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What is crowdfunding?

  • I want to obtain working capital through crowdfunding because my income has decreased due to the corona crisis
  • I want to increase the number of shop fans through crowdfunding

Isn’t there a lot of restaurants that think?

In this article, we will not only introduce carefully selected crowdfunding sites for restaurants, but also thoroughly explain the success stories and benefits of crowdfunding .


  • What is crowdfunding?
  • [Restaurant] Why crowdfunding is necessary
    • Profit deterioration due to the impact of COVID-19
  • Advantages of crowdfunding
    • Financing even small businesses
    • increase the number of fans
    • Useful for marketing and management
  • [Restaurant] 2 Successful Cases of Crowdfunding
    • Sincere BLUE
    • roast horse
  • [Restaurant] Points for crowdfunding success
    • Express your thoughts on the project in your own words
    • insert an image or video
    • prepare the return
  • [Restaurant] Selection points for crowdfunding sites
    • Popularity
    • commission
    • payment method
  • [Start for free] 5 crowdfunding sites
    • Ready for
    • Makuake
    • Kibidango
  • summary

What is crowdfunding?

Crowdfunding is a mechanism to send out your dreams and thoughts to the world through the Internet and collect funds little by little from people who want to support your activities .

The image of “crowdfunding = fundraising” is common, but it is also possible to build a medium- to long-term relationship with customers (fanning).

[Restaurant] Why crowdfunding is necessary

Profit deterioration due to the impact of COVID-19

Currently, restaurants are being asked to shorten business hours due to the new coronavirus, so earnings are deteriorating. In addition, it is a very difficult situation because the subsidies from the national and local governments alone are insufficient.

By raising funds through crowdfunding, you can cover the deterioration in earnings due to the new coronavirus.

Furthermore, if you become a fan of the store, there is a possibility that supporters will spread information about the store through SNS and word of mouth. As a result, recognition of the store will increase, and an increase in revenue can be expected.

Advantages of crowdfunding

Financing even small businesses

Backers tend to decide whether or not to support based on the attractiveness of the project rather than the name recognition of the company, so not only large companies but also small stores can raise funds.

The biggest advantage is that anyone can have a chance if it is a project with enthusiasm and planning.

increase the number of fans

Crowdfunding is also effective as a means of attracting customers, because by posting a project, an unspecified number of people will know the name and concept of the store.

In addition, if project supporters become fans or repeaters, you can expect an increase in revenue.

Useful for marketing and management

Crowdfunding allows you to communicate with supporters, so you can receive their opinions and needs, which will be useful for future menu development and service improvement.

Crowdfunding also allows us to verify whether there are new business needs in the world. If the project attracts a lot of support, there is a need.

[Restaurant] 2 Successful Cases of Crowdfunding

Sincere BLUE

It is a difficult-to-reserve restaurant with a Michelin star that has raised more than 15 million yen and has 860 supporters.
Crowdfunding page (now closed)

Reason for success: Unique store concept

The unusual concept of “you can eat as much star quality food as you want and is environmentally friendly” has attracted a lot of attention.

Another reason for the success is that there were benefits such as being able to participate in limited events at the store and order limited menus by supporting them.

The success of the project was achieved not only by soliciting support funds, but also by providing supporters with experience value that can only be obtained at Sincere BLUE.

Reason for success: The quality of the posted images is high

One of the reasons for its success is that it includes not only text but also images to keep readers from getting bored.

While there are shops that are satisfied with just posting images and videos, Sincere BLUE has succeeded in differentiating themselves from other companies because they are particular about image quality.

roast horse

This is a complete membership-only horse meat specialty store in Hiroo, Tokyo.

5,550,000 yen was collected, far exceeding the target amount of 3,000,000 yen, and the number of supporters reached 506.
Crowdfunding page (now closed)

Reason for success: Attractive returns

Since there was a condition that supporters could become members of Roast Horse, the premium feeling that only members could eat exquisite horse meat in “our own space” won the hearts of many people.

In addition, there are three courses for return, and the most popular course was the all-you-can-eat and drink course for 6500 yen for one year from the start of business.

Providing attractive returns to backers like this is often overlooked, but it is very important for the success of crowdfunding.

[Restaurant] Points for crowdfunding success

Express your thoughts on the project in your own words

In crowdfunding, it is important to get people to sympathize with the project. To do that, you need to express your feelings about the project in your own words.

