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About AI thermometer | Comparison of 3 products, usage examples, merits, etc.!

 AI thermometer

AI, which is used in many fields ( AI thermometer ), was also introduced in the field of thermometers.

With the spread of the new coronavirus, the opportunities to use thermometers have increased in various situations, but many people may not know what types of thermometers are available and what their advantages and disadvantages are.

In this article, we will thoroughly explain the AI ​​thermometer.

Table of Contents 

  • What is an AI thermometer?
  • Advantages of AI Thermometer
    • Contactless
    • Can be unmanned
    • Easy to install
    • Temperature can be measured quickly
  • Disadvantages of AI thermometers
    • Not everything is accurate
    • Costly
  • Introduction of AI Thermometer
    • Daiwa Tsushin Co., Ltd. AI Body Surface Temperature Detection System
    • Iris Ohyama AI Thermal Camera
    • SoftBank AI temperature detection solution “SenseThunder”
  • Use case of AI thermometer
  • Summary

What is an AI thermometer?

Compared to conventional thermometers, AI thermometers can measure the body temperature of many people without contact. AI-equipped thermometers are mainly used by companies for face recognition and security camera types.

Both types detect temperature throughout the image. The advantage of this method is that there is no need for alignment as long as it is visible in the camera image. However, it is not possible to grasp which part of which object the temperature is being measured.

For this reason, the AI ​​thermometer uses AI image recognition to identify people in the video. Then, the position of the forehead is identified from the person and the temperature distribution of the forehead is detected. Some models are equipped with AI that infers core body temperature from surface temperature and ambient temperature.

Advantages of AI Thermometer

The advantages of AI thermometers are as follows.

  1. Contactless
  2. Can be unmanned
  3. Easy to install
  4. Temperature can be measured quickly

I will explain each point in detail.


The AI ​​thermometer uses AI image recognition to identify a person in the video, identify the forehead, and detect the temperature distribution. In addition, depending on the model, the temperature of the human body can be calculated using an AI algorithm after detecting infrared heat radiation from the surface of the human body and performing “photoelectric conversion” with an infrared detector.

Therefore, the AI ​​thermometer can efficiently measure human body temperature without contact.

Since there is no direct contact with humans, it is possible to prevent the virus from spreading through the measuring instrument. It also saves you the trouble of disinfecting the measuring instruments after each use.

Can be unmanned

Once the AI ​​thermometer is installed, it will measure the body temperature with video, so no human intervention is required.

Therefore, it also helps reduce labor costs.

Easy to install

Most of the AI ​​thermometers currently on the market can be installed simply by placing them in a place where it is easy to measure the temperature after purchase and connecting the cord.

If the initial settings are properly performed, the temperature can be detected without complicated daily operations.

Temperature can be measured quickly

The AI ​​thermometer can detect temperature in about 1 second at the latest.

In addition, there are products that can detect the temperature of multiple people at the same time, so you can measure the temperature even more quickly.

Disadvantages of AI thermometers

The disadvantages of AI thermometers are the following two points.

  1. Not everything is accurate
  2. Costly

I will explain each point.

not everything is accurate

Even with an AI thermometer, the accuracy is not perfect.

Accuracy also changes depending on the location where it is installed, how many people will be temperature-measured at the same time, and which model it is. When purchasing, we recommend that you choose the one that best suits your needs.


AI thermometers have installation and maintenance costs.

Depending on the product, there are cases where only one of the installation cost and maintenance cost is required, but in the case of the installation cost, the minimum is 10,000 yen, and the highest is 100,000 yen or more.

Maintenance costs are often about 5,000 yen per month. Consider the cost carefully when purchasing.

Introduction of AI Thermometer

Here are three AI thermometers that have become a hot topic recently.

  1. Daiwa Tsushin Co., Ltd. AI Body Surface Temperature Detection System
  2. Iris Ohyama AI Thermal Camera
  3. SoftBank AI temperature detection solution “SenseThunder”

Daiwa Tsushin Co., Ltd. AI Body Surface Temperature Detection System

Daiwa Tsushin Co., Ltd.’s AI body surface temperature detection system passively absorbs the infrared rays of the target to be measured. Then, the infrared heat radiation from the surface of the human body is detected, and “photoelectric conversion” is performed with an infrared detector. Based on these, it is a mechanism that calculates the temperature of the human body using an AI algorithm.

Features of this model include vaccine passport check, mask detection, security camera function, and attendance management function.

The Vaccine Passport Check enables confirmation of vaccination and identity verification by face authentication by holding the “Vaccine Passport” over the terminal.

The function of mask detection gives an audible warning to those who are not wearing masks.

The security camera function has a live view function, so it can be used as a security camera at store entrances by connecting a recorder.

The attendance management function can be used by linking with the attendance management application. Let’s use it for small and medium-sized access control and reduction of attendance management cost.

Iris Ohyama AI Thermal Camera

Iris Ohyama’s AI thermal camera is specialized for measuring the surface temperature of the human body, and is capable of highly accurate temperature measurement at ±0.3 degrees.

Features include the ability to detect temperature in as little as 0.2 seconds, and the ability to measure temperature and authenticate individuals at the same time.

Personal authentication is excellent with a high face recognition accuracy of 99% or more. Although it is possible to measure the temperature of unregistered users only, we recommend registering users when installing this product.

SoftBank AI temperature detection solution “SenseThunder”

SoftBank’s AI temperature detection solution “SenseThunder” is a combination of “original face recognition device” and “thermography camera” that utilizes AI to simultaneously perform personal authentication and temperature measurement in just 0.5 seconds. identify people in real time

One of the features of this model is that it can be used in cooperation with other systems that utilize the results of face recognition.

By performing face recognition, it is possible to check attendance, reception, enter/exit the gate, and unlock the electric key at the same time as measuring the temperature. It is also possible to manage temperature data.

Use case of AI thermometer

We will introduce the “SenseThunder-E”, the top model of “SenseThunder” delivered to Tokyo Dome.

Thanks to optimized algorithms, this model enables speedy measurements even while wearing a mask or glasses. Depending on the purpose, this model can be used to manage temperature by linking individuals to it, or to detect only unspecified number of temperatures.

The installation at the Tokyo Dome was only for temperature detection, and no personal information or image data of visitors was acquired. In this way, you can choose how to use it depending on the application. However, depending on the environment of the installation site, it may not be possible to measure according to the theoretical value, so it seems that they carefully considered where to install it in the case of Tokyo Dome.

In addition, since it is not a thermometer stipulated by the Medical Products and Medical Devices Act, it cannot be used for medical examinations.Summary

AI has also been introduced to the thermometer, making it possible to measure temperature quickly without contact.

In particular, due to the epidemic of the new corona, temperature is now being measured in various places such as companies and restaurants. Along with this, products with various functions are being released one after another.



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