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What is production control?

Production control refers to administrative work related to the production of products, and is an essential business that forms the basis of management in the manufacturing industry.

This time, we will introduce the outline of production management, the work content, the difficulty, the production management method, and the merits.


  • What is production control?
    • Why production control is necessary
  • Production control methods and benefits
    • production management system
    • Excel
  • Selection points for production control methods
    • Production process and number of people involved
  • Recommended production control system
    • Ship&co
    • Aladdin office
    • Future Stage
    • Production control cloud GEN
  • summary

What is production control?

Production management is an activity that comprehensively manages the entire manufacturing process, including production planning, material procurement, quality checks, and finished product management based on business plans and sales plans.

The main operations and roles of production management can be divided into the following six categories.

  1. Demand forecast
    Analyze market demand and forecast the products to be produced, the amount of production, and the time of production.
  2. Production planning
    Based on the sales plan and demand forecast, we organize information related to production activities such as raw materials, products, production volume, production time, and delivery date.
  3. Production execution We carry out
    production efficiently in cooperation with procurement and purchasing based on the production plan.
  4. Quality control
    We check the quality of products in production in detail to maintain and improve quality.
  5. Inventory management
    Appropriately manage inventories of raw materials, parts, and finished products.
  6. Process control
    Each process is checked in detail to ensure that production is progressing according to the production plan.

In this way, production management includes a wide range of operations.

Why production control is necessary

The reason why production management is necessary is to understand multiple indicators and improve profits.

Production activities involve a variety of operations, such as securing locations for manufacturing, procuring parts and materials, allocating employees, and manufacturing suitable for production plans.

And each business is accompanied by figures that affect profits, such as the number of production and the number of inventories.

Accurate and real-time understanding of multiple numbers and progress can reduce wasteful work, so that appropriate responses can be taken quickly.

If production activities proceed carelessly, it will not be possible to accurately grasp the number of production and inventory, resulting in overproduction or shortage.

In this way, production activities must be managed based on production planning.

Production control methods and benefits

production management system

A production management system is a system that manages and supports all operations related to production management, such as the creation of production plans and procurement plans, as well as quality control.

Real-time visualization of all production process information such as delivery dates, inventory, processes, quantities, and overall costs at the manufacturing site.

Advantages of introducing a production control system

The advantage of introducing a production management system is to achieve operational efficiency.

To increase sales, you need to streamline your operations.

Centralized management of production management operations such as production planning, sales management, purchasing management, etc., which has been done manually until now, greatly improves the efficiency of production management operations.

If you introduce a production management system, you will be able to manage complex production management because orders and inventory transactions will be converted into data and managed centrally.


You can manage production in Excel by using the Ganchart, which allows you to grasp the progress at a glance.

If you put subdivided processes on the vertical axis of Excel and set the period on the vertical axis, you can visualize the progress status with a bar graph.

Advantages of introducing Excel

Excel can be introduced cheaper than a production control system.

Many companies have introduced Microsoft Office products, including Excel, and the tools can be purchased at a low cost even for new introductions.

Selection points for production control methods

Production process and number of people involved

When choosing a production control method, clarify the number of production processes and the number of people involved.

If the production process is simple, Excel is suitable for low-cost production management.

However, Excel does not allow concurrent editing.
In production management, if one person is entering the number of deliveries or confirming the process, other people cannot edit it.

When using a production control system, even if the production process is complicated or there are many people, production control can be done smoothly without delay.

Recommended production control system



  • Japan’s first cloud-based shipping management system
  • Easy registration with email address and password
  • Multiple EC shops can be registered


  • Synchronize order information in real time
  • You can compare shipping costs
  • Issuing invoices with one click
  • Easy issuance of documents for overseas shipment
  • Automatic synchronization of tracking information


  • Pay-as-you-go plan: ¥30/item + tax
  • Monthly discount plan: ¥1,900/month 100 cases + tax
  • Volume plan: Inquiry required

Aladdin office


  • Sales management, inventory management, and production management system that has been introduced to more than 5,000 companies
  • In addition to standard functions such as sales management, order management, purchase management, order management, and payment management, it has a wide range of functions that correspond to various industries and business conditions.


  • Production plan input
  • Batch production order processing
  • Requirements calculation preparation process
  • Requirement calculation confirmation process
  • Planned inventory list
  • Planned inventory ledger
  • process instructions
  • Manufacturing instruction
  • Abundant functions such as order entry


  • Inquiry required

Future Stage


  • “Cloud-based solution” can be used in as little as 10 days
  • Flexible for customization and add-ons
  • Quick and low-budget system usage with “FastPack”


  • FutureStage cloud-based solution introduction 1 year pack: 2,040,000 yen ~

Production control cloud GEN


  • Functional and beautiful UI design
  • Supports production management using QR codes and barcodes
  • Not only can you grasp the cost of each item, but also accumulate the raw materials and labor costs for each order, and easily report the cost and profit for each order.


  • Inquiry required


This time, we introduced production management.

Production management is a wide and complex task.

Please implement a production management system to improve operational efficiency.



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