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Introducing a system that solves telework issues! selection point!

There are many companies that feel that there are issues in teleworking.

According to the “Fact-finding Survey on Telework Labor Management (Preliminary Report)” conducted by Mitsubishi UFJ Research & Consulting
, most companies felt that there were issues with telework (work from home).


  • A system that allows communication via telework
    • Chatwork
    • FieldPlus
    • Go Qme
  • A system that can go paperless with telework
    • GigaCCASP
    • eTra COLLABO
  • System selection points for telework
    • On-premise or cloud
  • summary

A system that allows communication via telework

The most common issue that companies face in teleworking is “difficult to communicate” after “the work that can be done is limited”.

The service that solves such problems is an internal communication tool.

Internal communication tools are tools for communicating and exchanging information between employees online.

In-house communication tools can share information more easily and quickly than conventional communication tools such as telephone and email.



  • Business chat that has been introduced to more than 290,000 companies and makes communication necessary for work such as email, telephone, meetings, and visits more efficient.
  • Information can be shared smoothly not only for internal use but also for work involving external members
  • Provide safe information management at a security level that can be introduced by large companies and government agencies


  • Free: ¥0 per user
  • Personal: ¥400 per user
  • Business: ¥500 per user
  • Enterprise: ¥800 per user



  • A cloud-based business report system that allows business reports to be submitted from smartphones and tablet devices
  • Since administrators can freely create templates according to their work, it can be used in a wide range of ways, from business negotiation reports and progress reports to telework daily reports.
  • Initial cost is 0 yen, 1 ID can be started from 500 yen without preparing a dedicated server or terminal


  • License usage fee: 500 yen + tax/month per user
  • Server usage fee: 5,000 yen + tax/month up to 1 GB of disk space

Go Qme


  • Meetings and negotiations can be started immediately without login or user registration
  • Connect from up to 5 locations at the same time
  • There is a free plan that can be used for free


  • Free:¥0
  • Pro: ¥9,800

A system that can go paperless with telework

The third most common issue faced by telework companies is that paper documents and materials are not digitized.

The service that solves such problems is an online storage service.

An online storage service is a service that stores files on the Internet and aggregates data in one place.

Storage allows you to keep your data on the Internet and share it with other employees.



  • File transfer and sharing service between companies that can transfer large amounts of data at ultra-high speed
  • Capable of responding to a wide range of requests, from small start to large-scale operation
  • Enables secure file sharing outside the company through flexible access rights management, transfer of authority for large-scale operations, retention period settings in mobile apps, and terminal restrictions.


  • Standard plan: 1GB/10ID ¥12,000
  • Advanced Plan: 1GB/10ID ¥12,000
  • Premium Plan: 1GB/10ID ¥12,00



  • Intuitive operation allows a wide range of users within the company and business partners to use
  • File sharing + folder chat functions not only share documents and information, but also activate communication
  • The auto-delete function automatically detects and deletes unnecessary files, so you can make the most of your available space.


  • On -premise version
    License: ¥2,000,000/server
    Installation setup: ¥500,000/server
    Annual support: ¥400,000/server/year
  • Cloud version
    32,000 yen/month + disk usage fee

System selection points for telework

On-premise or cloud

Most systems come in two flavors: on-premises and cloud.
The cloud version is recommended when introducing a new system for telework.

・On-premise type

It is a format in which servers and network equipment are purchased or leased and installed and operated within the company.

Since it can be customized according to the internal environment, it is easy to link systems, but it is necessary to be careful because the fee is relatively high compared to the cloud type.

・Cloud type

It is a format in which services can be used via the Internet.
The introduction cost is low, and it can be introduced as long as you have an internet environment and a computer.

With the cloud version, you can remotely manage personal computers as well as computers taken out of the office. Moreover, it can be easily introduced because it does not require a server.


This time, we introduced typical issues in telework and systems to solve them.

Please introduce it and realize a telework environment that is easier to work.



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