point in introducing a tool. Especially in telework, it may be more difficult to consult and explain how to operate tools than face-to-face.

Therefore, use a demo to check the operation feeling before installation.

Does it match your company?

Whichever tool you choose to use, it’s important to choose the one that’s right for your company.

In order to choose a tool that matches your company, clarify the purpose of using the tool at your company. If you do not clarify, you may find it difficult to use because it does not match your company after introduction.

Clarify the purpose of introducing the tool and select the tool that matches your company.

Can it work with existing services?

Being able to link with your existing services is important for improving operational efficiency.

By linking with existing services, the work of posting information to the installed tool can be reduced.

Telework tool introduction case

Labor management tool “Personnel labor freee” -Farmship Co., Ltd. (specialized consulting)-

At Farmship Co., Ltd., which has offices in various places, it took a lot of time and effort to fill in insurance amounts and other items at the end of the year adjustment and to have employees correct any mistakes in the information entered.

However, after introducing the labor management tool “HR freee”, it became convenient because we could grasp the entry status in real time and make corrections while checking each other on the cloud.

In-house SNS “Tocaro” – AIRDO Co., Ltd. –

At AIRDO Co., Ltd., it was necessary to communicate between Sapporo and Tokyo, and there were only two means of communication in the past: email and telephone.

However, there were times when I could not send e-mails due to the size limit of files attached to e-mails, or I overlooked received e-mails.

Therefore, when we introduced the in-house SNS “Tocaro”, communication between Sapporo and Tokyo was smoother than conventional emails and telephones.
In addition, in the event of an emergency such as the Hokkaido Eastern Iburi Earthquake, it is now possible to immediately check the safety status of employees using “Tocaro”.

Web conferencing tool “LiveOn” – Iris Ohyama Co., Ltd. (manufacturer) –

Iris Ohyama Co., Ltd., which plans, manufactures, and sells daily necessities, had originally introduced a hardware video conference system.

However, in the course of video conferencing, there was a demand that “I want a more realistic feeling in the meeting.” ” was introduced.

With the introduction of “LiveOn”, we were able to realize meetings with a sense of realism, speeding up decision-making and information sharing. Also, during the Great East Japan Earthquake, “LiveOn” was very active as a tool for confirming safety and sharing information.


This time, I mainly explained from the tools necessary for telework to the points to note when introducing it.

Please refer to this article and introduce the tools necessary for telework.



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