If you want money, want to be famous, etc., you will soon be able to see through the content that only thinks about your own profit.

First, think about the roots of your thoughts, such as, “What do you want to achieve? What kind of good trend do you want to create in the world?”

insert an image or video

Include images and videos because it is difficult to convey your thoughts on the project with text alone, and readers will get bored halfway through and will not read to the end.

In addition to posting images and videos, if you are particular about quality, there is a high possibility that many people will see your project.

prepare the return

Return is to thank the supporters who invested.

In addition to soliciting support money, sending goods and gift certificates will increase the supporters’ desire to continue supporting this store, so prepare a return.
Examples of rewards: discount coupons, goods, projects, and local specialties

[Restaurant] Selection points for crowdfunding sites


The more popular the crowdfunding site, the more people will see the project and the easier it will be for supporters to gather, so choose a well-known site as much as possible.

In crowdfunding, the enthusiasm and attractiveness of the project determines whether a lot of support can be collected, but if the site used is not well known, the success rate of even an attractive project will decrease.


Most crowdfunding sites require you to pay a fee once your project is successful.

The commission is different for each site, about 5% for cheap sites, but you have to pay about 20% for expensive sites.

Before using a crowdfunding site, compare the fees of each site.

payment method

Let’s check whether it supports QR code payment as well as credit card payment.

If you give up support because you don’t have a payment method that can be paid, don’t have a credit card, or aren’t familiar with smartphones or computers, you will miss the opportunity to raise funds.

The more payment methods you have, the more likely you will be able to collect more support, so be sure to check in advance.

[Start for free] 5 crowdfunding sites

Ready for

It is a crowdfunding site with full support built by analyzing the trends of successful projects from over 14,000 achievements and gathering knowledge.
Don’t worry if you need your funds now because you will receive your support earlier than the normal deposit schedule.


  • The industry’s lowest level fee 7% + settlement fee 5% total 12%
  • No cost to post your project
  • Screening before posting the project


  • Project listing fee: Free
  • Simple plan: 7% fee, separate payment fee 5% (12% + tax)
    * See the official website for other plans


Crowdfunding is the No. 1 site in Japan for the number of successful annual support.
If the project fails, no fees will be charged, so anyone can post with confidence.


  • Can be published as soon as the project is created
  • In addition to credit card payments, various payment methods such as convenience stores, bank transfers, and carrier payments are supported.
  • Short period of time until funds transfer


  • Project listing fee: Free
  • 12% commission + 5% settlement fee (for gourmet and food genres)


It is a crowdfunding site where you can research the needs of the target as well as post the project.
Since the project will be posted on more than 5,000 media, it will also lead to attracting customers.


  • Understand the attributes of supporters (age/gender/place of residence/occupation)
  • Overwhelming PR power with over 5,000 media publications
  • Can be displayed in the permanent space of the Isetan Shinjuku store during the project (* subject to screening)


  • Project consultation and publication fee: Free
  • Fee: 20% of the collected amount (including 5% settlement fee)


It is the only global crowdfunding site in Japan that posts only challenges that have passed a rigorous screening.
Challenges will be posted in English and other languages, so people around the world can recognize your company’s challenges.


  • Funds can be raised from all over the world by adopting safe and secure PayPal payment, which is used by more than 200 million people worldwide.
  • You can sell the products completed in the challenge all over the world on the cross-border EC “ALEXCIOUS”
  • After completing the challenge, you can make a speed deposit in the shortest possible time.


Posting fee for the challenge: Free
*See official website for fee details


A crowdfunding site with an amazing project success rate of 80% (industry average 40%).
The staff who support the project have 10 to 20 years of experience in various fields such as designers and project managers, so they can provide detailed support and advice.


  • 80% project success rate (industry average 40%)
  • 10% of the cheapest fee in Japan
  • Advisor Certification from Kickstarter


  • Project listing fee: Free
  • Fee: 10% of the collected amount (14% when using Rakuten Pay)


This time, we introduced the benefits of crowdfunding, success stories, and recommended crowdfunding sites.

The key to success is to have a clear purpose for using crowdfunding, rather than just going with the flow and getting started. First of all, it is a good idea to organize what you want to achieve with crowdfunding.



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