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What are the qualifications of a web designer? 9 qualifications that are advantageous for web designers

What is a web designer

A web designer is someone who designs for the World Wide Web.The “World Wide Web” is a system provided on the Internet. A web designer designs this design. Web designers need expertise in HTML, CSS, color schemes, color psychology, layout, and ergonomics, and design the web while mastering software.

Do you need a license to become a web designer?

If you are going to get a job, it will be advantageous to have a web designer qualification.When going to an interview at a company, it can be said that it is easy to understand if you have a web designer qualification if you have little practical experience. This is because you can demonstrate how much power you have acquired through qualifications. You can work as a web designer without a qualification, but if you’re aiming for the future, you should have a qualification.

3 skills a web designer needs

Web designers have three skills: image editing, design and layout, and coding.If you can definitely acquire these three skills and carry out the work, you can say that you can work as a web designer even if you do not have qualifications. Website design also requires knowledge of software operation and coding. Getting certified also means that you have the skills you need.

Skill 1: Skill to edit images

A web designer should have the skills to edit images.Use images for web design. In the case of a request from a company, you have to edit the image and paste it on the web. This means that you must use the images provided and the ability to edit the images to your heart’s content is a must. For that reason, learn how to use design software and acquire the necessary skills to make appropriate edits for your website.

Skill 2: Design and layout skills

Design and layout skills are essential for web designers.Learn the basics of design first. Self-study and other learning methods that are suitable for you are fine, so it is convenient to get a qualification here. Through studying for qualifications, you can firmly learn the basics of design and layout skills necessary for web designers. Also, if you have a solid foundation of Web patterns, parts, and layouts, you can apply it flexibly. Learn how to use the tools you need to do that.

Skill 3: Coding Skills

Web designers need coding skills.Coding means to reflect the completed design on the web. Web designers not only design the web, but also code it. If you can write HTML and CSS, changing jobs from different industries will be smoother. Since the web industry is changing rapidly, it is also important to constantly acquire new information and improve the necessary skills. Therefore, having a certification is an advantage.

9 qualifications that are advantageous for web designers

There are some web designer qualifications that you can acquire a wide range of knowledge about designer skills by acquiring them.Obtaining a web designer qualification will have a positive impact on your employment and work. Also, a site that looks beautiful and has a good design is popular because anyone can see it. In order to become a designer who creates such websites, we will introduce 9 carefully selected web designer qualifications that are advantageous to have.

Qualifications that are advantageous for web designers 1: Web design skill test

The “Web Design Proficiency Test” is the only web-related national qualification sponsored by the “Internet Skills Certification Promotion Association”.There is a written test of basic knowledge on the Internet and an implementation test of design and coding. If you get the web design skill test, it means that you have an understanding of the whole web. Therefore, it can be said that it is a superior qualification to have. In addition, there are 3rd grade to 1st grade, and you will acquire it from the 3rd grade first.

Qualifications Advantageous for Web Designers 2: Web Creator Ability Certification Test

“Web creator ability certification test” is a private qualification sponsored by “Certify”.There are two types of tests, standard and expert, and the standard test mainly uses HTML and CSS. Experts also have hands-on design skills. If you have a web creator ability certification, it means that you have coding and design skills. Also, this qualification is a proof that you have learned the basics of knowledge and skills necessary for a web designer, so it would be advantageous to have it.

Web Designer Favorable Credential 3: Adobe Certified Expert (ACE)

“Adobe Certified Expert (ACE)” is a qualification sponsored by “Adobe Systems Incorporated” and is related to Photoshop and Illustrator used in web design.Having an Adobe Certified Expert will determine that you can create basic websites and logos using Photoshop and Illustrator.

Qualifications Favorable for Web Designers 4: Web Designer Exam

“Web Designer Examination” is a qualification sponsored by “Born Digital”.Problems related to basic knowledge of design and coding are given in a mark sheet format. Although the pass rate is not high and there is no practical test, it is necessary to have a solid knowledge of the basics of design and coding. Because of the high degree of difficulty, it is an advantageous qualification that can prove your ability if you have it. Also, by studying to acquire this qualification, you will acquire the basic knowledge necessary for a web designer.

