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[2021 version] Security measures even for telework with log management!

With the spread of telework, many companies are worried about security and are promoting information leakage countermeasures.

According to the interim report of the “New Normal Telework and IT Supply Chain Security Survey” conducted by the Information-technology Promotion Agency (IPA) , about 50% of the respondents whose business partners are conducting telework I answered that I was worried about security measures.

An interim report on the "Fact-finding Survey on Telework and IT Supply Chain Security in the New Normal" conducted by the Information-technology Promotion Agency (IPA)

Quote: “Survey of Telework and IT Supply Chain Security in the New Normal”

Such security concerns in telework can be eliminated by log management.

This time, we will introduce an overview of log management, the necessity of log management in telework, selection points, and recommended log management systems.

Table of contents

  • What is log management?
    • Reasons why log management is necessary for telework
  • System selection points for log management in telework
    • On-premise or cloud version
  • Recommended log management system for telework
    • LOOOC
    • LogKeeper
    • A Log SMASH
  • summary

What is log management?

By log, I mean the “data history” of the system. Log management refers to collecting and managing data history.

Log management is the collection, monitoring, storage, and analysis of logs, which are records of operation details, usage status, and communication history on a personal computer.

Since you can record and manage not only the history of user operations and changes, but also the operational status of systems used for business and the occurrence of errors, you can quickly identify the cause when a problem occurs.

There are three log types:

Operation log

An operation log is a history of what kind of operations were performed on a computer or system.

Various operations such as browsing and editing files correspond to this, and it is possible to understand who performed what operation and when.

authentication log

Authentication logs are login histories that record who logged into a network or system and when.

In addition to computer and system logins, the login history to Internet sites is also recorded.

Since not only authenticated logs but also error logs remain, the possibility of unauthorized access can be discovered.

Event Log

Event logs record specific phenomena and actions that occur on the system in chronological order, but they basically record defects and errors.

Stable system operation can be achieved by collecting and managing event logs and clarifying the cause of errors.

Reasons why log management is necessary for telework

If you introduce log management for telework, you can accurately grasp the movements of employees during telework, reducing security risks such as information leaks.

Handling internal data outside the company during telework poses various risks such as information leaks and unauthorized copying of data.

If you manage employee logs during telework, you can check whether there are any unauthorized movements, erroneous file movements, or setting errors, even if you are away, so you can enhance your company’s security.

System selection points for log management in telework

On-premise or cloud version

There are two types of log management systems: on-premises and cloud.
When introducing log management for telework, the cloud version is recommended.

On-premise type

It is a format in which servers and network equipment are purchased or leased and installed and operated within the company.

Since it can be customized according to the internal environment, it is easy to link systems, but it is necessary to be careful because the fee is relatively high compared to the cloud type.

Cloud type

It is a format in which services can be used via the Internet.
The introduction cost is low, and it can be introduced as long as you have an internet environment and a computer.

With the cloud version, you can remotely manage personal computers as well as computers taken out of the office. Moreover, it can be easily installed without a server.

Recommended log management system for telework



  • Can be installed without an IT technician
  • Record 100% of keyboard input logs
  • Keep records of all applications such as various browsers, business applications, email/chat tools, and various SNS


  • ¥1,500~/month



  • Operation logs are stored for up to 5 years, and various operation logs can be searched during service provision.
  • Reduce operating costs from 800 yen/month per license
  • You can check the history of accessing web pages even at home


  • [Initial] registration fee ¥10,000
  • [Monthly] License fee ¥800~



  • With our own log conversion logic, detailed operation logs can be output and analyzed and converted.
  • Automatically collect logs and easily manage and search on a simple screen
  • If you set the operation you want to monitor in advance, the administrator will be notified when it is detected.


  • 1 server license ¥200,000


This time, we introduced a log management system that will help eliminate security concerns in telework.

How about using log management to strengthen your security posture?



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