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Digital twins[2022] ! Streamlines facility management through visualization using digital twins and xR technology!

digital twins

In September, Hitachi Solutions Co., Ltd. which reproduces buildings and facilities in the real world in a virtual space with digital twins and visualizes the work status of maintenance and management of buildings and facilities with xR* technology. Sales started on the 30th.

Digital twins

The xR total solution for cities and buildings utilizes maps, BIM of buildings and facilities, point cloud data, etc., and it is possible to build a digital twin that is linked to the spatial information of the real world in the virtual space(digital twins).

As a result, companies can manage buildings, equipment, the positions and behaviors of people and objects with digital twins, and simulate equipment maintenance and management work in advance in virtual space to prevent on-site mistakes and failures. In addition to suppressing the occurrence, you can improve work efficiency.

In addition, virtual objects can be visualized in the digital twin using xR technology, and sharing among multiple users and display control for each user are possible. can give instructions. In the event of a failure, it is also possible to send warning alerts to other workers and prevent the spread of industrial accidents.

*XR technology refers to VR (Virtual Reality) that allows you to experience an artificially created virtual space, AR (Augmented Reality) that adds information to the real environment to extend the real world, and fusion of the real world and the virtual world. A general term for technologies such as mixed reality MR (Mixed Reality)

Objects placed in the virtual space can be arranged(digital twins), moved, deleted, and resized by the user with simple operations such as drag and drop

Development background

The background to the provision of this solution is that due to the progress of 5G and IoT, attention is being focused on digital twins that reproduce cities, social infrastructure, facilities in buildings, etc. in virtual space. With digital twins, it is possible to improve work efficiency and save labor by visualizing various information in the real space and using it for guidance and equipment inspection. However, in order to reproduce the real space in a virtual space and use it for business, it is necessary to construct a virtual space using indoor and outdoor maps, point clouds, BIM, etc.

High technical ability and system construction ability such as visualization and cooperation with external systems are required. Therefore, we decided to start selling “xR total solution for cities and buildings” by utilizing the experience and know-how in the spatial information and image recognition fields that we have cultivated so far.

As an example of actual business application, the image of utilization in pipe repair work is as follows.

  1. Route guidance can be superimposed on the real space to guide workers to the target pipe to be repaired.
  2. In addition to visible pipes(, you can accurately find the pipes to be repaired in walls and underground pipes.
  3. In virtual space, it is possible to display substances and directions flowing through pipes, and simulate the impact on the surroundings when pipes are closed before repair.
  4. When the pipe is actually closed, it can be confirmed in real time in the digital twin of the virtual space that the pipe flow has stopped, saving the trouble of confirming safety.
  5. By inputting the work status by the worker, it is possible for the manager and other workers to remotely grasp the work status in real time. The manager can quickly issue instructions according to the work situation.
  6. In the unlikely event of a failure, the location of the trouble can be displayed in a timely manner in virtual space, and warning alerts can be sent to administrators and nearby workers to prevent danger from spreading to other workers. I can.


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