Qualifications that are advantageous to web designers 5: Web designer certification

“Web Designer Test” is a qualification sponsored by “GC-ARTS”.In order to acquire this qualification, in addition to knowledge about design, planning ability and knowledge of website management are required. By studying for qualification, you will be able to acquire practical knowledge and skills such as concept making, production, evaluation and operation. In addition, the work of the web designer may also determine the concept of the site and operate it after completion. The passing rate is low, but if you study hard and get a qualification, you will be able to get a proper evaluation.

Credentials Favorable for Web Designers 6: HTML5 Professional Certification

“HTML5 Professional Certification” is a qualification sponsored by “Non-Profit Corporation LPI Japan”.This certification requires hands-on coding skills. Sample questions and explanations are available on the Internet, so use them as a reference to learn the necessary knowledge before taking the exam. If you have this qualification, it will be proof that you understand the basics of coding related to HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

Qualifications Advantageous for Web Designers 7: Photoshop Creator Ability Certification Exam

“Photoshop Creator Proficiency Certification Test” is a qualification sponsored by “Certify”.It is a qualification specialized in Photoshop, and by acquiring this, it is evaluated that the operation skill of Photoshop, which is image editing software, is above a certain level. Also, being able to freely use Photoshop, which is used for image processing and adjustment, is very advantageous in working as a web designer. Have a solid knowledge of image editing techniques.

Qualifications Advantageous for Web Designers 8: Illustrator Creator Ability Certification Exam

“Illustrator Creator Proficiency Certification Test” is a qualification sponsored by “Certify”.With this qualification, you will acquire skills in Illustrator, a graphic design software. In order to obtain the qualification, it is necessary to develop the skills to use software efficiently for creating graphic content and the skills that are useful in the field of web designers. Also, the pass line is not so high, so it is an advantageous qualification to have.

Qualifications Advantageous for Web Designers 9: Flash Creator Ability Certification Exam

The “Flash Creator Ability Certification Test” is a qualification sponsored by the “Certified Software Utilization Ability Certification Committee”.In practical exams related to visual expression on the web and realization of services, you will actually create animations and artwork in Flash and submit them in a USB memory. Websites using Flash are numerous and popular, so if you have acquired the Flash Creator Proficiency Test, it will be advantageous for you to find a job or change jobs.

3 benefits of acquiring a web designer qualification

Obtaining a web designer qualification has advantages in finding a job or changing jobs.You can work as a web designer without qualifications, but if you are thinking about finding a job or changing jobs, it is advantageous to have specialized knowledge and qualifications. By presenting your certification, you will be able to prove that you have acquired the basic knowledge and skills. Even if you aspire to be a web designer, starting from complete inexperience is a big anxiety. Learn the expertise and expertise you need for your real work.

Advantage 1: Efficiently learn web design knowledge

By studying to get a web designer qualification, you can learn web design knowledge efficiently.In order to pass the qualification exam for web designers, let’s learn knowledge from lecturers and textbooks without waste when studying each specialty. If you study accordingly, you will be on your way to passing the exam. Also, self-study requires a strong will and a clear goal. Study hard to get certified.

Advantage 2: Get the latest information

By studying for qualification, you can get the latest information necessary for web designers.When studying to obtain a qualification, you will always see the latest information in the IT industry. Stay up-to-date with the latest information while maintaining a strong foundation. Also, as the web and software evolve, the way we use them will change, so it is necessary to always get used to the tools that are being simplified.

Advantage 3: You can also learn HTML and CSS languages

You can also learn the HTML and CSS languages ​​necessary for web design work.In order to acquire the qualification, you can practically acquire the HTML and CSS languages ​​necessary for web design. If you wish to change jobs in the future, it will be advantageous to have basic knowledge and qualifications of HTML and CSS languages. As AI (artificial intelligence) technology evolves, having basic knowledge of web design and knowledge of IT will enable you to respond flexibly to changes.

Get a Advantageous Qualification to Become a Web Designer

If you want to become a web designer, get a qualification and get a good job.Also, you can become a web designer without a qualification, but if you want to become a web designer from now on, let’s study for acquisition. Being a web designer is proof of your abilities. Let’s work on learning with the goal of obtaining qualifications.



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