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9 movies with AI as the theme|Carefully introduce AI movies recommended by the editorial department!

AI ( artificial intelligence ) has made great progress in the last few years, and at the same time, the existence of “AI” has come to attract a great deal of attention in the world.

Did you know that there are a number of movies on the theme of such attention-grabbing “AI”?

AI-themed movies often depict AI in the near future, so they are all interesting works that make you feel fear and excitement about AI.

Therefore, this time, we will introduce “7 recommended movies about AI” carefully selected by the AINOW editorial department.

Also, in the second half of this article, I will introduce movies where AI is the scriptwriter and even consider whether a future like AI movies will be realized, so please read to the end.

Table of Contents

  • Have fun learning AI! 9 Recommended AI Movies
    • A movie that makes you think deeply about AI
    • AI action movies
  • There is a movie with AI as the scriptwriter! ?
    • Zone Out
    • Sunspring
  • summary

Have fun learning AI! 9 Recommended AI Movies

Without further ado, I would like to introduce carefully selected “AI movies” to get everyone interested in AI.

The 9 films featured in this article are:

  1. AI
  2. Automata
  3. Ex Machina
  4. her/the only girlfriend in the world
  5. AI collapse
  6. eye, robot
  7. Chappie
  8. terminator
  9. upgrade

This time, we will introduce the above nine movies by dividing them into two categories: “movies that make you think deeply about AI” and “AI-related action movies that are easy to enjoy as entertainment”.

A movie that makes you think deeply about AI

From here on, we will introduce movies that deal with the challenges and problems in the future coexistence of AI and humans.

The four AI movies introduced below are movies that will make you think about “What will happen to AI in the future?”

Some of these movies may inspire you.


Source: Amazon.co.jp: Watch AI (Dubbed) | Prime Video

AI is an American science fiction film directed by Steven Spielberg in 2001.

▼ Synopsis of “AI”

In the near future, a boy-type robot “David” who has the same affection as humans will be developed while human beings live while observing the restrictions imposed by global warming.
David is sent to Henry and his wife Monica, the employee who developed him, and is programmed to love Monica like his own mother forever and begins to live with them. However, one day he is abandoned in the forest due to a sudden accident.David embarks on a journey to find Monica while gathering friends to get back to Monica and love him again. Will I be able to make Monica love me again?

It is a work that makes you feel excited and at the same time makes you want to support David as you unknowingly empathize with the robot.

▼ Impressions of people who saw “AI”

It’s been a long time since I’ve met a Dostrike movie! ︎

From the AI’s point of view, I thought it was “sad, sad…”, but it’s scary that AI can be so emotional… I also understand the feelings of humans who were chasing AI.

② Automata

Automata is a 2014 Spanish-Bulgarian sci-fi action film.

▼ Synopsis of “Automata”

In the year 2044, on a planet where desertification is progressing and the survival of mankind is becoming more and more serious, the humanoid robot “Automata” is developed by ROC.
They were built to support humans living in harsh environments and to be able to control robots within the scope of human comprehension, and were equipped with two control protocols.The first protocol is “do no harm to living things”, and the second protocol is “do not repair or remodel robots themselves”.

However, one day he discovers an automata that has been modified by Jack, an insurance investigator, and Jack and the people around him are caught up in the midst of the Singularity era and face various conflicts and problems.

Finally, Jack tries to make a living with the robot, but how does it end…

This work is a story that makes you think deeply about the coexistence of robots and humans.

▼ Impressions of those who watched “Automata”

Exceeded expectations.
There are no big ups and downs, and even if it is a robot, the near future, the decadent, the greedy stupidity of people, etc., even if it is an ordinary setting, the method of fascination is meticulous.

The sound effects, including the inserted songs, are well used, and the lingering sound of the ending, and the main character, Banderas, are very human.

For those who like the Blade Runner lineage.

Reference: https://filmmarks.com/movies/58572?page=3

③ Ex Machina

Ex Machina is a 2015 British science fiction thriller film.

