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What is personnel management software? Implementing tools to improve work efficiency

Personnel management software is software that manages the data necessary for personnel operations and has functions that support the placement of the right person in the right place.
However, there are probably many people who do not know the specific functions and selection points.

So this time, what is personnel management software? We will explain in detail the outline, the selection points necessary for efficiency, and the actual system!

Table of Contents

  • What is personnel management software?
  • What are your concerns about personnel management?
  • Advantages of introducing personnel management software
  • 3 selection points for personnel management software
  • Types of personnel management software
  • Personnel management software introduction
  • summary

What is personnel management software?

Human resource management software is software that has functions that support the placement of the right person in the right place through personnel evaluation and talent management, including attendance management that is the basis of payroll calculation .

While a personnel management system enables centralized management of various functions related to personnel management, personnel management software has the advantage that it can be used in combination with software that is easy to use according to each company.

Many companies are introducing it because it can improve the efficiency of personnel work, which tends to take a lot of man-hours.

What are your concerns about personnel management?

Personnel management is essential for corporate management. Many people may have the following problems.

  • Efficiency and optimization of personnel and labor operations are not progressing
  • It is difficult to manage employee personal information such as resumes and social security numbers for each location
  • Information loss and peeping occur due to paper-based management
  • Company-specific personnel systems such as personnel evaluation and salary table determination tend to be evaluation standards that strongly reflect the intentions of the president and fixed officers.

The introduction and utilization of personnel management software solves these problems and promotes the efficiency of operations.

Advantages of introducing personnel management software

Realization of a fair evaluation system Improving the efficiency
of personnel affairs By switching from management of employees’ personal information by location to centralized management using personnel management software, it is possible to achieve efficiency in personnel affairs such as easier information searches.

Converting paper documents into data makes it easier to create the documents required for various procedures, and electronic applications make it possible to speed up entry and exit procedures.

Utilizing the evaluation system and data analysis function of personnel management software will lead to an opportunity to review the current personnel evaluation system. Evaluation results can be converted into data and visualized based on fair evaluation criteria, increasing the objectivity of the evaluation system.

Accurate business processing
HR business deals with detailed numbers, so there is a considerable risk if business is processed manually or manually entered. Data management through the use of personnel management software helps reduce risk.

3 selection points for personnel management software

  • Is it easy to operate?
    If the operation is difficult, the software will not be utilized, and it may lead to a situation where the personnel affairs itself does not proceed smoothly. Use the free trial version and demo environment to verify whether it is suitable for your company and whether it can be operated.
  • Is there sufficient support?
    In order to continue using personnel management software with peace of mind over the long term, it is essential to have a complete support system. Let’s also check how to respond to questions about operation after the start of operation.
  • Matching with the purpose of use The purpose
    of introducing a personnel system includes accurate information input, utilization of human resources, and human resource development. Understand the characteristics of the system well and select it according to your company’s needs.

Types of personnel management software

Human resource management software can be broadly divided into three types.

  • Cloud type software
    It is a type of software that is used via the Internet, so it is not necessary to prepare a server on the company side and can be used anywhere. No need for maintenance or data backup, low cost introduction is possible. The disadvantage is that customization is limited and it is difficult to add company-specific functions.
  • On-premise software
    This is a system in which equipment and software are prepared and operated in-house, and it is characterized by a high degree of freedom, such as the choice of software to be installed and the ability to add company-specific functions.
  • ERP type software
    An all-in-one integrated business system ( ERP ) enables short-term, low-cost introduction and centralized management of operations in specific fields.

ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) is a method and concept for effective utilization and efficiency improvement of corporate management resources. Although it is called software, it has functions comparable to systems in terms of aggregating information, and is characterized by being compatible with both cloud and on-premise operations.

Personnel management software introduction
  • Cloud type 

office station

Install only the functions you need. Back office transformation that starts easily with a small start.
Since it is an a la carte type, you can choose efficiently without overlapping with the system you are currently using.


  • Year-end adjustment: Greatly streamlines time-consuming year-end adjustment
  • Payslips: easy web distribution of salary and bonus details
  • My Number: Centralized management of collection, operation and disposal
  • Full of other functions such as paid management


Office station For labor
Other functions are posted on the official website


SmartHR enables various labor procedures and documents to be paperless, centralized management of employee information, and effective use of accumulated data. In addition, by reducing the troublesome communication between employees and the person in charge, productivity of all workers can be expected to improve.


  • Web payslip: You can check it on your PC or smartphone, so you don’t need paper. Can issue pay slips that can be viewed on the web
  • Various labor procedures and electronic applications: Procedures other than entering and leaving the company also support document creation and electronic applications. Supports all procedures included in mandatory electronic application
  • Raku-Raku Analysis Report: Ability to aggregate, visualize, and analyze various personnel information
  • Full of other functions such as paperless year-end adjustment


  • On-premise type

PCA Personnel Management DX

It is possible to print official forms, notices of working conditions, appointments, as well as personnel information and history information of employees. Choose the best service from our cloud subscription package delivery model.


  • Reminder function: You can freely enter notification messages according to the task of the person in charge, and specify the date and period to be displayed. Support decision-making for critical tasks and avoid missing due dates
  • Creation and output of document templates: Insert employee data into any Word document, print for each employee, and create Word documents and PDF data. Since the data of “PCA Personnel Management DX” can be merged and printed in templates such as internal defaults created by the customer, document creation and management work can be reduced.
  • Creation of employee chronology: Employee career history can be printed in chronology format and output to PDF and Excel.
    The chronology layout can be created arbitrarily, so it can be used in various scenes. Select the start date of aggregation from “Not Specified”, “Hiring Date”, or “Specified Date”.
  • ERP type

Cloud ERP free

Rather than just streamlining, it enables timely management decisions, restructuring of business flow, and reduction of paper and Excel work by designing “paperless centralized data management and easy team collaboration”.


  • Unification of accounting and speeding up of monthly settlement: Unification of accounting work flow, reducing the burden on both the business division and the management division. Speedy data gathering speeds up monthly closing.
  • Paperless workflow: Digitize expense reimbursement and workflow. Applications, vouchers, and journal entries are linked, and you can trace from the ledger to the application in 5 seconds.
  • IPO preparation / internal control support: IPO preparation / listed companies can also be used. Received SOC1 Type2 report.
    Full of other rich functions such as centralized personnel and labor management



Introduced HR management software. Thoroughly compare usage patterns, support functions, etc., and introduce personnel management software that is suitable for your company.



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