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What is the VR development environment? Introducing 4 details of what you need and 5 interesting learning methods!

What is VR?

Some people may feel that “VR”, which creates a virtual space similar to reality, has recently been seen on television and in shopping malls.


For those who are not yet familiar with VR, the first thing that comes to mind is its use in games, etc., but it can also be applied to business, and of course, VR is starting to be used in business in Japan as well.


In this article, we will introduce the development environment required to incorporate VR into your business.

Technology still under development

Although it is beginning to be used, VR technology is still developing.VR users tend to demand CG-like high-definition images from services, but it is currently difficult to meet such demands with current technology.


The performance of the device itself has been improved with each model change, so it is possible to improve it in the future, but how much it can meet the demand in actual use will determine how practical it can be. There is also a need to know what

Four things necessary for building a VR development environment

There are many people who want to actually use VR and are interested, but do not know the skills to develop content or the necessary development environment.

Even those people can develop VR without any skills or knowledge if they have software called Unity.


As I mentioned earlier, the technology is still in the development stage, so it will be a big opportunity for new entrants.

VR development environment 1: PC specs

The first thing you need in a VR development environment is a computer.Since it will be a special image, it is preferable to have a somewhat high spec.


You will need a Core 17 level CPU and at least 16GB of memory. It is desirable to have 32 GB of free space if you have room.


Also, it is better to secure 240GB to 480GB of free space on the C drive and introduce an SSD rather than an HDD for storage. Furthermore, image processing requires a high-spec GPU such as GeForce.


Although it is possible to do other than the above, there is a possibility that the processing will not proceed normally because the load is higher than that of normal data processing.

If you choose a VR-compatible PC, you can rest assured

Don’t worry if you don’t know much about computer models and performance.


Recently, PCs recommended for handling VR such as “VR compatible” and “VR READY” are also on sale.In that case, either of the above characters is written, so you can devote yourself to development with confidence.

VR Development Environment 2: Software

Once you have your computer ready, let’s get the software you need for VR development.


The software that is mainly used is “Unity” and “Unreal Engine”.Each has its own characteristics and will be explained.


If you are a beginner, start with commonly used software and incorporate it into your development environment. If it is software that is commonly used, it will be a shortcut because there are many explanations and usage sites.

Unity that can be used even if you can not program

Unity is software for game development. It is software suitable for developing VR games, and the free version is open to the public.


Since there is no programming element and the operation is based on the mouse, even beginners can use it easily.


In addition, various users share materials using the “Asset Store” function, so you can develop games by using and combining materials from there.


The paid version is recommended for those who want to create something more elaborate, but the free version maintains sufficient quality, so try the free version first, and then switch to the paid version if necessary. prize.

High quality Unreal Engine

If the above is a little unsatisfactory, let’s introduce “Unreal Engine”. You can also use it for free.As a feature, it is possible to produce beautiful images that cannot be seen at first sight even if they are said to be live action.


When it comes to creating VR games that take advantage of the sense of sight, this is the right place. You can use it for free, but if you sell the developed game, you will be charged royalties, so be sure to check the precautions in advance.


This is suitable for developing more advanced games. Let’s prepare the development environment according to each use.

VR Development Environment 3: Programming Language

With Unity, you can also develop using the mouse. However, using a programming language allows for more advanced development.


The languages ​​used are C# and Java Script.Both languages ​​are difficult to learn if you try to learn them without knowledge, but now there are learning environments such as learning sites around you, so if you take this opportunity to learn, the range of things you can do will expand.

Is a programming language necessary for Unity?

In addition to the above, in the case of “Unreal Engine”, knowledge of another language called “C++” is required. It is necessary to incorporate the program using “C ++” and produce images with software such as “BluePrint”.


This course is very difficult to learn, so it is not recommended for beginners.First of all, we recommend that you get used to developing in Unity before working on it.

VR Development Environment 4: Cost

How much does it cost to set up these development environments?


I will list each on the premise that you will have all the development tools from scratch, so check it against your own development environment and remember in advance how much it will cost before you start.

computer purchase cost

First and foremost, of course, is the computer. As I explained before, you will need a high-spec computer with a certain amount of processing speed and capacity, so keep this in mind.


Let’s estimate at least 100,000 yen for such a high-spec computer.Be sure to check the specs and suitability, and if you do not understand, explain the purpose to the store clerk and choose.

Head-mounted display purchase cost

A head-mounted display is a device worn on the head that comes to mind when talking about VR.


All you need is headgear and a controller.These are also sold as a set, and this VR set can be purchased for 20,000 to 90,000 yen.

Paid software usage fee

Next is the usage fee for the development software.

As explained above, there are some free ones, but I will briefly introduce the amount of each service.Normal Unity is free, “unity plus” for individual development is 3,000 to 4,200 yen per month, and “Pro with Teams Advanced” for corporate and team development is 15,000 yen per month

The usage fee of “Unreal Engine” is basically free, but if you sell works etc. and earn more than the prescribed amount, you will be charged royalties.

5 ways to learn VR

So far, we have explained the development environment required for VR development.Now that we have a development environment in place, what should we learn from?And what is the best way to learn?


From here, I will explain how to learn.

Learning VR 1: Books

If you want to get involved in the future, but are worried about whether you can do it yourself, we recommend reading books.


Currently, various books are lined up in bookstores, and you can purchase books that match your level, and the initial cost is not so high, so even if you don’t actually get involved, just put it in as knowledge. will be an advantage.


For those who want to know the outline before studying in earnest, and those who want to touch the thing somehow, it is good to start learning with a book.

Learning VR 2: Programming School

In recent years, the number of vocational schools and online schools has increased.If you find it difficult to study on your own, if you want to create a situation where you can learn something, or if you are determined to start in earnest, this course is for you.


However, since it costs more than a book, think carefully about whether you are prepared before you start.

VR learning method 3: Touch the tutorial

Tutorials for VR application development software may be published on the official website.
This method may be suitable for checking basic operations and getting a feel for the atmosphere.

In the tutorial, you can actually move it yourself, so you can master the operation and deepen your understanding of VR.

VR learning method 4: Join a study group

If you search for “VR study group” on the Internet, you may find study groups and engineer meetups being held.

By participating in such study sessions and events, you may be able to clarify the skills you need and what you need.

VR learning method 5: Learning while working at a VR-related company

Best of all, the shortcut is practice. If you have a certain amount of experience and knowledge, you can gain experience by internning at a VR-related company.

There are some interns who get a salary, so being able to learn while collecting funds to set up a VR development environment is exactly like killing two birds with one stone.

Expand your knowledge of VR

I have introduced various items so far, but I recommend that you try it first once you have set up your development environment.Please find a shortcut for yourself and step into it.

VR, which is attracting attention in the future, will have a lot of knowledge that can be utilized later by learning these from an early stage. Please try to challenge yourself.



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