▼ Synopsis of “Ex Machina”

A 26-year-old young man, Caleb, who works as a programmer at the famous search engine Blue Book, wins a lottery one day and gets the right to visit the president Nathan’s house.
However, Caleb visited an experimental facility where President Nathan quietly researched AI. There, Caleb is entrusted with verification research on an AI that is currently being produced by the president, and meets a robot “Eva” that has the appearance and personality of a real woman.Caleb is drawn into Eva’s charm and falls in love while repeating demonstration experiments with Eva over and over again.

However, one day, Caleb’s completed AI was destroyed by President Nathan, and Eva also learned that it was the target, and planned an escape with Eva, but President Nathan stood in the way of the two.

It is a work that you can not take your eyes off whether the two can succeed in escaping together and become lovers.

▼ Impressions of those who saw “Ex Machina”

A sophisticated movie.
both art and music.

The people around you may also be AI.

2nd viewing

Reference: https://filmmarks.com/movies/60293?page=2

④ her/The only girlfriend in the world

Her is a sci-fi romance movie released in the United States in 2013.

▼Synopsis of “her/One Girl in the World”

In the not-so-distant future, science and technology have advanced and people have enjoyed a convenient life.
Meanwhile, there was a man who was pessimistic about being forced to divorce his beloved wife, Catherine. His name is Theodore and he works as a substitute writer.One day, he obtains an artificial intelligence type OS Samantha to relieve the pain in his heart. Theodore is gradually attracted to Samantha, who understands him like a real human being.

Samantha herself begins to feel jealous of Theodore telling other women, and realizes that she is in love with Theodore.

However, Theodore’s relationship with Samantha begins to fall apart due to the divorce issue with his wife.

Finally, it is a work that attracts attention whether an artificial intelligence type OS and a human being can become a romantic relationship beyond the framework of reality and virtuality.

▼ Impressions of those who watched “her/The world’s only girlfriend”

It was my second viewing, but I was able to understand that the content of the conversation and the meaning of the letters in the first half were connected to the second half, and I enjoyed it even more. The ups and downs of emotions that can be conveyed just by Scarlett Johansson’s lines are amazing. The casting was good, and the scene where Joaquin Phoenix’s face was shot with a hand-held camera, coupled with the lighting, was drawn into the screen.

⑤ AI collapse

“AI Collapse” is a Japanese sci-fi/panic movie released nationwide on January 31, 2020. Previously, AINOW was also interviewed here .
>>Director Irie’s thoughts on the movie “AI Collapse” depicting Japan in 2030 where AI has permeated

▼ Synopsis of “AI Collapse”

2030, Japan. Praised for his achievements in developing a medical AI that manages the personal information and health of citizens, the developer man returns home with his daughter from overseas where he emigrated.
However, AI goes out of control right after that. Select unnecessary citizens and start killing. While the police conclude that it was a terrorist act by the developer, he escapes and tries to find out the truth.

▼ Impressions of people who watched “AI Collapse”

The design of the AI ​​”Nozomi” sitting in a server room-like place is cool. Feeling like a fusion of rose-like flower petals and conch shells. I was conscious of “Godzilla vs Biollante” and thought so.

I was really relieved that Nanako Matsushima, who played the role of the dead wife “Nozomi”, didn’t fade. smile

Enjoying the convenience of AI and the coexistence of immeasurable fear. The pointillism from the point of view of the surveillance camera is quite different and interesting.

Reference: https://filmmarks.com/movies/82229/reviews/122562748

AI action movies

Next, we will introduce AI action movies for those who are not interested in AI at all and those who want to learn about AI in a fun way.

⑥ Eye, Robot

Amazon | Eye, Robot [DVD] | Movie

Source: Amazon | Ai, Robot [DVD] | Movie

I, Robot is an American film released on July 16, 2004, distributed by 20th Century Fox.

▼ Synopsis of “I, Robot”

2035, Chicago. Household robots have become widespread in the city and have become an essential part of human life.
One day, Dr. Alfred Lanning, a leading robotics engineer working for the giant company US Robotics, dies mysteriously.Detective Dell Spooner of the Chicago Police Department, who hates robots, looks suspiciously at the NS-5 type robot “Sunny” developed by Dr.

Dr. Susan Calvin, a robot psychologist at US Robotics, who is cooperating with the investigation, argues that robots can never harm humans because of the “three principles”.

▼ Impressions of people who watched “I, Robot”

I like Will Smith, so I guess it was just generally interesting~ You can
watch it without thinking too much, so it’s recommended when you want to watch something quick

⑦ Chappie

Chappie is an American science fiction action film released in 2015.

▼ Synopsis of “Chappie”

2016, Johannesburg. Born in a crime-ridden city, the AI-equipped robot Chappie was in a child-like state, but grew rapidly and burned a lifespan of only 5 days.
He begins to like people, learns strength and death, and begins to desire to live.

▼ Impressions of those who watched “Chappie”

I don’t like the near future, science fiction, or robots, so I almost never watch them, but this one was good. The ending is deeply connected with the scene where Mommy, who understands Chappie from the beginning, reads the book. Ninja, tension, shuriken, and Japan appear here and there, and the tension rises.

Reference: https://filmmarks.com/movies/60187?page=2

⑧ Terminator

“Terminator” is a 1984 American sci-fi horror/action movie, and is a very popular work with a total of 6 series.

▼ Synopsis of “Terminator”

An endless battle between humans and machines unfolding in the future. The machine army sends a cold-blooded killer Terminator to Los Angeles in 1984 in order to erase John Connor, the leader of mankind, from history.
The purpose is to kill Sarah Connor, who will eventually give birth to John. One day, a murder machine dressed in black appears in front of Sara, an ordinary female student.But then a man appears to protect her. The man’s name is Kyle Reese. He was a warrior from the future, ordered by John Connor.

▼ Impressions of those who watched “Terminator”

A greedy movie packed with action, sci-fi and romance elements. After all, America in this era has a very cool atmosphere, so it’s interesting to just stare at it. There are some parts that I think are a little bit in terms of video technology, but it’s worth watching. A thrilling movie.

⑨ UpgradeSource: Amazon | Upgrade [DVD] | Movie

Upgrade is a 2018 American cyberpunk science fiction action film.

▼ Synopsis of “Upgrade”

A mysterious organization suddenly attacks a man who lives peacefully with his wife. His wife is killed and she herself becomes paralyzed.
However, when a scientist from a giant company implants an AI chip into his body, he overcomes paralysis and gains amazing physical abilities. While talking to the AI ​​in his brain and receiving assistance, he throws himself into revenge against a mysterious organization.

▼ Impressions of those who watched “Upgrade”

It was interesting~ The
action is special and exhilarating, and I also like the story.
It’s nice to feel that the bad premonition I felt at the beginning was right!

There is a movie with AI as the scriptwriter! ?

So far, we have introduced movies with AI as the theme, but do you know that there is a movie in which AI is the scriptwriter ?

The next two movies are famous for being made by AI.

If you are interested in AI movies after watching the AI-themed movie I introduced earlier, we recommend checking out the “Movies made by AI” below.

Zone Out

Zone Out is an old film and a movie shot against a green screen. Produced in 48 hours.

The technology that exchanges faces with AI is used, making it a movie that seems to eliminate the church line between the real world and the fake world.


Sunspring is the world’s first sci-fi short movie scripted by AI. I didn’t write the movie script from scratch, but I let him learn past movie works and write the script.

It seems that there was an unnatural phrase in it, but it was made into a movie without modifying it. There is a song sung by a woman in the work, but the lyrics were also written by AI.


Among the movies dealing with AI, there are many movies that use AI-equipped robots and chips.

Many of the movies are popular, and with the recent development of technology, more and more people are interested in movies with AI as the theme.

Also, in AI (robot) action movies, there are many battle scenes where robots/AI and humans fight, which is very exciting to watch.

In recent years, in addition to using AI as a theme, works that have AI write scripts have also become a hot topic.



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